Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Made it Through Hurricane Sandy

Well, I came through Hurricane Sandy just fine. The only problem I had was my air conditioner was in my bedroom window and the rain was leaking in around it. Fellow upstairs came down and took the air conditioner out, closed the window and that stopped the water coming in. New York City and New Jersey areas have it really bad. World Trade Center Memorial is in really bad condition. A levee broke in New Jersey and lots more. I haven't even begun to tell how bad it is down there. Please keep them in your prayers. Ship the Bounty, that was used in the 1962 Mutany on theBounty has sunk. At least one person from the crew has passed away. First of all, I saw the 1962 movie when it came out. Also, when I lived in Florida, the ship was in St. Petersburg and a tourist attraction to tour that ship. I went down and toured it. In fact I have a charm on my bracelet from touring the ship. It later was moved somewhere else and used it in some more movies. The ship has recently been restored. I don't know what made them set said with Hurricane Sandy coming. I don't have any area, local wise, to take picture of Hurricane Sandy because there isn't any damage here. I am most thankfull for that. Again, please keep those of the damaged areas in your prayers. Marilyn

Monday, October 29, 2012

Here Comes Hurricane Sandy !!!!!!!!

Right now I am ready for Hurricane Sandy as much as I can be. The wind is coming and it is pouring down. I just took Pierre out to go potty. They are talking about us losing our electric and if that is so, I may be out for days. There is enough food in our apartment for Pierre and myself. I charged my cell phone which is something I don't usually do because I rarely use my cell phone. Today we got a list from the office where we live about what we should have and we have most of it. We are about 20 miles from Lake Ontario so we shouldn't have bad flooding. We do have some creeks around here, but that's it. Having lived in Florida for almost 20 years, I am kind of Hurricanes. On the other hand I will not take any chances. Just want you to know the situation here. I will be back on as soon as possible after the power comes back on - if we lose it. Please remember all us New Yorkers in your prayers. Marilyn

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New York State of Mind-Update

My first post is on Amanda Graber where it says I will go out to her house again. Well I lost her address and couldn't remember what road she was on. I found it again and hope to go back there, the first of the month so I can get some new information. There are also a couple of other Amish and Mennonite places that I want to go to. If the weather is better around the first of November, I would like to drive down to them. It hardly seems that not only is summer gone, but fall, too. Winter is just around the corner. I don't drive too much when it is snowing or the roads are bad in the winter, so I want to get around now. The beautiful colored leaves are falling from the trees now. They are getting bare now. It seems odd in the winter when all the leaves are off the trees and they look like they will never come back. But every Spring they come back again. When I moved into these apartments all the leaves were gone and I thought the trees were dead. The other teanants said they would come back. I thought they were kidding, but they weren't. In the Spring, Summer and Fall it is so beautiful behind our building. During the winter they look kind of sad. One food thing is that here we have a maintainance man. He sees that the sidewalks are clear, and salted. He also sees that the driveways are snow clean. The only thing we have to take care of is the snow on our cars. We did have two maintaninance men, but one left, so at present we have one. The are looking to hire on another one. The second one is part time. Just thought that I would update. Let you know what my plans are here in the future. Marilyn

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Welcome to New York State of Mind. On here I plan on having the Amish and Mennonites.  But I plan on other things like the Erie Canal especially seeing that where I live backs up to  the canal, our grape country, maybe some museums, activities and whatever I think of.  Maybe I can combine some of these together.   I think this Christmas Pierre, my poodle, might even have something to put in here so this for the whole family. 

Let me tell you a bit about myself.  I was born and raised here in Upstate New York.  Grew up in the very town I now live in.  When my parents retired to Florida, I stayed up north.  After they got older and needed someone to keep an eye on them, I moved to Florida for almost 20 years.  After my parents passed, I moved back up north-back home. 

As a child I learned how to make jewelry which, now, I have done for 50 years. Over the years I have learned a little here and a little there so I make many different items and styles.  First I did Rock and Gem shows, then owned my own store and then retired.  Retirement drove me up the wall so I am now back making jewelry and will be going back to the shows again this coming spring. So I might have pictures of a Rock and Gem Show on here, too.

I have owned three dogs in my life.  Two of them have been poodles and one chihuahua.  My chihuahua, Rickie, had cancer and I had to put him down last February.  On craig's list, I found my fourth,  dog Pierre.  He is a three old, minature poodle, who loves everyone.  He was trained as a show dog, but I won't be showing him.  He is my little boy now.

Pierre and I live in a senior citizens apartment building as I am over 60.  We live in a small town in Upstate New York.  In my old age I have realized that there are lots of places in New York State that I have never been.  Also, I want to share the beauty of New York State.

So welcome to: New York State of Mind.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

My visit with Amanda Graber: By Marilyn Burke

Old order Mennonite buggy owned by Amanda Graber

I read about a buggy accident where a lady and her grandson were riding in the buggy when the horse got spooked and took off. The grandson jumped off, but the carriage tipped over and the grandmother got dragged in it for several feet.  When the horse was stopped, the lady was taken to the hospital.  She is now recovering at home.  Her address was in the paper and as it was only three towns over from and where I did not know Amish and Mennonites live, I went over there and found her house.  

Her granddaughter was selling canned goods and vegetables in one of the barns and allowed me to take pictures of their buggy.  This is not the one that was in the accident-it was a total loss-but just like it.  Also, inside where I bought the canned beets and potatoes were the lovely rag rugs that they had for sale.   These rugs were made by the lady that was in the accident before she got hurt.  The family is selling them to help pay for her medical bills.  

I plan to go back there around the first of September to buy a rag rug for myself and see if we can’t work something about me obtaining some to put and sell on eBay.  All the money would go to their family to help pay the bills.  I asked if they still had the horse and the girl said-but they are selling it.

Like I said, I will check and see if I can work out something on the rag rugs.  I will also be putting some Amish/Mennonite magazines on my eBay plus I have some Amish/Mennonite dresses and prayer caps for sale.  Marilyn

Amanda Graber's home 
A sign pointing to Amanda's home
Front view of her buggy

Birds in a farm field
A small market where some of the old order

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