Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Martha's Winter Day Bean Soup

2 c. mixed dry beans (pinto, great northern, navy, red)
2 Tbsp salt
2 qts water
2 c. diced ham or smoked sausage
1-2 tbsp lemon juice
1 lg onion, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tsp chili powder
1 (28 oz) can tomatoes, chopped

Rinse beans; place in large kettle.  Cover with water, add salt and soak overnight.  Drain; add 2 quarts water and ham or sausage.  Simmer for 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  Add onion, garlic, chili powder, tomatoes and lemon juice.  Simmer 45 minutes.  Add salt and pepper to taste, if desired.  Yield: 2 quarts



Tuesday, January 29, 2013


A year ago yesterday, I had to put my long haired chihuahua Rickie, down.  I thought I would put some pictures of Rickie on so you can see him.

When I got him he was sick.  I didn't know until I took him to the vet to get his puppy shots a day after I got him.  The vet told me to take him back and get my money back, but I told him I couldn't for two reasons-I loved him and if I didn't get him better the breeder probably wouldn't either.  Of course I had more money then than I do now.  So the vet got rid of Rickie's worm, clearned his ear infection and cured his chest cold. 

Rickie was named after little Rickie in the TV series I Love Lucy.  He loved people but was afraid of everything except big dogs.  I use to say he was a St. Bernard in hiding.  If a big dog came up to him, he would hold his ground and bark.  I would pick him up.  He was afraid of his own shadow and I am not kidding.  He also didn't like bubbles, paper flying in the wind, kids dressed in Halloween costumes and more.  He would bark at anything especially when I went out of the apartment and left him home.  People told me he really parked while someone took care of him when I broke my ankle and was in the hospital 3 1/2 weeks.  Every time I left after that, he was sure I wasn't coming back.

He got cancer which the vet removed, but it came back.  I took him to Cornell University and was told he would last about 10 weeks.  He lived for almost 2 1/2 years.  I say the good Lord and love made him live that long.

I always said I would not let him suffer.  The day before he went, we getting our apartments remodeled and he was chasing after the work men.  He loved to do that.  But that night he cried all night.  I called the vet and took him in.  She said he had reached his time to go.  I stayed right with him while she put him down.  She let me stay with him for a while and held him when I left. I had him for 11years. His ashes are on top of my TV next to Niki, the poodle I had when I got Rickie.  I hope they are both playing together in heaven. 

There are a lot of things about Rickie I didn't say, but he was a good boy and I love him so much even now that he is gone.  He didn't like if I cried or had tears so: Remember him with a smile not a tear. 


Monday, January 28, 2013


I thought I would answer some of the questions you asked.  First, yes Kevin and Bridget were shocked when they went into their apartment.  Kevin was first, turned on the light and started to walk down where a hall use to be but almost bumped into a table.  That's when he looked up and realized that it was an apartment. He called Bridget up and she was in shock, too.  Kevin wanted to know how we did that without him knowing about it and he was living here.  We explained that's why we sent him to work for someone during the day - so we could work on the apartment while he was gone.  They both really enjoy it.  Now they have their own place, but can join us when they want.  Also, we made a rule for all the children in the house.  You knock on the door and wait until they answer or call you to come in,  No throwing the door open and go charging in without their permission. The apartment is their home and should be respected.

In the wedding post I mentioned the ladies dress is saved for the funeral and so is the men's suit.  The dress and suit usually don't fit when someone passes like it did when they married.  Mine won't.  Our coffins are handmade when someone passes.  At our viewings we only show from the waste up.  So the dress or suit are altered to fit.  Even though they don't show from the waste down, we still fix it so things fit-from a front view. Sometimes the dressses or men's slacks are cut down the back to make them fit in the front when they are laid in the coffin.  So what people see fits fine-but there may be cuts down the back.  I was very slim when we married, but I'm not that way now and could never fit in that dress again.  Neither could Joseph his suit. 

Yes, we do have electric.  Old Order Mennonite got electric back in the 1990's.  I know we had it when Joseph and I got married.  Even thought we have electric we don't have televisions. radios, etc.  It sure is nice to come into a room and turn on the lights, mixer, washer, etc..

