Monday, October 29, 2012

Here Comes Hurricane Sandy !!!!!!!!

Right now I am ready for Hurricane Sandy as much as I can be. The wind is coming and it is pouring down. I just took Pierre out to go potty. They are talking about us losing our electric and if that is so, I may be out for days. There is enough food in our apartment for Pierre and myself. I charged my cell phone which is something I don't usually do because I rarely use my cell phone. Today we got a list from the office where we live about what we should have and we have most of it. We are about 20 miles from Lake Ontario so we shouldn't have bad flooding. We do have some creeks around here, but that's it. Having lived in Florida for almost 20 years, I am kind of Hurricanes. On the other hand I will not take any chances. Just want you to know the situation here. I will be back on as soon as possible after the power comes back on - if we lose it. Please remember all us New Yorkers in your prayers. Marilyn

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