Monday, July 6, 2015


Someone asked if is getting harder and harder to keep the "modern" or Englisher world from making its way into our daily life?  That depends on who you ask.  Also remember that what we do other Amish groups don't do and somethings they do, we don't.  So I am talking about our Old Order Amish.

If you ask the young people like John, he says we aren't getting enough changes, although now that he is married, he has mellowed a lot.  You ask me, we have had a lot of changes.  I don't know if the changes are really do to the Englishers or we have changed and the world around us has changed do to time.

Also, maybe, it is from our moving so many times.  Most Amish groups are different from other Amish groups, as I have said before.  Like certain things we didn't do in Pennsylvania , we do in New York and was still different in Ohio.  Now that I have you completely confused, let me explain that better.

Like when I grew up, we didn't have indoor plumbing.  We had running water when you ran out to the well, pumped the water in the bucket and ran it into the house. You wanted hot water, you but water in a pot and heated it on the stove.   If you had to go potty, you went to the outhouse no matter if it was 80 degrees or 10 degrees or anything in between.  To take a bath, you filled the big black tub with heated water in the middle of the kitchen.  Me and all my brothers and sisters took a bath in the same water.  We never thought of indoor plumbing or toilets.

The next thing I remember is they allowed you to put a pump in the house at the kitchen sink.  You would pump the water there and didn't have to run outside to get it.  Still had to heat the water on the stove if you needed hot water.  Still used the big tub to take a bath in and still used the outhouse.

If my memory services, the next thing that was allowed was plumbing in the house.  You could have running water and a hot water heater to heat it, but we still had to go outside to do potty.  Anna and I moved around for a while, having children along the way.  When we moved back to Pennsylvania, they had indoor bathrooms - with toilets in them so you could potty inside the house.  Again, not all Amish groups have indoor plumbing or water pumps and many still use outhouses.  I am talking about our group.

When I grew up, we milked all the cows by hand.  Some Amish groups still do.  It seemed like you just got finished milking the cows and it was time to start again.  Really wasn't the truth, but it seemed like that.  Today, we use automatic milkers powered by generators.

I could go on and on about changes made.  To the many of the Englishers we appear backward in our ways, but if you take a close look, we aren't really.

How is it decided which "modern" things you are allowed to adopt?  It is a long slow process.  There has to be a need for thing - not just for one person, but all the people in our group. Is it really necessary?  What does the Bible say?  What are our beliefs in the Ordung?  Just going into that is a long process by the Bishop and deacons.  They ask prayer and ask for the Lord's wisdom in this decision.  If it is considered, we discussed among the members of our church.  Usually, a meeting is held after church to discuss this - all the time asking for prayer and wisdom.  If everyone's thoughts are heard, depending on what it is, it might be tried by one or two families, to see what will happen or what doesn't happen.  It the need necessary?  Does it take from their time at church or with family?  Does it keep them from their work time?

It takes a long time before a decision is made.  I mean we maybe talking years.  No decision for something new is made fast.  At any time along the way, the decision "no" can be decided by the Bishop and that's the end of it.  Once the final decision is made by Bishop for this thing, some people may not adopt it.  Don't do what ever it is.  If the don't agree, they may just ignore it or move to another Amish group that doesn't allow it.

Which leads to another question is Bishop.  What our Bishop Eli  might allow, another Bishop wouldn't.  Or what another Bishop would allow, Bishop Eli wouldn't.  Each group has their own Bishop.  The Bishop tries to help the people in God's will and way.  Yet, the Bishops are human.  They pray for God's will, understanding, knowledge and direction.  Adopting something new is a hard decision to make, especially for the Bishop.

Trust God's Wisdom,

Friday, July 3, 2015


I, too, want to thank you all for your prayers and donations for fixing Marilyn's car.  It was so kind of you to do this.  You have given for gas, the camera and now the car.  You are gracious and God's people.

All the crops are in.  Rain is helping it grow.  But there can be too much water, too which we are concerned about it.  Rain can also do more harm than good.  We must trust that all will come up well in the end.

Oh, Elmer said that Edward does taxes.  He made a mistake.  Edward can not be a tax preparer until he is 18 years old.  Among the Amish and Mennonites, Edward keeps the books, but still anything he does that goes to the state has to be reviewed and signed by the fellow who is teaching him and has a license.

Thomas' lady came and they went through the house together.  She agreed on the two walls coming down and how to set up the kitchen.  Thomas said he thought it funny that she and Edward were going over how to set up the kitchen.  The wall they wanted to take down in the living room, David said would be too much.  There is one of the support beams in that wall.  It could be done, but the price would be way too much, even if they did it themselves.  So only one wall is coming down, the kitchen one.