Do we have house pets?  Not really, but some of the pets sneak in.  We do have barn cats and kittens.  We did had a dog, but he got hit by car a little over a year ago and we are still trying to decide what kind to get.  With ten children everyone wants their breed.  I think we may go to the Humane Society and pick one out in the spring.  Still they are not let in the house unless it gets really cold outside.  Of course some how the doors get opened and the dog comes in and sleeps on one of the children beds.  Also, we consider our horses our pets and they are taken care of.  We pet them and feed them carrots in addition to their regular food.

Aside from the Bible what do we read was asked.  Of course our Bible is first, but also we read the Daily Messenger which is our local newspaper, Family Life, Blackboard Bulletin, and Young Companion.  Budget which is an Amish and Mennonite newspaper.  Right now we are into seed and flower catalogs as now is the time to order for the spring.  As far as reading a book or novel, we might fit one or two in this time of year, but the work is so much during the rest of the year we don't have time. 

My last questions this time is do we invest in the stock market.  Well, I don't think many Old Order Mennonite invest in stock.  Joseph and I did once, we lost some money, and never do it again. I know Jean and David have never invested in the  stock market.  Most of us would rather invest in land over the stock market or letting it sit in the bank.  We do have money in the bank for our checking account and a savings account, but most of our money is in our land.  We grow our fruits and vegetables on it.  Some has gone towards Kevin and Bridget's house. We sold part to Jean and David for their new house.  We still have five more sons that will need houses when they get older and marry.

So that are the answer to some of your questions this time.  Please feel free to ask questions to either Jean or myself.

Be With the Lord,

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Hi Everyone,
I want you to meet my friend Bandit.  As you can see he is a black cat.  He likes dogs and I like cats so we get along just great.  Most of the time Mom walks me, he follows us down the street and back.  At first I didn't think he had a home, but he does.  He just doesn't like to live there because there are other cats and a dog in the household and he likes to be independant and boss.  So he roams the streets especially where we live.  He loves to come and sit on peoples laps, when it's warm outside,  to be pet.  Also, he likes to get into the apartment buildings, but he is not suppose too.  Even though his human parents feed him, so do all the residents that live here.  They always have a snack for Bandit and one for me, too. 
You note that he loves to climb trees.  He gets up there real high and makes me nervous when I see him up there.  He stands up there and tries to get the birds.  He also just likes to look around up there.  I wonder what it would be like to be up there and see far around, but I get nervous thinking of climbing up there and anyway my paws aren't that good for climbing in trees as Bandit's are. 
When it gets real cold like it has been lately, his human parents come out and chase him to bring him into their house.  Sometimes they forget to close the basement window and Bandit sneaks out and they have to come out and chase him again to catch him.  Then they remember to close the window. 
When it is warm Bandit and I like to chase each other.  Sometimes we kiss nose to nose.  We are real good friends.  Even though he is a black cat, he has no evil in him, he is just a great friend.  Hope you enjoy these pictures.
Your Friend,
I got in trouble with Mom last night.  Every night she gives me a doggie cookie at bedtime.  Well, she went out to dinner last night and I found the bag.  She didn't think I could get it where they were, but I did and I ate the whole bag !!!  When Mom got home she found the empty bag lying in the living room floor.  She was not happy.  I thought she would hit me or punish me like my old owner use to, but she didn't.  She just spoke to me very upset.  Also. she made me think about what I did.  At bedtime last night she got one dog cookie from my girlfriend's Mom and gave it to me.  Today she bought another bag of cookies and put them where I can't get them.  She still loves me.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Hello, I am Olive, Jean's Grandmother to give a post on wood-burning stoves.  My husband and I live in a house owned by Jean's husband, David's parents that is on their property next to their house.  Their house was built in the 1800's and in addition to an electric stove has a wood - burning stove in the kitchen that hadn't been used since they owned it.  When we lost our electric during a hurricane storm, we came to dinner for sandwiches.  I asked why they didn't use the wood-burning stove and no one knew how to use it.  The next day, I had the men check the vents and when they passed-get some wood  for the wood-burning stove.  For the first time in almost 50 years, I cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner on the wood-burning stove.  Using a wood-burning stove is like riding a bicycle-once you learn how to use it, you don't forget.  I did over cook the rolls, on the first day, but everything else came out. There is something about food that comes out of a wood-burning stove that I forgot.  The taste is different-better than cooking on these modern stoves.

