Thursday, March 31, 2016


We are still in Florida.  Seeing we got here, after some talk from Grandmother Olive and Bishop Eli's Mother Fanny, they talked us into staying.  They will get all their places back this weekend.

Our family came down by Amtrak.  Thomas and Ruth had their own bedroom.  The rest of us was suppose to fit in the family bedroom, but it didn't work.  We all fit in the family bedroom, but there wasn't much room.  Thomas and Ruth came to our bedroom for prayer and decided, to give us more room, by taking David Jr. to sleep in their bedroom.

All of us enjoyed the dinning car.  Porter got to see that David Jr., Katie and Susan got a full tour of the train.  Children really enjoyed that.  We also enjoyed looking out the window and watching the scenery.  Michael and Edward enjoyed the train, too.  They said that is the way to travel.

At Pinecraft, David and I are sleeping in Grandmother Olive and Grandfather Albert's bedroom.  Michael, Edward and David Jr. are sleeping in the other bedroom with the bunk beds.  Susan and Katie sleep on the pull out couch in the living room.  Thomas and Ruth are staying in the cottage that Bishop Eli is trying to get Elmer and Anna to buy.  Grandmother Olive and Grandfather Albert are staying in the second bedroom at Eli's parents, Amos and Fanny's cottage.

At first we felt bad pushing our Grandparents out, but they said they are not having any problems  and are glad we are here.  So we appreciate everyone doing everything for us.

Grandmother Olive had dinner on the table when we got here.  She had all the beds made up and showed us where everything was.  We spend the evening talking with her and Grandfather Albert.  The children wanted to go see everything, but we told them to rest the first night.

I can't think of all we did and saw here, but on Easter Sunday we went to the Mennonite Church for service.  We went to dinner at Amos and Fanny's.

What is unusual here are all sorts of adults and young folks.  Some are dressed different orders Mennonite, some are Amish, and some are dressed as Englishers - but here we all seem as one.  When the adults meet or the young folks are together - we may be dressed different, but we believe in the Lord.

Young folks were, at different times, playing soft ball, volley ball, and more.  As Grandmother said there are dinners put on here on day a week.  All the money goes to charity.  We enjoyed those - ladies didn't have to cook and we were helping the work of the Lord.  Also, we have religious groups come in - they play instruments and sing.

There are adult activities such as shuffle board, checkers, yard sales, scrabble, quilting, and more.  The girls and I worked on the quilt that Fanny, Grandmother Olive and Anna were working.  It still isn't finished yet, but we hope it is done soon.

Of course, we went to see the shopping stores.  Michael and Edward went to Siesta Key swimming.  We have gone out to eat at Yoder's.  Of course, we went walking and got ice cream cones in the evening.

We are really enjoying ourselves.  It is really an enjoyable place for all of us.  Also, we have gotten together with Amos, Fanny, Grandmother and Grandfather for prayer.  A different man reads the bible and leads the prayer each evening.

Thomas and Ruth like the cottage that they are in, too.  They join us for most of our activities, but also, have done things by themselves.  We have tried to keep our young folks from bothering them.

It seems time is passing too fast.  Seems like we just got here and will soon be on our way back home.  David Sr. said we can look forward to this for our retirement - many years from now.  My Grandparents said they hope we don't wait that long to come back again.

Be With God,

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


This is one of the spots I came across while test driving my new to me car.  I went back the next week and took these pictures.

This is the Ginna Nuclear Power Plant in the town of Ontario and the village of Ontario Center, NY. It is named after Robert Emmett Ginna, a former chief executive with Rochester Gas and Electric, who was one of the nations earliest advocates of using nuclear energy to generate electricity.

Ginna is owned and operated by Exelon after the merger of CENG , who purchased it from Rochester Gas and Electric in 2004.

Ginna was the site of a nuclear accident when on January 25, 1982, when a small amount of radioactive steam leaked into the air after a steam-generator tube ruptured.  The leak which lasted 93 minutes led to a declaration of emergency.  The rupture was caused by a small pie-pan shaped object left in the steam generator during an outage.

Ginna Nuclear Power Plant started working in the 1970's and still is working today.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I was driving around and not finding anything so I went to Elmer's house.  Elmer wasn't home but Bishop Eli, Emma and Anna were there.  Bishop Eli had a couple of places he thought I might be interested in taking pictures of.  Emma came along so he wouldn't take me some places where I could get the car stuck or road stones hitting it.  This is one farm Bishop Eli took me to see.  They just happened to have the horse and buggy out front.  House was an Englishers but when it came up for sale an Amish family bought it.  I loved the horse and buggy and put it on as the header.