Whenever any of the men get a chance they go over there and work on it.  It seems like they have a lot of time to work on it, but they don't.  David said they might have to get more help in there to get it all done.  Fellow Old Order Mennonites, Amish and some of the Englishers will help if we need it.

Susan has a part-time job this summer.  The Englisher lady across the road was looking for someone to help with washing, and cleaning her house.  She asked me, but I told her I wouldn't have the time.  Then she asked for Susan.  At first I said no.  But the lady said she wouldn't give her any hard jobs.  Her husband would move furniture if need be.  Just someone to help with the laundry and dusting.  So David and I discussed it. Knowing the lady really well, we decided to give it a try.  It seems to be working well.

We get up earlier than the lady, so she was surprised to find Susan in her flower bed when she got up one morning.  She asked Susan what she was doing.  Susan told her weeding.  The lady was pleased, but told Susan she hadn't asked her to do that.  Susan said she knew it, but it had to be done.  The lady thought that was the cutest.  I told her, it was our way.  We see work, it must he done - so we do it.

Susan has an account down at the bank, so part of the money she makes goes into the account.  We explained that money is not to be wasted.  The first pay, she went a little over board buying things, but after that most of it goes into the account.  She also donates part of her pay to the Lord's work.

Now, Katie would like a job.  We told her that her job is at home right now.  She got a little upset until I told her with Susan gone and her gone, who would help me at home.  Really she is way to young to work outside the home.  Maybe Susan is too, but she is right across the street and only works a couple of hours a day - a couple of days a week.  Seems like all our children are growing so fast.

Again, Marilyn and I want to thank for all your help for the car repair.  You are all so kind.  I think Elmer is going to put something on here, too.

Be with God,


Again, Marilyn and I thank you so much. Should anyone still desire to help her on her car repair, her Pay Pal is mab112148@yahoo.com If you don't have PayPal you can contact Marilyn at lincolnlady1121@yahoo.com Again, we do not want anyone donating that takes from their own needs, can not afford it or would hurt them financially.  This is the last time, I will be putting this on.  You have all well out done what we ever thought she would receive.  You are kind and generous people.   God Bless you.

Trust God's Wisdom,


Again, I want to thank you all for what you have done for me both prayer wise and financially.  You have taken a great load off me.  Thank you seems to small to say for all you have done.  You are all in my prayers.  I never expected all the generous that I received and am still receiving.  I am very thankful and humble for all you have done. God Bless you all.

Happy Fourth of July.

Blessings to you and yours,


Wednesday, July 1, 2015



1 bag Spinach (or fresh spinach)
3 hard boiled eggs, chopped
1/2 large red onion, divided into rings
1/2 lb bacon, fried crisp and crumbled


1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup vinegar
1 teasp salt
1/4 cup sugar

Mix spinach, eggs, onion and bacon.  Pour dressing over and mix.


If anyone is still interested in contributing to Marilyn's car repairs her Pay Pal is: mab112148@yahoo.com  Every bit helps no matter how small or how large.  Please do not contribute money that you need for your own needs, will cut short or you can not afford.  If you can't contribute say a prayer as prayers have more power than money.  Thank you

Trust God's Wisdom,

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


This is Beauty.  The first picture I took out of the wind shield of my car. I had pulled into a barn sale and there she was.  After I went to the barn sale, I asked if I could take pictures of the horse and the lady that owned her agreed.  Her name was Betsy when she got, but she kept calling her beauty, so she had the horses name changed to Beauty.  She is Englisher owned, but I thought you would enjoy seeing her.   She really is a Beauty.

Monday, June 29, 2015


Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you so very much for all your donations and prayers..  I still can't believe that you are so kind to give me so much for my car repairs.   They are so greatly appreciated, more than you know.  I also thank Elmer and Michael for doing what I told them not to do.  Thank you seems, so small.  I have been thanking and Praising the Lord.

This all started when the fule pump went on the car.  The garage man and I were talking about the car getting repaired.  It is 18 years old and I didn't have the money.  Elmer, hearing about my car, said I should ask on New York State of Mind to which I said I couldn't do that.   The garage man and I got to a point we were even talking about junking the car. But looking at the price of used cars today, I had to save this car. Of course working on the car, they ran into other problems do to the cars age. Bill came to over $1,000.00. A friend of mine and her husband loaned me $500.00 to get the repaired car back from the garage, but I still own the garage $500.00 more.  The garage man told me my car needed a new tie rod, which he hadn't put on because he didn't want to run up the bill.

