Sunday, November 30, 2014


St. Michael's Church is of the Gothic style.  As you can see, the church corner stone states 1890. The church has a food bank, and does a great deal to help the people in Lyons.  I really couldn't find a lot of the history on this church.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


On Thanksgiving Day morning, I went out to take pictures of the newly fallen snow.  The top three are of my backyard.  The next two pictures are of a barn down the street from the park. Picture seven is of my friend Sam's garden.  Pictures nine, ten and eleven are of two squirrels running around the tree.  I tried to get close, but didn't want to scare them, so you have to look close.

Friday, November 28, 2014


Well, my Mother finally let me back on the computer again.  This time I am on for my annual request.  I know today is Black Friday and a lot of people will be out buying Christmas Gifts.  I also know that money is tight this year as it has been for several years now.  But, if you have a few extra dollars and are buying for a friend, please remember their pets, too.  I am not talking about anything expensive - maybe a toy or some pet food.

If you are giving to a friend that is short on money, they would really appreciate food for their pets.  Their pet might like a toy, too. You don't have to go to expensive stores Dollar General and Family Dollar sells toys and pet food.  Maybe if you had some larger extra money you could get them a gift certificate to the vet to have their pet checked up.  If you had some even larger money, maybe you could give a gift certificate for them to get their pet shots.

Also, please remember the pets at the Humane Society or the S.P.C.A.  They would like some Christmas presents, too.  It could be toys, food, blankets, and more.  Maybe while you are there, you will find a new addition to your family.  I know puppies and kittens are cute and deserve good homes, but don't over look the adult pets, too.  Many of them come spade or neutered, trained, housebroken, and have lots of love to give.  Mom got me on Craig's List when I was three years old.  She says I am the best little boy.

My birthday is coming on December 4th and Christmas, December 25th.  Even though Mom isn't giving me a party, I know I will have gifts for both, but I know some pets won't.

I don't want anyone to take from money they need for bills, or food or anything like that.  Just talking to people who might have a little extra money.


Thursday, November 27, 2014



Jean and Family
Elmer, Anna and Family
Martha and Family
Marilyn and Pierre

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Thought I would do this year, what I did last year and give you a recipe for any turkey you might have left over from Thanksgiving.  When I got the recipe it said for chicken, but I changed it to turkey.  You can really use this recipe with either chicken, or turkey.


1 cup sliced carrots
6 tiny onions
1 10 1/2 or 11 oz can of condensed cream of mushroom soup
1/2 cup milk
3 cups diced, cooked turkey
2 tsp chopped parsley


1 cup flour
1/4 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
2 Tbsp shortening
1/2 cup milk

Cook vegetables in small amount of water until tender.  Combine soup and milk, heat to boiling; add vegetables, turkey and parsley.  Place in 1 1/2 quart casserole.  Top with baking powder biscuits.

BISCUITS: Sift flour with salt, baking powder; cut in shortening until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.  Add milk all at once and mix.  Roll or pat 1/2 inch thick, cut with biscuit cutter and place on hot filling.  Bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Some have asked how we spend our Thanksgiving so I will tell you.  Last Thanksgiving we had our last Thanksgiving and Christmas in our old house.  At that time, our daughter Alma said she would have Thanksgiving in our old house this year as she, her husband and children live there now.  Of course at that time, we didn't know they would be giving us another grandchild. We didn't want to put all the work on her after having the baby.   So Elmer and I decided we would have Thanksgiving in our new house.

A couple of our children and their families are going to their in-laws for Thanksgiving this year, which we understand.  Two are having Thanksgiving at their house because their in-laws are coming in.  We told them they could join us, but they want them at their house and I don't blame them.  So that leaves four of our children and their families coming.  Also, my parents, Elmer's parents, my sister Hannah and her family plus we asked Sarah's family to come.  We felt that all that Sarah's Mother has been through, she needs a break from all she would have to do for Thanksgiving.  Not only that, it will be Sarah's family and our family together - if that makes sense.