Jean at her house has a two burner Coleman Stove and a bar-b-Que that she uses during a power outage.  I am so glad to see wood-burning stoves coming back.  Am trying to talk Jean and David into putting one in their new house.

Aside from the stove, a few things I think someone should get with a wood-burning stove are cast iron cookware, an oven thermometer and, of course, wood.  I firmly believe in cast iron cookware, I got a set when my husband and I were married over 60 years ago.  I still have them and use them.When we had the power outage, I used them in the wood-burning stove.  Once you get a set they have to be seasoned, which would be another post, if you are interested.  You can buy cast iron new or maybe pick up a set at a garage sale or rummage sale, etc.  The thermometer is because I don't trust the ones that come with stoves: wood-burning, gas or electric.  When you are baking especially in a wood-burning you need something you can count on. Wood should be near your house where you can get it. You should have logs, but also smaller pieces to start the fire with.  I always kept a wood box near the stove to put logs and smaller pieces in by the stove and the rest was in a small building by our house, when we had our farm.The best wood to use is the oldest wood-cottonwood, oak or ash are the best.  Now, I guess, you can buy wood for wood-burning stoves in some stores like Country Max.  I always have used wood from trees on our property. When the hurricane was over, the men got wood at a house down the road. wood was For Sale out front of their house.

Showing someone how to use a wood-burning stove is easier than telling, but I will see what I can do.  Most of the wood-burning stoves come with a oven thermostat,and a overhead warming oven. If you receive an owners manual with the stove-read it.  Make sure the stove, masonry and flues are clean. I would get a professional to do it.

Open the stove door to make sure the airflow in the flue is going through the flue and not coming back down through the stove.  If there is  draft, there is an airflow coming in through the flue instead of flowing out like it should.  To correct this, should it be happening, crumple up some newspaper and put it up as high as you can get it in your wood stove toward the flute.  After lighting the paper, the air should start sucking the ball through the flue, which will reverse the airflow.

In the bottom of your stove, put some pieces of crumpled newspaper.  Place some thin sticks of dry kindling wood  on top of the newspaper. On top of them, place larger pieces of wood and continue until your wood stove is 3/4 full.  Then open the vents.  After that carefully light the wood and paper.  DO NOT USE gas, propane, lighter fluid or other items. Add more wood every time the previous wood has turned to coals.  Also adjust the vents and flue to regulate the airflow.

I am going to end here and continue next week, February 1st.  In the next post, I will tell of cooking and baking on a wood-burning stove.

Follow God,



Wednesday, January 23, 2013



1 box yellow cake mix
2 small pistachio instant pudding
5 eggs
1 cup water
1/2 cup oil

Grease two bread pans.  Blend all ingredients at medium speed for 2 minutes.  Pour mixture into the two bread pans.  Bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes.

These are quick to make for your home, pot luck supper, bake sale and more.  They are fast to make and a great taste.

Be With God,



Monday, January 21, 2013


 Marilyn had these pictures all set with a post made up when I called her.  She was describing the buggy to me over the phone.  I told her to send some of the pictures to my parents computer, which she did.  When I got to my parents to see the pictures, I realized that is a courting buggy and whose it was. He is a young fellow, who is a friend of Kevin and Erin's-he and the girl he is courting were at Kevin and Bridget's wedding with the new courting buggy. So, to be nice,  I called him up.  He was surprised that the English lady (Marilyn) that took the pictures knew me and okayed us putting the pictures on here-as long as we tell him when it is on so he can go to the library computer and see it.

Our young folks can start attending singing at age 16.  Singing is held on Saturday night at the home of one of  the young folks parents home.  It is usually held in the barn, as it is at our home.  The young folks sing for about two hours, then finger food is served and in the warm weather they have games.  Parents or a young couple supervise the young folks for the first two hours, but leave for the rest of the evening.  Even though we are not attending, at our house, we can keep an eye from the second or third story windows.  We don't watch all the time, but check and make sure everything is all right. 

Our meeting (church) also has other activities especially in the spring, summer and fall times.  They may have a dinner, baseball or volley ball game or some other activity for the young folks to attend.  In the winter parents have ice skating, sleding, skiing, etc. plus, of course, something for the young folks to eat.  One thing about Mennonite and English young folks a like-they all love to eat.