Monday, March 28, 2016


We had church this Easter Sunday.  Anna was suppose to have Easter dinner, but do to her broken leg, John and Sarah had it.  Last year Sarah wanted to have it, but Anna said they were newly weds and to start small.  This year Sarah wanted to have it, but Anna said with the baby and all to wait.  With Anna's broken leg, Sarah decided to have Easter, no matter what Anna said - and she did.

In an Amish home, a woman is not left to handle a large meal alone.  Sarah's Mother and sisters came to help, our daughters came and Anna ordered me to take her over there.  So there are several women cooking, cleaning and whatever else women do.

The meal came over very well.  We all complimented Sarah and all the ladies for all they did.  At dinner were all of Sarah's family and Anna, myself and our family.  Some of the ladies that came from out of town brought a dish to pass or desert.  My biggest surprise was that Anna made a couple of her mince pies for desert.  There were other cakes, cookies and pies, but that mince is my favorite.  I know that doesn't sound like an Easter desert to many people, but it is a pie for any time of year as far as I am concerned.

Anna had one of the mince pies hid away and brought it home with us.  So I had a piece at Sarah's and Anna and I had a piece of the one at home.  She put that pie some place where I can't find it as she says she doesn't want me eating it all at once.  Anna wants me to watch my weight.

Since we have gotten home, I have put medical bars in our bathroom.  We saw it as Grandmother Olive and Grandfather Albert thought, we are not getting younger and even when Anna's leg heals, we can use those bars.  We also got a bath tub chair and a seat that makes it easier for Anna on the toilet.  Right now I am using one of the other bathroom toilets as that seat Anna uses makes it higher for me than I want it to be.  Also, we saw someone had one of those electric chairs for sale in the paper.  I tried to rent it from the seller, but he didn't want to.  Anna gave it a try and we decided to buy it.  Bishop Eli and I got talking and we decided to set up a place, that ended up to be our house, once Anna gets done with these items, we can loan them out to someone else.  That way our Amish will have a place to borrow items rather than rent them or buy them.  Bishop Eli asked others if they had any medical items that they wanted to donate, we were setting this up.  I will keep a list of who takes what out.  We will have more to donate when Anna's leg heals - canes, walkers, etc.

Anna and I went to see her doctor and he said she should be able to get the cast off in about a month.  Then she will have to have physical therapy so she can walk on it again.  Anna, I think, is counting the days.  Around the house, she uses her cane or walker.  If she goes outside, we use the electric chair.  At John and Sarah's she used the walker.

Our daughters and daughters-in-laws have been helping her with bathing. cooking, cleaning and whatever.  She says they are doing too much for her.  Alma told Anna that we raised them, now it was time for them to do for us.  As usual Anna likes to do for herself,  us and others - it is hard for her to have others do for her sometimes.

Hope all of your had a Happy Easter.  He has risen !!!!

Trust God's Wisdom,

Sunday, March 27, 2016



Jean, David and Family
Elmer, Anna and Family
Bishop Eli, Emma and Family
Bishop Joseph, Martha and family
Grandmother Olive and Grandfather Albert

Saturday, March 26, 2016


My African Violets didn't bloom all this winter so I was surprised last Saturday when they started  blooming.  They have lots more flowers coming.  Thought I would take these pictures so you could see them. These are the first that I have ever bought and lived.  They are in my kitchen window.  Looking for a small stand so I could put them in front of my sliding glass door.  Would get more light there.  If the stand was big enough, I would buy some more African Violets.  Seeing they started blooming last week, I take these flowers as an Easter Present from God.

Friday, March 25, 2016


We farmers consider spring to be a rebirth.  The soil has remained under the snow this past winter - well part of this past winter anyway as there wasn't much snow this year.  We plan on what planting we are going to do.  We are getting our farm equipment ready.

After we plant our seeds in the ground and the crops start coming is also like a rebirth.  We put these seeds in the ground and they grow to be crops that we can eat, sell or give to those that are in need.  Most of our income depends on the results of our crops.

Easter Sunday, too, is a rebirth.  Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins.  Because He died and rose again, if we have accepted the Lord, we are free.  In St. John 20:21 "Then said Jesus to them again: Peace be unto you as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you."