In church on November 23rh, Bishop Eli will have a sermon on how we should take time of the year to stop and think.  Be thankful for all the Lord has done for us throughout the year.  He also will tell us that we also should be thankful for the hard times we have been through this year.  We are willing to thank the Lord for the good times, but we must be thankful for the hard times.  The Lord puts us through the hard times for a reason.  We may not understand the reason things happen, but it is God's will and we must accept and be thankful.  Throughout the year we should thank the Lord, but this is a time that we should take  to stop and be thankful.

All of what was suppose to be the wedding food for John and Sarah's wedding that we had in the freezers at David and Jean's is out.  Most of it went to the dinner after Sarah's Father's funeral.  So I filled the drawers back up with Thanksgiving food.  After wash on November 24th, Hannah, Sarah, Alma, and Elmer's Mother are coming over here, we will start baking pies, cookies, and cakes for desert.  My Mother may come, but she has alzheimer diease and she has her good days and her bad.  She was fine for our anniversary party.  So if she is having her good days, she may come help, too.

This year, I asked everyone to bring a dish to pass.  So I have a record of who is bringing what.  That way we don't have several dishes of one thing and none of something else.  So Tuesday, we will make some other dishes we need plus bread, rolls, etc.  On Wednesday, we will stuff the turkeys, prepare the salads and whatever else we can for dinner.

Elmer, John and other of our sons will move the furniture out of the living room, and the room between the two bedrooms on either side of the house.  They will set up the tables.  We ladies will set  the tables with the dishes, silverware, glasses, cups, etc.  so we don't have to do it tomorrow.

After dinner on Thanksgiving eve Elmer and I will fast from then until dinner the next day at about noon.  This is a practice our Amish do and I believe most of the Amish do.  We can drink coffee, or tea.  Now, if like in my Mother's case, she needs to take medicine or have meals because of her condition, she is allowed.  But those of us that can fast are expected too.  It is a sacrifice to remind us of all the sacrifices the Jesus did by coming on this earth and dying on the cross.

In our evening prayers, Elmer will read from the Bible of the teachings, and sacrifices that Jesus did for us.  He will also read of where it tells us we should give thanks to the Lord.  Elmer and I will talk about things the Lord has done for us that maybe we haven't thanked Him for.  Then we will pray and maybe sing some religious songs before we go to bed.

I usually get up first on Thanksgiving morning.  Get those turkeys in the oven.  Make the coffee for Elmer when he gets up.  Elmer comes down and as we drink coffee, we will pray that Thanksgiving is a day of thanks to the Lord.  Elmer will read a passage from the Bible, maybe we will sing a religious song to start the day.  Then, he does his chores and I work in the kitchen.

In mid-morning people will start coming.  Everyone has a job.  As Alma's new daughter will need the most attention, she is in charge of the little children.  A couple of our older grandson's will be outside directing where people will park their buggies.  Some of the ladies and older granddaughters will be the dinner servers.  Some of the other ladies will be with me in the kitchen preparing the food.  We sort of have a rule, if you don't have a job, keep out of the way of those that do.  This usually means that the men go out into the barn to talk while we ladies are preparing dinner.  We figure we will have about 100 people - give or take one or two.

When dinner is ready to serve, everyone will come inside.  If we figured it right, we should be able to sit everyone in one sitting.  After everyone is seated, Elmer will stand and read a short Bible passage.  We will pray a silent prayer.  Then, as is custom in our home, Elmer will ask that we go around the room and everyone give one thing they are thankful for.  When that is finished, the ladies that are to serve do.  We make sure everyone has eaten, before we that are in the kitchen sit down.  That is one custom that Elmer abides by, but doesn't like.  He believes that everyone should wait until the ladies in the kitchen sit before they eat.

After dinner, Elmer will stand and give a prayer of Thanksgiving,  we ladies clean the table and do dishes.  Now Elmer says being short does have it's advantages.  Men think because Elmer is so short, he can't take down the tables and move the furniture back.  Elmer says of course they don't stop to think about who moved the furniture and set the tables up.  Anyway, the men take the tables down and move the furniture back.