We do not have rumsprings like the Amish do although some of our young folks do things we wouldn't want them to.  Kevin had a car.  Sometimes they go on day trips.  Kevin and the boys went to Niagara Falls and stayed over night and to Virginia Beach.  Boys and girls do not go on overnight trips together.  Some also smoke cigarettes, drink, go to movies, listen to music, and more. 

It is at the singings that we hope our young folks will meet their future spouce.  We believe this person should also be Old Order Mennonite by the bible 2 Corinthians 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with ubelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?

When Kevin asked Bridget to marry him, she said she would not consider it until he got rid of the car and turned in his drivers license, which he did.  Unfortunately, Erin, our son and Kevin's brother  now has his license and is driving the car. 

The courting buggy is purchsed either by the parents or the young fellow when he is of courting age.  We purchased a used one for Kevin, which will be passed down to his brothers.  The buggy in the pictures above is a brand new one-recently made-for a friend of Kevin and Erin's.  You notice all the silver tone circles on the back, the deer plate, the extra mirrors and reflectors.  Even the horse has green on him.  Young gentlemen like to really dress up these courting buggies-within reason. 

When they were married, Kevin's was passed down to his brothers.  As the fellow who owns the above buggy purchased his buggy himself when he marries a lot of the mirrors and reflectors will come off.  The silver will be covered with black paint.  The deer plate will go and a plain orange one will go on.  The horse will be wearing black instead of green.  When they have children, they will have to sell or trade it for a bigger buggy.

I know young folks do things us parents don't know about.  Kevin and Bridget were saying they did things we don't want to know about.  When Joseph and I were courting I am sure we did things our parents don't know about.

Dating is suppose to be done on Sunday afternoon and evenings in the home of the young girl.  They talk, play table games, etc.  Of course, they go for buggy rides, walks and more.  The days of not knowing who is dating who is pretty much over. Also from just dating on Sunday, are getting more days of the week.  We were so glad when we found out that Kevin was courting Bridget. 

This is the general way our young folk court.  When the proposal is made-there are no engagement rings, parties, etc.  The man buys the lady a clock to symbol they will be spending the rest of their together.  The wedding is published (announced) at meeting (church) three or four weeks before the wedding.  I believe I told everything else from Kevin and Bridget's wedding post. 

Be With the Lord,

Friday, January 18, 2013


I was driving down the road in a Mennonite farm area in early December and saw the turkeys walking back and forth at that fence along side the road.  I had to stop and take the pictures.   While there I also took pictures of the house and barns.  What I wonder is how many of those turkeys made it through Christmas alive? When I went buy a couple of weeks ago, I didn't see any turkeys or chickens, but it was so cold, they could have been inside the barns.

If you live near a Mennonite or Amish farm area, it is a nice peacefull area to drive through.  There are large farms and maybe you will see some buggies.

Should you go to a Mennonite or Amish area and take some pictures you would like to share with us, please let me know at, as I would be glad to put them on New York State of Mind.





Wednesday, January 16, 2013



1/2 green pepper, chopped
1/2 onion, chopped
1 cup mushrooms, sliced
1 small clove garlic, minced
1/2 tsp oregano
8-oz can tomato sauce
salt and pepper to taste
8 chicken breast halves, boneless and skinless
4-oz shredded mozzarella cheese

Spray a small saucepan with cooking oil spray (like Pam).  Cook onion, green pepper, mushrooms, garlic and oregano over low heat, stirring occasionally until onion is soft. Stir in tomato sauce.  Place chicken on jelly roll pan.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Cover with sauce mixture,  Bake at 350 degrees uncovered about 55 minutes.  Top with mozzarella cheese and continue baking 5 more minutes or until cheese is bubbling.  Serves 8

The stove at the top is a vintage propane gas stove that I, found in an antique store.  The owner allowed me to take pictures of it.  I thought it would look nice with some of the recipes.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Just got home from the wedding  a few hours ago so here I am telling for New York State of Mind,  First you must understand that our weddings have no rings, long wedding dresses or veils, no bouquets, flowers, pictures and more.

Bridget wore a grey dress with white kapp (caps) like she would usually wear.  This dress and kapp are worn only twice in her life-her wedding and her funeral. It will be packed away after the wedding.  Kevin wore his first black dress suit with white shirt.  I made that suit for him. It is my first and probably last as Bridget will be making his future suits.

