Thursday, December 31, 2015


God don't make no mistakes is a saying my Mother says all the time when we question something the Lord has done.  I know that's not good English, but that's the way my Mother says it, my Grandmother said it and my Great-grandmother said it - and now the way I say it, sometimes.

What brings me to this quote is when I became Bishop.  One of the other men that had a Bible to open was Elmer.  I thought Elmer would be the one the Lord would chose, for sure.  Elmer is a much better speaker than I am.  He has a better understanding of people than I.  He often can see the good side of something others of us see bad.  He always seems to know just the right thing to say.  So, I thought for sure, the Lord would chose him as Bishop.

Was I shocked when I opened my Bible and found that the Lord had chosen me.  Elmer and I were sitting next to each other.  I softly said to Elmer, God must have made some mistake.  Elmer being Elmer patted me on the back and told me that God had chosen the right one.  At home, that evening I said, I thought maybe God had made a mistake.  That's one of the times my mom said God don't make no mistakes.

In our lives, we don't understand why certain things happen to us.  I still don't know why the Lord chose me over Elmer, but he had a reason.  We don't understand why things happen to us.  But, sometimes, it is not for us to understand.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 "There is a right for everything; A time to be born, a time to die, A time to plant, A time to harvest; A time to kill, A time to heal, A time to destroy, A time to rebuild, A time to cry, A time to laugh, A time to grieve, A time to dance, A time for scattering stones, A time for gathering stones, A time to hug, A time not to hug, A time to find, A time to lose, A time for keeping, A time for throwing away, A time to tear, A time to repair, A time to be quiet, A time to speak up, A time for loving, A time for hating, A time for war, A time for peace."  If my memory serves me right, I think this was in a song by Peter, Paul and Mary.  Yes, I do know something about the Englisher music.

These are the way of our lives.  These are things that happen to us.  We were all born - we will all die.  If you are into gardening or farming you know there is a time to plant and a time to harvest.  Amish do not believe in killing people - but many of us, myself included have gone hunting.  Our life goes on and on like these bible verses.  Yet, much of the reasons, we do not understand why this happens to us.

Lord has a way, a pattern for us through life.  Sometimes we make mistakes a long the way and mess up - myself included.  Times, I have done what I thought was right and found out that wasn't what the Lord wanted me to do at all. Then, the Lord has always led to me the way where I should be. None of us is perfect in this life.  We all make mistakes.  We all have done things the Lord didn't want us to do.

Sometimes I think of life as the war in the above verses.  Things are just not going right.  I don't have peace with the Lord inside that I should.  I want the time for peace.  I want the peace with the Lord, I should have.  I think we have all been in that spot a certain times in our lives.

Prayer, reading the Bible, and attending church are the way to the Lord.  Remember to thank the Lord for all He has done, even when you don't understand.  Reading the Bible helps you to understand the Lord and maybe the way of your life better.  Attending church, I am not telling you to join the Amish or Old Order Mennonite, but a Bible teaching church.  You are with others who have the same understanding, problems, good times, and fellowship.

The Lord does not want you to start the year with problems, heavy weights and hard time on our hearts.  Maybe in life, we do, but not in our hearts.  He wants us to have His love, His joy and understanding.  He does not want this New Year's to be a time of war, but a time of peace.

Pray in thanking the Lord and if you don't have it already, ask for the time of peace in this coming New Year.

Happy New Year,
Bishop Eli and Emma


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

GOOD - BY 2015

Thought I would review a few of the pictures of 2015.  Not everything is on here and they are not in any order.  Hope you enjoy a quick review of 2015.  Where has this year gone?


Tuesday, December 29, 2015


The first five pictures were taken as I was driving around in the morning.  That last six were of sunset.  I couldn't believe these beautiful skies on Christmas Eve especially the full moon.  God in His glory.

Monday, December 28, 2015


Where has 2015 gone?  It seems like it just started and now it is coming to an end.  I am doing the post today because everyone else is taking the week off except Bishop Eli  who will have a post on Thursday.  I think they are getting a well deserved break.

I would like to thank everyone that reads New York State of Mind.  You are what keeps me going.  Also enjoy the comments and questions that you leave - it helps Jean, Elmer, Anna and all - what they should tell in posts.  What you are interested in.  They all do this for nothing.  They are not paid.  They do it because they want to not because they have to.

Want to thank all of you that donate pictures, posts, questions and more.  What you have is interesting on New York State of Mind, too.  It shows us about other places not just New York State.  So if you have pictures or a post you would like on here - let me know. If you don't want you name on here, I won't put it on.

Also want to thank you all for helping me pay for getting my car repaired.  The garage was paid off this month !!!!  Just have to make two more payments and the loan that my friend gave me will be done.  I can not thank you enough for all that you did for me.

Thank you for prayers and thoughts through out this year.  They were really needed and appreciated, more than you know.  You have prayed for me through some hard times last year.  Thank you, just doesn't seem enough.