When the starter went, that really got me upset.  Back to the garage.  I also asked when the tie rod would go and garage man said it could last for a while - it could go tomorrow, so I had a new one put on.  Bill for everything, this time, over $600.00 and he wants $300.00 before I can have the car.

From the start with the first car problems, I am praying asking the Lord what to do.  How was I going to pay the bill much less get the car out.  Elmer said to ask on New York State of Mind.  I said no.  You gave so much when Jean asked for gas money last year, which by the way I still have some of, and I couldn't ask again.

Elmer and I went back and forth.  Elmer said to put it in the Lord's hands.  I said I had.  He said no I hadn't or I would put in on New York State of Mind.  To make a long story short, we went around on this.  I know we have messages back and forth.  You come and see our posts, but you don't know me.  We haven't all met in person.    We feel like family and we've know each other but still ....  I came up with all sorts.  Elmer kept telling me trust.  If God wants me to have the money He will give it to me,, if He doesn't He won't, but I have to ask first and trust.  I would get a blessing and the people that gave would get blessings.  Still I said no.

My panic attack got so bad, I thought I would have to go to the hospital.  I called Jean and asked her if I could tell Michael how to get to New York State of Mind if I went in the hospital so you would know I wouldn't be putting posts on.  After checking with Bishop Joseph, she said okay.  I gave it to Michael who promised never to use it except in emergency.  Michael is the only one in their family who it not baptized and knows how to use a computer.

I didn't go to the hospital, but some how Elmer found out Michael could get on here.  Elmer, Anna, Jean, David and Michael got together and decided to put on Elmer's Friday letter without telling me until it was on.  They checked with Bishop Eli and Bishop Joseph to make sure it was all right.  Elmer told Michael what to say and he put it on the computer.  Then Elmer called me up and told me to get on New York State of Mind and trust the Lord.  He hung up.  So that is how this all happened.

So again, I thank you all so much.  You are all in my prayers.  You are an answer to my prayers.

Blessings to you and yours,


I also thank you all for your prayers and donations on Marilyn's car.  I told her trust and when she did the Lord came through all of you either prayer wise or financial wise or both.  When I found out Michael knew how to get on here, I considered Marilyn's problem an emergency.  As Marilyn said, you can see who we spoke to before we did it.

The total in Marilyn's Pay Pal is $384.00 which is over what I asked for.  Between the two bills for car repairs, the total is $1,600. to which she is paying both the garage and her friends she owes the money, too.  If, after praying, you would like to make a donation Marilyn's Pay Pal is mab112148@yahoo.com  Please do not give money that you need for your own needs, or would cut your short or you can not afford it.  Do not feel bad if you can not contribute, your prayers are more important than money.

Trust God's Wisdom,


Again both Marilyn and I thank you for prayers and financial help.  Of course, we thank and praise the Lord.

The garage said he will send her a bill this week showing the bills, what we paid and the balance.  But here is our records.  The balance she owned the garage was $1070.21.  When she went to get the car she paid $400.00 which if we figured right, should leave a balance of $670.21.  Someone sent a check which Marilyn deposited in her checking account until tomorrow.

So to make a long story short, we have a balance in  PayPal and the check for a total of $159.12.  When the bill comes, we are going to give it to Edward to make sure the garage calculations and our calculations are correct and match.  Edward does taxes and keeps books now along with the family farming.

Also Marilyn borrowed from a friend to get her car out of the garage the first time.  This too has to be paid back.

Also, Marilyn, checked with the garage on the 12 1/2 per cent interest.  It is not monthly as I previous said.  He said if he did that, no one would come to his service station.  It is 12 1/2 per cent interest per annum.  I do not keep the books at our house, Anna does.

So again, we thank you so very much and Praise the Lord.
Trust God's Wisdom,

UPDATE: June 29 4:28 PM
First of all, I again want to thank you from my heart.  I really appreciate all your prayers and finances.  It has taken a load off my mind.  It is so kind of all of you. I thank and praise God for all He has given me.  Elmer said to leave my Pay Pal on in case others want to donate, but if they do, I think they can look on today's and Elmer's previous post to get it.  I don't want to ask too much.

I plan on putting on some yard sales and getting rid of some of the things in my apartment  There is so much in here I don't use and don't need.  What is the saying: One man's junk is another man's treasure.  That should bring in some money to pay the rest of the bills - if it ever stops raining on Saturday here.

Tomorrow will be a different post.  Wednesday is Jean's recipe.  Jean and I were trying to decide if it is one we had on before or not.  I am not sure if I will have something on every day as I don't have a lot of pictures.  Jean or Elmer or Anna will be on Friday.  They haven't decided which one, yet.  I will have something on Saturday for the 4th of July.

God Bless You,