Thursday, July 30, 2015


Driving around in the Sodus area and came across this Amish farm.  This is an area where Amish have moved into over the last few years.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I don't think that I have had sauerkraut recipes on in a while so I thought I would put a couple on this week.


1/4 cup oil or bacon grease

Boil sauerkraut for 15 minutes.  Let simmer.
In frying pan, heat oil or bacon grease.  Get it really hot and sprinkle flour in until it gets crumbly and brown the flour.  Remove from heat when browned.
Bring sauerkraut to boil again and slowly add browned flour little by little until thickened.  You only need enough to thicken the sauerkraut.  Cook for a few more minutes, stirring often.  Serve

This is a great dish with chicken, turkey or pork.


1 16 oz package kluski style noodles
1 can sauerkraut - 1 lb size (or homemade)
1 can cream of mushroon soup (or homemade)
1 can cream of celery soup (or homemade)

Cook and drain noodles according to directions.  Add mushroom and celery soups.  Rise, in strainer, the sauerkraut with 1 can water.  (Any less and the casserole is salty; any more and the casserole is bland.) Bake in baking dish at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Seems we have finally worked out when who will post what.  Anna or I or Grandmother Olive will be on Tuesday.  We can't guarantee every week.  Elmer offered to give up Monday for us and take Tuesday or Friday, but we decided we would go back to the way it was.  It reminds me of the children.  When you ask a child: "Why did you do that ?" and get the reply "That's the way we always did it."

Grandmother Olive, Grandfather Albert, Bishop Eli's Mother Fannie, Step - Father Amos, Porter and his wife are on a trip out west.  They left a couple of weeks ago.  It all started when Grandmother Olive said she wanted to see the Pacific Ocean.  So she and Grandfather Albert starting making plans.  Fannie and Amos said that sounded interesting - they would be interested in going.  Of course they wanted to go Amtrak so they contacted Porter.  Porter gave them advice over the phone.  A couple hours after hanging up,  Porter called back and asked them how would they like some Englishers with them. So that 's how they all got together.

Bishop Eli, Bishop Joseph and our family wanted to meet Porter and his wife.  We had never met them and just wanted to get to know these people who were going on a trip with our parents and grandparents.  Grandmother Olive was not happy.  Said we were treating them like little children.  Bishop Joseph finally said that he would not let them go until he met Porter and his wife before they left.  So we picked Porter and his wife at Amtrak in Rochester and brought them to our homes for the evening.

Porter said that he had lots of vacation coming and thought this would be a great time to take some.  His wife had never met Amish or Old Order Mennonite.  So we all made her at ease.  He also wanted  her to see what the porter does on Amtrak.  Although he is not working on this trip, she will get to see what he does. She had never been out west or seen the Pacific Ocean either.  Also, he thought it would be better if he rented a car, when needed, and drove them to places they wanted to see rather than have them on buses or subway or trolley cars. It also helps that he has been out west several times before - with his children when they were little and later alone.  They stayed over night at Bishop Eli's house.  Next afternoon, we had them all on Amtrak on their way.  Yes, Grandmother Olive got the room she wanted.

They stopped here and there along the way for a day or two to see places.  Stayed in motels and Porter rented a car to take them where they wanted to go.  Grandmother Olive will have to tell you where they went when she gets back.  We know they went to Yellowstone National Park, Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon and more.  When they got to California, I know they saw the Pacific Ocean, the San Diego Zoo and I don't know what all.

We are glad that there is someone with them who knows their way around.  Also know that someone is keeping an eye on them.  We all gave Porter phone numbers to call if something happens to one of them and he needs to contact us.  He hasn't had a need to use them yet.

Be With God,

Monday, July 27, 2015


Someone asked me if I would tell about "Rumspringa" or what we sometimes shorten in our Old Order Amish group to "rummage".  "Rumspringa" is a German word that means running around.  Rummage means to search thoroughly or actively.

As I said last week, when the young men get to age 16, many of them get a buggy like the one above.  Sometimes their parents purchase the buggy and horse for them.  Sometimes they purchase it themselves.  Also some young ladies get one.  Not many of them, but a few do.

"Rumspringa" is time that allows the young folks to see and do some of things in the world that they are not allowed other times of their life.  It is to help them make the decision to stay in our world - to be baptized into our church.  It is not a time for them to be let lose and do anything they want in the world, although, unfortunately, a few do.

In the evenings on church Sundays, the people that hold our church service also have the young folks, age 16 and older, over to their home.  This is a time the young folks, both ladies and men, are together for singing.  After singing, depending on the season they may play volley ball or soft ball.  Of course, there are homemade snacks and soft drinks.  Before they leave, the usually have a few more songs.  Maybe the man, at whose home this is at, will say a few prayers.

Also during the season, sometimes some will just invite the young folks over for volley ball, soft ball, ice skating, skiing, dinners and more.  These are times for the young folks.

During this time young folks do things that we parents are not suppose to know about, but some how we find out.  Some go to movies, buy CD's, buy cars, etc.  I really liked it when one of our son's bought a car and tried to hide it.  How to do you hide a car?  They sometimes park them behind Englisher friends barns.  Sometimes inside an Englisher friends barn.  Sometimes they park in the woods,  Somehow we parents always find out.  Of course, sometimes we find out when they are driving it down the road and pass our buggy.

When Anna and I were "Rumspringa" or rummage age, the worse things our parents had to worry about were smoking and liquor.  Sometimes and I do say this sometimes, young folks have parties where the have music, smoking, liquor and drugs.  Drugs has become a problem in some areas.  Times have changed.

This is also time when young men and young ladies are looking for the right person to marry and spend the rest of their life with.

Do any of our children do things like on that television show?  To be honest, I only saw part of that show once.  I don't see the children in our area doing things like that.  Do we have children that leave our church and homes?  Sometimes.  Usually if they leave, they come back.  I forgot what Bishop Eli said, but it is something like only 10 per cent or 20 per cent of the Amish leave and go into the Englisher world.  So far, our Old Order Amish has not had that happen.  When I say ours, I mean our area where we live.  I am not talking about all Amish groups.  I don't know about the others.

Anna calls "Rumspringa" parents hair pulling time.  No, we don't really pull our hair, but we are very concerned about our children as we are all the time.  But this time is the time of most concern.  We want our children to make the decision of staying within our church and being baptized.

Trust God's Wisdom,

Saturday, July 25, 2015


I got the idea for these when I was turning around in someone's driveway and saw the sign in pictures 1 and 2.  Thought you might it enjoy them.  Some of these pictures were taken from the car or through the windshield.

Friday, July 24, 2015


Some evenings I just drive around to see what I can find to take pictures of.  Some evenings I don't find anything.  Last night was a good night and I got some.

Jean's post on Friday is not working out.  It seems she always has something to do or things come up for a post on that day.  Even though I try to get them ahead this is not working.  She, Elmer and I are talking to see if we can work something out.  Maybe we will go back to Elmer for three times a month and Jean on one Monday.  Maybe will go back to one on Monday and the other on Tuesday.  I don't know what we are going to do, as we are still talking.