Sunday, February 1, 2015


I didn't have a church for today so I thought I would put on some of God's Creatures that your might enjoy.  I wanted to bring one of the chihuahuas in the last picture home with me.  Thought she would be a great friend for Pierre, but we are only allowed one dog where I live.

Saturday, January 31, 2015


Another of my This and That days.  Of course, the first two are barns.  Pictures 3 thru 7 are of an Englisher horse barn I passed and thought you might enjoy.  I had pictures of green fields, well here are snow fields in pictures 8 and 9.  Picture 10 is was originally the East Palmyra School.  When the school was closed it became Village Hall.  Now it sits their vacant.  The last is a sign I saw while driving around in Hopewell.  Thought it was kind of interesting or not interesting depending on how you look at it.

Friday, January 30, 2015


Thought we needed a winter break.  Took these pictures of some of the school boat teams practicing on the Erie Canal last October.  Thought they would remind us that better weather is coming - it might be a while - but it is coming.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


I never thought of taking pictures of the trains that go through my town until Grandmother Olive mentioned Amtrak.  When she said that, I said I could take pictures of trains.  So I went down to one of the train crossings in my town and took pictures of the Amtrak Train plus other trains.  Amtrak Train comes through slower than it use to because of having hit a few cars at this crossing, but still they are faster than the freight trains that come through.  I believe the train that Grandmother Olive and Grandfather Albert will be on is longer than this one as more people are heading south than north.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015



1 1/4 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 tsp salt
3 tsp baking powder
2 cups water or milk
2 Tbs canola oil
2 eggs, lightly beaten

Stir together dry ingredients.  Add remaining ingredients.  Mix with a wire whisk.  Let stand 5 minutes.  Heat lightly buttered (or vegetable spray) fry pan on medium heat.  Cook pancakes, turning when edges look dry and golden brown on both sides.

Serve with real maple syrup or fresh fruit.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


People seem to have a hard time when using whole wheat flour.  Susan made whole wheat bread one time and it came out as hard as a door stop.  She was in tears.  I went in the kitchen to help her make another one.  The second one came out much better than the first.  We could eat the second one.

First, let me explain whole wheat flour.  I will use bread but the same applies to pancakes, crackers, bread or cupcakes.  Whole wheat flour contains germ and bran which other refined grains also contain but white bread does not.  Germ and bran have minerals like zinc, magnesium and iron and also omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fiber.  Also contained in germ and bran are many nutty flavors to bread or whatever you are baking and a fuller texture.  Germ and bran also soak up more water than white flour will.  Shortage of water can make a dry loaf of bread or make it crumbly or hard as a rock.  Germ and bran also make the dough heavier which can cut its capacity to rise.  But, if you make the items correctly bread or whatever you are making can be light, and healthy to eat.

First, you can not take a recipes that calls for white flour and just subsititute   whole wheat flour for white flour.  It won't work.  You will have to change more in the recipe than just the flour. In fact you will probably have to revise the whole recipe. So make sure the recipe you are using was written for whole wheat flour.

Second, is liquid, liquid, liquid.  This is the biggest mistake that most people make in baking with whole wheat flour is water.  They don't use enough.  Whole wheat flour needs a great deal  more water than white flour does.

Third is not in any medical book and I am not a doctor, but my feeling that using sourdough yeast  that it is great for the digestive tract.  With the yeast, germ and bran it will take the items with whole wheat dough more time to rise.

Fourth is don't over knead the whole wheat dough.  In the brain are flakes which can really cut the dough.  Cutting the dough will change the consistency and structure of the dough and cut its ability to rise.

Fifth because of all the above it will probably mean that it will take more time for the whole wheat dough to rise than white flour dough would.  On the other hand if the fermenting yeast continues metabolizing the sugars in the wheat, the dough stops rising and reverses.  Should your dough over ferment then the gluten deteriorates, and the dough can collapse.

So you should allow the dough to rise for 20 minutes.  Then punch down the dough loaves and allow three more hours for then to rise.  Then place them in your preheated oven.

I hope these help you in baking using while heat flour.  It does become easy. To me, whole wheat flour items taste so much better than while flour.

Elmer was at Jean's house using the phone for the post this week as his cell phone died and it is charging here.  Albert heard Elmer mention the trip to Pinecraft that he and Anna are taking.  Albert looked at me and asked why we don't go to Pinecraft anymore.

