Saturday, November 22, 2014


Thought I would give you  break from the Erie Canal for a little while, so I thought I would put on some of the Amish style foods sold at Dutchland Food Grocery in Marion, NY.  Someone mentioned eggs and I couldn't get over all the different eggs that they had there.  The only ones I have tasted are beet eggs that I had at Jean's and Anna's.  There are other foods in these pictures, too.  What else is interesting is their supplies for baking which maybe I will put on next time.

Friday, November 21, 2014


I saw these trains at the fair and knew I had to take pictures of them.  You will note some of the pictures are better than others.  I was taking pictures of the trains moving and all of a sudden they stopped.  Come to find out one of the men who owned the trains was stopping them by remote control.  He waited until the trains got in front of my camera and stopped them so they would come out better in the pictures.  The last picture reminds me of a train when I was a kid. It was from a child's story book and the train would say "I'm gonna make it."  By the way, today is my 66th Birthday.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Here is an Old Order Mennonite farm that I found when I was out driving around.  This is an area that Elmer, Anna and I went to.  Of course, we had better weather then to.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014



4 cups fresh asparagus (2 pkg frozen asparagus can be used defrost so it is easily separated)
1/4 cup water
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1 cup diced celery
1 tsp minced onion
1 tsp minced green pepper
3 Tbsp butter
1 tsp sugar
1/4 cup grated cheese

Heat oven to 350 degrees

Mix all ingredients lightly by hand or spoon.  Place all ingredients except cheese in covered casserole.  Bake in preheated oven for 40 - 50 minutes. Sprinkle cheese on top and bake, uncovered. for last 15 minutes to melt cheese.

NOTE: Other vegetables can be used like: green beans, cauliflower and cabbage.


bunch of lettuce
1/4 cup vinegar

Wash a bunch of lettuce and break into large pieces, rise and drain.  Set aside.  Cut some bacon into little pieces and fry the little pieces in a skillet until crisp.  Stir vinegar into skillet.  Mix vinegar, bacon, and fat,  Bring to the boiling point.  Pour this mixture over your lettuce.  Serve immediately.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Amish do not wear wedding rings or any jewelry for that matter, but Marilyn thought the above picture would be nice in honor of our anniversary.  Elmer was right, we were surprised about the party for our 30th wedding anniversary.  What he left out was we got talking about family weddings.

What started us off was John saying that he hopes, over the years, he and Sarah look at their wedding anniversary as a happy day and not sad because of her Father's illness and passing.  Eli said it was God's will, which they understood.  One thing led to another and Elmer's Mother started by telling of the disaster at our wedding.

Elmer's Mother was so happy that Elmer was getting married.  Because of his being a small person, she said, she worried so that he would never marry.  So when the day came when Elmer and I were getting married she was so happy.  Shortly before our wedding started, she was coming from the cooking wagon in the yard into the house, carrying a dish, and she tripped coming up the stairs.  Down she went.  The dish went flying and crashed on the porch.  Elmer's Father carried her inside.  She had cuts on her hand and her leg was swelling like a basket ball.  We were going to run to the shanty phone and call the ambulance when she yelled for us to stop.  Not until after Elmer gets married she said.  I've waited all these years for this day and I am not leaving until he is married - and she didn't.

After we were married, she let them call the ambulance.  She had stitches in her hand and she tore the ligaments in her leg, was laid up for weeks, but she saw Elmer and I married.  Today she laughed, but it wasn't funny back then.

Our daughter Alma told of her wedding day.  The day before her wedding, she tried on her dress to show a couple of her girlfriends and to make sure it was all set.  Somehow in taking it off, she tore it, but didn't realize it until she put it on her wedding day.  She came running down the stairs and showed me.  Now I can sew, but to fix a situation like that so it wouldn't show, I didn't know what to do.  Elmer's Mother arrived first and saw the dress.  She made Alma take it off and took the dress into my sewing area.  She told me to send my Mother in when she came, which I did.  I am trying to supervise the cooking in the kitchen, Alma is crying and the two Mother's are in the other room.  Finally my Mother came out and told Alma to stop crying, it would be just fine.  That didn't help.  About 15 minutes before the wedding the Mother's called Alma in to where they were sewing.  Finally Alma stopped crying.  When Alma came out, the dress was perfect.  My Mother said they almost had to remake the whole dress so that tear wouldn't show.  We laughed now.

Son Nathan took over then telling of his wedding.  He is allergic to cats.  Dogs don't bother him, but for some reason cats do.  We never had any cats or kittens on our farm while he was growing up because of his allergy.  He did take allergy pills for this, but to be safe, we had no cats.  So when he married at his wife's parents, they cleaned the house from top to bottom to make sure none of their barn cats got into the house.  I always made sure Nathan took his pills.  Well on the wedding day, we had a lot of other things on our mind.  The wedding started and Nathan started - sneezing.  At first it was just a sneeze now and then.  Then it got worse and worse and worse.  There had to be a cat near him.  Being seated in house during a service, it is hard to look around for cats, but we tried.  No cat.  Finally after they were married and service ended, Nathan said there was a cat in this house.  I sent one of our son's home to get Nathan's allergy pills while we searched the house.  Finally, we found it.  I guess with all the doors opening and closing it had gotten in the house.  When our other son arrived, Nathan took his pill, but it took about an hour before it took hold.  Today, they have shots now that last a while, but that was before then.  He said he is so glad that he works with wood now and doesn't have a farm.  His children are allowed to have a dog, but no cats or kittens.