Also, I want to thank Jean, Elmer, Anna, Grandmother Olive, Sarah, Bishop Eli, Bishop Joseph, Emma and more.  They have always come up with posts.  If I couldn't get one who was suppose to post, I could always get another to fill in.  As I said, they are not paid.  They can come and go if they want, but they stay on.  Sometimes things come up, where someone else has to take over, but they are here when they can be.

They also do things for me that have nothing to do with New York State of Mind.  Anna is making me outfits to wear to any Amish or Old Order Mennonite religious service.  I can't count the meals I have eaten at Jean's house, Elmer and Anna's house, Bishop Joseph's house and Bishop Eli's house.  Never have I left any of these houses empty handed.  Always get a canned food, cookies, cake, pie or something I especially liked to eat that they made for me.

I can always turn to anyone of them for advice or prayers.  They are always willing to talk with me.  They are always to give advice to me.  They are always praying for me,  as you are.

I thank the Lord for keeping this going all these years.  Never thought that we would still be on this long.  He is the one that gives me the strength and wisdom to keep going.

As I said, Bishop Eli will have a message on Thursday.

I wish you a very Happy New Year.


Friday, December 25, 2015



Luke 2:14

Jean, David and Family
Elmer, Anna, and Family
Bishop Eli, Emma and Family
Bishop Joseph, Martha and Family

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Drove around taking pictures of Christmas lights.  As I can't drive well at night, I took most of them at sunset except the last one.  Tried to find one with the Nativity, but I couldn't find one this year.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015


I got a letter from Santa Claus and also The Official Nice List Certificate.  Lily that is mentioned in the letter,  is my girlfriend.  Lily got these, too.  Santa also sent us a sticker to put in the window asking him to stop here.

I have tried to be a good boy all year long.  Now, I will not be afraid of Santa again after he says that I am good boy and am on his list.  Sure hope he leaves me something for Christmas.

Merry Christmas,

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Sometimes we get the real Christmas out of view. We get looking at the presents list to see what we have to get for every one.  Of course, everyone has a person we don't know what to make or buy for.  The Christmas cards have to get out.  All the cookies and candy has to be made.  The parties must be attended and more.  Will people like what you have for them?

This is what I think got to Marilyn.  She still has Christmas shopping to do.  Hasn't sent out the Christmas cards.  Didn't get the cookie recipes on here.  Time is passing by.  What shall she do?

I am going to tell you what I told her.  STOP.  Take time to get a nice cup of tea or coffee (like someone said), get comfortable in her recliner, get her Bible and read about Christ's Birth.  I know she knows the Lord.

If the Christmas Cards don't get sent out - does anyone really care?  They will look at them and then toss them in the garbage unless they are like Anna is.  She saves cards from one year to the next and makes Christmas Cards out of the old Christmas Cards.

Try to get your close friends a gift.  It is our way, to give someone a gift. If your friend should not get a gift, would they really be upset?  If they are, they aren't a close friend.  We don't give several gifts for one person.  Sometimes, we buy more than one gift for a child, but not very often.  Anna always makes or buys a few extra gifts.  That way, we have an extra gift if we need one.  She will be out looking around the Monday after Christmas in a store or two.  Also, will be planning for next years Christmas gifts she makes.  Anna never waits until the last minute for Christmas gifts.  She starts making next years gifts after this years Christmas.

Christmas Recipes would have been nice on here this year, but everyone understands.  We will try to do better next year.  Jean, Anna, and Emma are going to start next years recipes this year so we won't have the same problem next year.  Actually, it's really not Marilyn's fault that they are not here.  With the wedding, Jean couldn't do it.  Anna and Emma, had church things come up.  So don't blame Marilyn.  In fact, so far, no one has complained.

Have had people tell me they couldn't give money to charity this time of year.  Christmas should be all year around.  People get food baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If they are hungry at Thanksgiving time and Christmas time - then they must be hungry all year around.  After the Christmas, we sometimes forget that there still hungry people in the world.  You can give to your charity anytime of year.

Also, if you can't afford a gift for someone, maybe doing something for them can replace it.  Offer to give them a ride, help them clean their home, help plant their spring garden, shovel their snow and more.  People sometimes need more physical help that they need pretty gifts.

I see pins saying: "Jesus, is the reason for the season."  But, Jesus is not just for this season.  He is for all year around - every year around.  He not only was born for us, but He also died for us.

Merry Christmas,
Elmer and Anna

Monday, December 21, 2015


I have not been feeling well the last couple of days, so there will not be a post today.  Depending on how I feel, there may be one tomorrow.

I am sorry about this and hope you understand.  I don't think I have ever done this before.


Friday, December 18, 2015


After Thomas and Ruth's weddings, I took some pictures including cows.  I was about to take some cow pictures and the farmer came by in his truck and asked me what I was doing.  When I explained I was taking pictures for my blog, he asked me not to take pictures of his cows, which I didn't.  Bishop Eli and Emma were in the car with me so Eli said when I got to their farm, to feel free to take pictures of their cows, which I did.

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Back in July, I took pictures of a barn raising.  Well here is what the barn looks like all finished.