Depending on the weather, the men will sit in the living or out in the barn to chat.  We ladies will sit in the kitchen or our smaller living room to chat.  In mid-afternoon, we ladies set up a table with cookies, cup cakes, cakes, etc.  We also have coffee or tea or milk to drink.  Everyone comes and helps themselves.  Of course we watch that the little ones don't eat too much.

Before everyone leaves, and this is Elmer's custom, he will have everyone come in for one last prayer before we part.  His prayer will be that not only should we be thankful to the Lord, but this is the start of the Christmas Season. He will ask that we remember that Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season and we should keep that in our hearts not only this time of year, but all year around. He will also ask that all have a safe trip and peace as they go on their ways.

After everyone is gone, he will go do his chores and I will check to make sure the house is back in order.  We will have a light supper.  This will be the first year when everyone leaves, it is just Elmer and I left.  He said he wants to start certain prayer or Bible Reading or something that he and I will do every year.  We haven't decided what it will be yet.

With all that has gone on in our house that day, I am sure Elmer and I will go to bed early that evening.  I know before we go to bed, we will have Bible reading and prayers.  Looking forward to what Elmer comes up with that will be something special between us.

Elmer, I and our family wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving,

Monday, November 24, 2014


My family and myself wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  It is a time, not only for us, to be joyful together, but to give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings He has given us throughout the year.   Sometimes in our lives, we don't take the time to stop and thank the Lord like we should and now is a special time.

I have so many things to tell.  Kevin and Bridget came to our house one evening for dinner.  After dinner Kevin announced that as of January 1st, Michael will not be an employee of his and would no longer be working for him.  Michael went into shock.  Kevin said he had taught Michael everything he knew and now it was time for Michael to go on his own.  He could ask Kevin advice or in an emergency ask for help, but it was time he went on his own.  Michael didn't know what to say.

Michael looked at David, then Edward and Thomas and saw the smirk on their faces and knew something was up.  So he asked what was up. On our farm we have a small barn, in fact have a couple of them, that we use just for storage.  David was thinking of taking them down.  Kevin told David he had taught Michael all he could and it was time he went in business for himself.  So David had remodeled one of the barns so Michael could have his business there.  After dinner, we took him to the barn and showed him.  He couldn't believe it.  How we had remodeled it under his nose and he didn't know it.  With Kevin's help, we had a lot of tools in there that Michael will need.  David , Kevin, Edward and Thomas went shopping and bought these tools for Michael.  Michael had tears in his eyes.  He couldn't believe this.  There are things that he still needs, but Christmas is coming.

There is more than enough work for both of them - so they won't really be running against each other in business.  Kevin promised Michael, that they will both have to close up a day once in a while to go either fishing or hunting depending on the season.

Edward is still learning taxes.  He is taking a correspondence course and working with one of Elmer and Anna's sons that does taxes.  That is another business than needs more people.  Edward can work in an office, but can't start his own business until he is 18.  He does the work and Elmer's son checks it.  Of course, starting out, Edward made some mistakes, but now he is doing great.  He enjoys his work, too.

Thomas being so new with us, we didn't know what his trade would be.  Of course all are farmers, but we feel they should have another trade for the winter and in addition to farming.  Well, we found that Thomas' trade is word working.  He does beautiful work in furniture, toys, and more.  David Sr. and his Father couldn't believe the beautiful work he does.  My husband David said Thomas does better work than he does.  So now David and Thomas are thinking of taking one of the smaller barns and making a wood work building out of it.  That would get the mess out of the big barn.  Now, every time they do wood work there have to drag everything out and put it back where they would have their own wood working area.  I think it will get them to know each other better and make Thomas feel more in the family.  Not that he doesn't now.  Just that the men talk more together when they are working together.