Eli's Mother and stepfather were also at the dinner for us.  She asked Eli if he remembered his wedding to which he said not much.  Flu season was going around then.  Eli had gone to bed just fine, but when we woke up on his wedding day, he was sick.  So sick he said he couldn't get out of bed.  His Mother told him you have to.  There are about 400 people coming to your wedding.  He better show up.  He came to the house with his Mother on one side and his Father on the other holding him up.  The Bishop saw him and took him into a private room.  Soon they heard the Bishop speaking loudly so Eli's Father went in.  The Bishop thought that Eli had been drinking.  Eli's Father assured the Bishop that Eli had not been drinking, but was sick.  They weren't sure if the Bishop believed them or not, but he couldn't smell liquor on him.  The wedding went on.  Eli swayed when he had to stand.  After the wedding Eli was seated at the table and the food came.  He ate very little and soon had to make a run to the bathroom.  You can guess what he did in there.  Somehow he made it through the whole day.  Eli and his wife were suppose to spend the night at her parents house to help straighten up the house the next day.  Eli's Mother sent them to their house saying he was his new wife's problem now.  His nor our children had ever heard that story before.  They laughed.  Eli didn't.

Our eldest son named Elmer, of course after his father, came to his wedding on crutches with a broken leg.  We had gotten a new carriage horse.  Elmer Sr. told his son to leave it alone as it was not a riding horse.  Our son thought he could ride it.  Elmer Sr. told him no.  Well Elmer Jr. did get on the horse, but it threw him and Elmer Jr. broke his leg when he hit the ground.  The hospital wanted to keep him longer, but Elmer Jr. signed himself out.  After he married, he sat in a wheel chair the rest of the day.  With all the people there, there wasn't really much room to roll him around.

Elmer Jr. said it is dangerous to marry someone of our family.  You never know what could happen before or at the wedding.  By this time John and Sarah were laughing.  I thought you might like hearing of a few of our weddings.

Elmer and I got talking and said if we are around next year, maybe we should have a party like this for John and Sarah on their anniversary.  A party of relatives and their friends.  It might give them a lighter view on their anniversary.

Trust God's Wisdom,


Monday, November 17, 2014


This past week has been a hard one.  We are so happy that John and Sarah are married and living in their new to them home.  For a while there, we wondered if John would ever get married.  He remained single for a while, at least according to Amish marrying age.  So glad that he met Sarah.

Sarah's Father's funeral was sad, but we realize that he has gone to his final place, we hope with the Lord.  It is so sad to lose someone, but look forward to meeting them again when our time comes.

Sarah's Grandfather told her Mother not to make any decisions for a year.  Her oldest son said she could move in with them.  Some have already asked her if she was selling the farm.  She hasn't even thought of that yet.  People have given her other ideas on what she should do. She still has children to support and take care of.  So, Grandfather stepped in and said what he did.  I agree with him.  All will help her keep up the farm.  It is not a good idea to make fast decisions after her husband's passing.  The final decisions should be hers and not someone else's.

John and Sarah's farm is not to far from our house or Sarah Mother's house, so he can help on her farm.  Sarah's Mother also has two sons home yet.  They are out of school and know how to work, but at that age they need supervision to make sure they do what you tell them too.  John can't understand that.  I told him, he was that age once.

Anna and I had decided, do to all that happened, that we would not ask Bishop Eli to renew our vows this year.  We would just renew them together between the two of us.

On our anniversary, we were invited to Bishop Eli's and his wife's house for dinner.  We knew something was up when we pulled up and saw several buggies parked in the driveway.  Inside the house were of course Eli, his wife, my parents, Anna's parents, our children their spouces  and our grandchildren.  They also had invited a few close friends of Anna and mine including David and Jean, and Olive and Albert,

After everyone got settled, Eli gave a sermon.  They he asked Anna and I to come up to renew our vows, which we did.  After our vows, Eli prayed, and we sang some religious songs.  Then we ate the dinner that they had prepared for us.  Anna reminded me that I told her when we moved into our new house that we were going to eat peanut butter on our anniversary because I spent so much on the new furniture.  Everyone laughed.

When dinner was over, we sat and talked.  Then Eli and his wife came out with a cake. It said Elmer and Anna 30 years.  We had that for desert and ice cream.  Some people brought us some gifts.  The best of gifts was a quilt that our children had made for us.  It had our parents names on there, our children's and our grandchildren. John and Sarah's name was on there, too.  It even had close friends names on there like Eli and his wife, Jean and David, Oliver and Albert and more.  There was one square that didn't have a name on it.  They told us that was for our future grandchildren that haven't been born yet.  I guess that was sort of a hint to John and Sarah.  In the center they had Anna and my name with 30 th Anniversary.  We didn't know what to say when we received it.  Of course we thanked everyone.

We had a great time and thanked everyone.  Eli said this was to show us how much we ment to all there.  He gave a short speech on what we had done for them all over the years.  Even had a list of things we had done.  We, again, thanked them and said we didn't do anything anyone of them wouldn't have done.  Eli led us in prayer and singing.  Then we went home.

Anna and I couldn't believe all that they did for us.  We talked of all the moves we made.  Some of the good times and the not so good times.  The best part was we married each other 30 years ago.

Trust God's Wisdom,

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Just want you to know, that due to my job I will be working in Wolcott from November 19th to November 21st and November 24th to November 26th.  If we don't get snowed out.  So I will not be on the computer as much as I usually am.

Right now, I am working with Jean, Anna and Elmer to get as many of the posts on ahead that I can.  By the way, Jean will be on November 24th.  She already gave me her post and I think you will like it.

So if you can't get me or I don't reply that is why.  I will be on as much as I can,