The wedding is held at the home of the bride.  We started work over there days before: cleaning the house, baking the cakes, pies, cookies, chicken, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, salads, and more for the wedding dinner.  Jean wanted to come and help, but we talked her into staying home until the wedding day so she could get moved.  She and her family did come to the wedding.

When they get there, the bride and groom go to a room upstairs with their attendants.  Attendants are two single girls and two single boys that the bride and groom select.  They are family or close friends.  Bridget chose one of her sister's and her closest friend.  Kevin had Erin, his brother, and his closest friend.  The four attendants are considered witnesses of the wedding.  Their other dating couples friends bring up the wedding gifts.  After they bring up the gifts-the girls go in one room and the boys in another.

When the adult guests are seated down stairs each is given a tiny bit of wine to drink and a cookie to eat.  The wine and cookies represent John 2:1 in the bible- Jesus turning the water to wine at the wedding at Cana.  The cookies were star shape.  As in church the men sit on one side of the room and the ladies sit in the other.  Someone has been chosen who calls out the names of the dating couples who come down the stairs together and are seated in a different room than the married couples.  If, say, a single boy comes, but is not dating anyone-the bride and groom will find a single girl about his age who is not dating-which puts the couple together for the rest of the wedding day.  

After everyone is sitting, the ministers and the bride's parents go upstairs for a brief talk with the bride and groom.  After the ministers and bride's parents return-the bride and groom come down the stairs.  The wedding ceremony takes about two hours until the marriage ceremony.  The marriage questions are asked to the bride and groom by the Bishop.  The bride and groom do not recite their vows.  They answer yes to the Bishop's questions.  We believe our marriage ceremony is between the marriage couple and the Lord.  Before the marriage ceremony Jean went into the kitchen to watch it while Bridget's Mother went to see the wedding ceremony.  Many times a Bride's Mother doesn't see the marriage ceremony because she is to busy watching the food cooking in the kitchen for the dinner.  The ceremony ends with the Bishop's blessing, and ministers blessing and prayer. 

There is no announcing the couples married name, no kissing, no hugging, no line or alike.  The bride and groom go upstairs while the men turn the rows into the dining table and chairs, then the ladies dress (table cloths, dishes, silver ware, etc.) the tables.  The bride and groom sit at the head of one of the tables with their attendants on either side while dinner is served. There were about 175 people there so they had to eat in shifts-Bishops, ministers, senior men first, other men second and ladies and children were the third.

After the dinner, the men started everyone singing, while us ladies did the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen and got ready for the evening meal.  Everyone sang for a couple of hours, when the adult guests and little children leave.  More of Bridget and Kevin's friends came.  Usually at this time, they start singing, games and guests pull some jokes on them,  but we noticed that Bridget and Kevin were going upstairs to change their clothes.  Some of the other guests were changing, too.  We asked Bridget's parents what was happening as we do not have honeymoons.  Bridget's Mother said-the are going skiing.  They changed, went to the barn to get their skiis and set out for Bristol Mountain to ski.  Most of them have worked on their farms or other jobs and haven't had much time to ski since the snow-so they went skiing.  I can't tell you how the skiing went or the dinner.  Bridget and Kevin will have to tell you about that in another post. 

Bridget and Kevin will spend the night at Bridget's parents to help to clean the house, move back the funature, etc. tomorrow.  Then they will come and move into their apartment on our third floor.  They think they are getting just a bedroom and a new bathroom.  We sent Kevin off the last couple weeks during the day to help a friend of ours.  While he was there we and our friends completely remodeled the third floor into an apartment with a kitchen, 3 bedrooms, living room, a bathroom in the master bedroom and another bathroom. We put curtains and shades on the windows.  David,  Jean's husband, was a big help so we will be helping Jean and David move. Also, we moved all Bridget and Kevin's  furniture in the apartment.  So when Bridget and Kevin get here,  tomorrow, they will have surpise when they go up there.

I hope you enjoy reading about the wedding.  Hope I didn't go on to long.  Joseph and I feel older now.  We are seeing our children grow up, and marry.

Be With the Lord,

Friday, January 11, 2013


How I got these pictures was purely by accident.  When I first knew Jean I asked her if she would tell me where the children's school was.  She did not know me very well and didn't feel she should give me that information especially after what happened at Nickel's Mine.  I didn't ask Jean again. I was just driving around recently and turned down a road I had never been on and there was the school house.  I immediately took pictures.  After I went to Jean's home, but she was not there.  I left a message to have her call me.  When she called I explained that I had pictures and asked if it would be all right to put the pictures on New York State of Mind.  She said she would let me know.  The next day she called and asked me to come to her house so the pictures could be seen.