Albert and I use to go to Pinecraft in November and stay until April.  A few years ago we stopped as it seems one of us had a medical problem and stayed here for treatment.  Albert says it seems that we are pretty healthy this year or at least as we can be for old folks our age.  I told Albert it was too late this year to rent a place anyway.  Plus that I do not ride buses that far anymore.  I use to enjoy riding the bus and talking with everyone, but I just couldn't sit that long on a bus anymore.  Thinking that was that, I didn't mention it again.

The men went off to our section of the house while Jean, Anna and I sat at Jean's kitchen table.  About an hour later Albert comes out and asks me if I could suffer a car trip to Rochester, NY.  I said, of course, I could.  It's just sitting in one for twenty-four hours was to much for me even with car stops.  Back Albert went.  We ladies continued talking.

Albert came out again and said we are going to Pinecraft.  I told him, he was silly.  He said it is all taken care of.  I said I wouldn't ride a bus or car that far.  He said we aren't - we are going Amtrak. After Albert calling people he knew and Elmer calling people he knew, he rented a place for us to stay.

I tried to give reasons we couldn't go.  What if we got sick?  Albert said there are hospitals and doctors there.  What if something happened here?  Albert said Jean and David could take care of it.  If it was an real emergency, he was sure that Bishop Joseph would let us fly back due to the emergency and our ages.  Every excuse I could think of, Albert had an answer for.  Finally, Albert said Olive, we are going to Pinecraft - that's it.  So we are going.

Albert won't tell me when we are leaving because he said I would find an excuse not to go.  He will tell me when the time comes so I can pack.  He even got us a room or cabin or whatever you call it on a train that we can sleep in.  Albert thought of everything on this one.

Be With God,

Monday, January 26, 2015


I know this is usually Jean's Day, but seeing she did twice this month, she made today my day.  So I hope I am not confusing you.  Also, in the last post, I said it was the first time we had had church at our house, Anna advised me it wasn't.  It was the second time, we had it about a month before.  That is unusual as most times we have church only once or twice a year.  Anna informed me, it is only once a year.  One service was in November or December of 2014 and the one we just had was January, 2015, so we shouldn't have it again for a while.  Glad she can keep these things straight, because I sure can't.

As you read this, John and Sarah are on their way to Florida with John's best friend and his wife.  John's best friend is Bishop Eli's son.  Bishop Eli and his wife were suppose to be going, but when his son found that John and Sarah were going, they wanted to go.  So Bishop Eli gave him their tickets for the bus, so they could go.  Eli called his parents and informed them who was coming as his son and daughter-in-law will be staying with Eli's parents.  John and Sarah will have the place next door.

Bishop Eli and his wife booked on the bus for the same time we are going.  So Bishop Eli and his wife will be staying with his parents and we will be staying next door.  We look at it that our children should go now, as they won't be able to when they have children, which we hope is soon.  Pinecraft allows children, but the expense for all to go would be more than they could handle just starting a family and all.  Let them enjoy a trip to Florida while they can.

Eli and I were taking and we decided that we are much easier on our children than our parents were.  Of course, our parents had more children than we do.  Also, back when we were our children's age, the thought of going to Florida was for the older folks, not us young folks.  Times sure have changed.

Right now, I am taking care of our farm and John's.  Eli is taking care of his farm and his son's.  We do have help from some of the people at church.  Also, we are checking the houses to make sure everything is okay.  Every couple of days, I will take a walk through the house, just to make sure. John and Sarah along with Eli's son and daughter in law should be back on February 27th or 28th.

We are leaving on the bus to Florida on February 23rd and will arrive on February 24th. The day we get there is the day before John, Sarah, Eli's son and his wife will be leaving - so we will have to spend one night with all of us there.  We will work it out.  Our bus leaves to return on March 25th, so we will arrive in Pennsylvania March 26th.  From there we will get a bus back to New York State.  So we should be home March 27th or 28th, Lord willing.

When we are all gone, people from our church will take care of our farms until our sons and daughters in laws get back.  I know this must be very confusing for you.  It is for me, but as usual Anna understands it all and will tell me to be where I should be when I should be.

I hope the young folks have a good time.  We know that Eli's Mother and Step-Father will keep an eye on them for us.  They won't rule them, but if something should happen, we will know.  I guess as parents they are always children to us.  It is hard to admit they are grown up.

Trust God's Wisdom,

I went over to Jean's to use her phone for this post and to charge my dead cell phone.  Guess I caused some news between Albert and Olive.  Read tomorrow's post.