Bishop Joseph and Martha gave us their courting buggy to use as we have three sons at courting age.  The two of their son's that used it are married and the next two of their children coming of courting age are girls.  It is still hard to have three young men using one courting buggy.  We will have to see what we can do.

As Christmas is drawing near, we are getting a bit worried about Katie's great-grandparents again.  Grandmother Olive said she and Grandfather Albert have it all under control.  So I hope she is right and we don't get as many presents as we did last year.  Katie is doing well and speaks Deutch almost as well as we do.  She is also doing well in reading.  Also, she gets the eggs from the chickens, feeds them and does other outside chores.  Katie also helps in cleaning, collecting clothes on washing day, cooking and more.  She also does much better in Sunday services.  It's hard to believe that next year she will be starting school.

Susan is doing well in school.  She enjoys it very much.  Like Katie she does chores inside and out.  Now, she also babysits Katie and David Jr.  while we go out.  If it is for any long time, we leave one of the brothers home to keep watch over them.

David Jr. is grown fast.  Now he does small chores inside and out.  He likes to follow his Father or one of his brothers around.  We are starting to teach him to read, counting and more.  He thinks he is bigger than he is and can do more than he should.  We have to watch him.

I know Elmer told about the Birthday Party he and Michael had at our home.  We were also at John and Sarah's wedding and Elmer and Anna's 30th Anniversery party that Bishop Eli had.  Some people in the outside world think that we don't have such fun.  If they knew us, they would be wrong.  We have our time for worship, work and enjoyment.  In fact, we try to mix all three together.

Also, please remember as the Christmas Season starts that it takes a lot of gas and mileage to get all the pictures that go on here every day.  So if you have a little extra you can send it to Marilyn at:  I know it would be greatly appreciated.

Be With God,

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Grace Episcopal church was founded and incorporated in 1838.  Twenty five families joined together to form the new congregation.  Construction of the church was begun the same year and was completed in 1840.  The church was consecrated in 1841.

The church was designed in the Tudor Gothic Revival style by James DeLancey Wilson of New York City.  It is built of natural gray limestone quarried locally at Sheldrake, N.Y. and local masons were employed for the construction.    It features a 60 foot gothic tower, buttresses with pinnacles and Tudor arched windows an doors.

It is the second oldest Episcopal  building and second oldest  parish in Wayne County. Since August of 1994 the church building, parish hall and rectory have been in the Nation and State Historic registers.

The 1840 Henry Erben Organ (picture five) The churches houses a historic organ.  The organ built by Henry Erben in 1849, is one of only four remaining examples in New York State of this 19th century organ builder, and the only one outside of New York City.  It has been restored and is used in worship weekly.

Historic Stained Glass Window (picture 6).  Life of Christ Window.  The window includes five scenes of Jesus life including the Good Shepherd, Jesus Birth, Jesus Teaching in the Temple, and the Empty Tomb.  Other panels include Epiphany, the vine, the Greek Cross, an ear of corn and St. Luke with the symbol of the ox.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Thought I would give you  break from the Erie Canal for a little while, so I thought I would put on some of the Amish style foods sold at Dutchland Food Grocery in Marion, NY.  Someone mentioned eggs and I couldn't get over all the different eggs that they had there.  The only ones I have tasted are beet eggs that I had at Jean's and Anna's.  There are other foods in these pictures, too.  What else is interesting is their supplies for baking which maybe I will put on next time.

Friday, November 21, 2014


I saw these trains at the fair and knew I had to take pictures of them.  You will note some of the pictures are better than others.  I was taking pictures of the trains moving and all of a sudden they stopped.  Come to find out one of the men who owned the trains was stopping them by remote control.  He waited until the trains got in front of my camera and stopped them so they would come out better in the pictures.  The last picture reminds me of a train when I was a kid. It was from a child's story book and the train would say "I'm gonna make it."  By the way, today is my 66th Birthday.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Here is an Old Order Mennonite farm that I found when I was out driving around.  This is an area that Elmer, Anna and I went to.  Of course, we had better weather then to.