When I arrived at her home she and her family were there plus her Bishop, deacons, and ministers.  I thought they were having a meeting and said I would come back.  That's when I discovered my pictures were the meeting.  All of them viewed the many pictures I had and selected the ones they would prefer I would put on, which I have honored.  They did not want farms and buildings that neighbor the school shown as they did not want others to know the location of the school.  These pictures are what they approved and I honor their decision.  They did appreciate me going out of the way to show them the pictures and have them approve them.

The top picture shows the school from the road.  Second picture shows one of the two out houses that they have.  I was told there is an indoor bathroom, but all the studenets can't use one bathroom at the same time, so there are outhouses.  What I thought was unusual is that the outhouses and school are the same color and material.

Third picture shows the baseball field that they have at the school - and it is a large one.  Next picture shows the swing set they also have in the yard. Last picture shows the school closer up.  There are two places to enter and exit the school on the side.  Also, if there should be a  tornado or hurricane and the children have to go into the basement-there is a way in and out of the basement.   Every child knows how to get in and out of all the locations.  They all know how to lock and unlock all the locks.

In the construction of the new school, there were more windows put in so in case of a fire or emergency certain windows can be pushed out and a child can get out the windows.  All around the school are farms where a student could go to if there was an emergency.  So many of these have been put in since Nickel's Mine which now includes Connecticut and what happened in Webster.  There is also a telephone inside to call in case of emergencies.  I have not been inside the school.  All this was told to me by the Bishop and Jean.  Since our meeting I am waiting for permission to go inside some day when the children are not there. 

What really surprised me about the school is that it is very small.  My one bedroom apartment is bigger than their school.  There is a large play area all around the school.  Boys and girls play ball in the large field.  There is also the swing set area for other activities. 

One of my questions was where do parents park their buggies when they come.  They are tied to the railing on the front and one side of the school.  If there is a picnic, or other situation where many of the parents come-they also tie on the railing by the road that is shown in picture one.  Another how was the school heated and was told that they have gas heat. 

What I really liked is that on the top is a school bell that is hand rung by the teacher or one of the students.  It was that bell that made me realized as I passed is that was the school.  I immediately stopped the car, walked to the school and took the pictures. 

Hope you enjoy the pictures.  It is really a beautiful school with a large area for the children to play on.  I thank the Bishop, deacons , ministers and of course, Jean, for allowing me to put these on New York State of Mind.



Wednesday, January 9, 2013


maple drop cookies

3/4 C. MILK




There were questions on Jean's recipes and I can't get a hold of her on the phone.  I think it's because of her moving.  Anyway, I thought it best to change the recipe.  When Jean gets settled, we can work out the previous recipe and make it smaller. I apologize for any mistake I or Jean could have made.

Monday, January 7, 2013


I felt I had to put on the first post for 2013.  I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy, New Year.  We had Christmas at our house this year because we are moving and just wanted the last Christmas in our old house.

Part of this post is going to be by myself, today and another part of it from Marilyn on Friday.  This is the school that our daughter, Susan, goes to.  It is an Old Order Mennonite School.  It goes from the first grade up to the eight grade.  Eighth grade is the highest grade that our children go to school.

Our original school had been built many years ago.  David and I went to school there.  Any work that had to be done on it was done.  Every year the school was inspected by the local building inspector and it passed-until 2012.  We were planning on an addition to the old school to make it a bit larger.  The plans were all drawn up and our school board was going to apply for permitts when the school did not pass the inspection.  The school had originally been grandfathered in when the new regulations on buildings went into law.  But over the years, even though we did all repairs on it, it was not in a condition that the inspector could pass last summer.  The building wasn't falling apart-it's just that new regulations had been passed and the school didn't make them. 

The discussion came up as to what it would cost for us to repair the old school.  After figuring out what it would cost to fix it to meet the regulations-it wouldn't cost much more to build a new one.  So it was brought before us after meeting (church) one Sunday and explained-then we voted-to build a new one.  The old school was torn down and the new school was built on the foundation of the original school-extended a few feet so the school would be a little bigger-which it is.

As our Bishop told Marilyn, one thing led to another.  While the school was under construction the board realized that the desks, book cases, etc. really looked old.  They had scratches, scrapes, etc. just from normal use.  So all the school desks including the teachers and book cases were all refinished by our members-while they were constructing the school.  The board decided they would put the same wooden floor in the new school that was in the old school-so all those floor boards had to refinished.  Those that were damaged were replaced and more boards were added for the extension.  All those boards matched when they got done.

The new school has more windows than the older school, but they are smaller, so we ladies made new curtains for the windows. New shades were also purchased for all the windows. After looking at some of the books that are in the school had been used for many years so they had to be replaced or updated.  We did put the same bell on top of the new school that was on the old one.

All this was done in eight weeks.  The building was done by Old Order Mennonite, Amish and Englishers.  There are a few Amish children that attend our school as they don't have their own school, yet.  Where we are moving Susan will still attend the same school.  We will be further away, but it is the same which is important to her and us.  Martha and Joseph's children go to the same school, so between our families, when we get our new house built, transportation will not be a problem. 

The picture at the top is the one our Bishop liked the best when he saw them, so it was put on top of my post today.  The new school was inspected by the building inspector and passed "with flying colors" as my Mother says. Marilyn will have more pictures in her post on Friday. 

Hope you like out new school.

Be With God,

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Just a reminder that Jean is coming on at 6:00 AM Eastern Standard Time tomorrow morning  about the school that Susan goes to.  On Wednesday is a recipe from Jean and on Friday are some more pictures that I took of Susan's school.

PLEASE leave comments or questions for Jean,  If Jean does not get commentsor questions she thinks no one is interested.  Michael, Edward and I have tried to explain to her that people read, but do not leave comments.  I have shown her on the computer, what stat is and the number there, but still she does not understand.  So please get as many comments or questions for Jean.

On January 14th Martha will be filling in for Jean and is telling of Bridget and Kevin's wedding.  I think you will like that one, too.


Saturday, January 5, 2013


I was driving around the other day and saw this old wringer washer sitting in front of an antique store in a near by town.  Of course I didn't have my camera with me.  So yesterday, I went looking for it again and found it.  The antique shop was closed, but the washer sits outside-so I took some pictures of it.

I remember when my parents had one like this when I was a child.  You had to put the clothes in it with the soap and plug it in so it would agitate.  When they got done you had to put the clothes through the wringer.  My Mom always made sure I was away from the machine when she ran the clothes through the wringer so I wouldn't get my arm stuck in it.  Then Mom would hang them out to dry.

The pictures of the clothes hanging outside, I took at Amanda Graber's house a while back.  I got these pictures the time I went to see her and she wasn't home.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hope everyone had a nice evening last night.  I went to a small party across the street and was home by 10:00.  Pierre and I watched TV until midnight.  I wished Pierre a Happy New Year and we went to bed.   So we didn't do anything really exciting.
If you told me last  year at this time that I would have a blog like New York State of Mind, I would have told you, you were nuts, but here it is.  Again, I thank Richard, for this. 
Just thought I would tell you a little about what I plan on coming up.  As you know Jean will be on Monday, recipe on Wednesday and I will try to have a post on every Friday. Jean's first on Monday will be of the Old Order Mennonite school that Susan attends.  I will have more pictures of it on Friday.  I know Martha, when filling in for Jean plans on one post about how their young people court  and one on Kevin and Bridget's wedding, which happens to be today. 
I not only plan on having posts, on Friday, of the Amish and Mennonite, but also other things of this area.  Amish and Mennonite will be my main posts,  also I will have posts of a restaurant, one of the religions that was founded in our area, and I have a few other things in my mind that I think you might be interested in.  Oh, I will let Pierre on every once in a while so he can have his say, too. 
Comments mean a lot to Jean.  If she doesn't get a lot of comments she feels that no one is interested in her posts.  As Michael and Edward go to a public school, they know about computers.  We have all tried to explain to her that just because people don't leave comments doesn't mean people don't read it.   Tried as we may, we can't get her to understand that.  So please leave a comment when you read Jean's posts.  We don't want Jean to leave us.  
So I hope you enjoy New York State of Mind in 2013. 
P.S. I forgot to ask if everyone liked Jean's recipes at Christmas time and would you like something like that again?