In our church on both Christmas and Easter - we start with the Birth of Christ and go to His crucifixtion and rising from the dead.  Some people question why we do that.  Christmas is Christmas and Easter is Easter.  No they are not.  They are both one.  God sent His son to this earth to teach us, to show us His ways, to understand His teaching, to save us from our sins by dying on the cross for us and rising again. You can not have His birth without death or His death without His birth. Jesus gave the greatest He could give for us - His life.

Easter Sunday is a day of celebration - our rebirth.  We celebrate what Jesus did for us.  We celebrate that we can turn to the Lord in prayer and ask for His forgiveness and He will give it to us.  We celebrate that we were born again.  We celebrate that even though we are all sinners that we are saved.

Right as I am giving this post to Marilyn, Emma is making chocolate eggs.  Later today, some of our grandchildren will be over, to color hard boiled eggs.  The color eggs, are each a solid color.  They do not have designs on them - just solid color.  We do not have Easter Egg hunts or alike.  But, on Easter Morning, each of us will have a color or chocolate or one of each Easter Egg on our plates when we come down for breakfast.  Eggs are the symbol of birth - the birth of Christ and our rebirth.  Yes, we eat the eggs - of course we take the shell off first.  Sometimes we have so many eggs that Emma uses them in cooking and we eat egg salad for a while.

So this Sunday, celebrate what Jesus did for us.  Celebrate that those of us that know the Lord, have been given a rebirth.  Celebrate that we can turn to the Lord in prayer no matter what happens - good or bad.  Celebrate that He gives us love, and peace.

Bishop Eli
and family

Thursday, March 24, 2016


My Mom use to say that you could always tell when Spring was coming when the robins started appearing.  Out in the yard, I saw them and couldn't help but take their pictures.  Spring is coming.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016



1/2 lb ham, thinly sliced
1 can asparagus stalks, drained (fresh cooked asparagus may be used)
3 oz cream cheese
mustard, to taste

Mix mustard and cream cheese.  Spread each slice of ham with mustard flavored cream cheese.  Place asparagus spear on end of sliced ham.  Roll up tightly.  Wrap rolls in wax paper and refrigerate.  Slice like a jelly roll before serving.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I received this in the mail from the Easter Bunny.  My girlfriend, Lily, got one, too.  We both were so surprised.  Can't wait to see what the Easter Bunny will bring us.

Mom explained that Easter Bunny is cute this time of year, but that the real reason for this season is Jesus and what He did on the cross for us.


Monday, March 21, 2016


I guess I have said this before - it is nice to go to Pinecraft, but it is nice to come home again.  Anna was planning on all the things she was going to do when she got home.  When we got home, they were all done.  Our daughters cleaned that house spotless.  Anna wondered what she was going to do now, but I am sure she will come up with something.

All our animals were taken care of by our sons.  The barn was as spotless as a barn can be.  They also went over all the tools and tractors, etc. to make sure they are ready for Spring.  Even our farm land had been turned over.  I have an idea John did that.

John is still itching to start planting.  I told him to just to relax, we will be busy enough in a few more weeks.  Never have trusted the first part of April.  We could still get some of that white stuff.

We got to see Marilyn's new to her car.  Now there is a car I can get in and out of easy.  We won't be able to fit eight people in this car like we did once in the old car.  If we fit five in here, we will be lucky.  But, we know this one will start in the morning without a jump start.  It even fills the car with heat, real heat not that little bit the old car did.  So glad she finally got a different car.  We worried about her in the old one and feel she is much safer in this one.

Of course we had to laugh as we said Bishop Eli would never fit in the new car.  He is way too tall to fit in.  I went with her to take it to Eli's to show it to him.  Eli and Emma liked the car.  I told Eli he would never fit in there as he is too tall.  So he gave it a try.  We figured the front would be better so we moved the front, passenger seat all the way back.  The final laugh was on me because he did get into the car.  He had to take his hat off, but he got in there.

Eli asked Marilyn if she minded if he prayed over the car.  Of course, she said she would appreciate it.  Eli, Emma, Marilyn and myself laid a hand on the car while Eli prayed.  He thanked the Lord that He had worked things out so Marilyn could have a newer, safer car.  Eli also asked that the Lord bless the car, and protect it for as long as Marilyn had it.  He also asked that the Lord protect Marilyn in the car and that no harm come to her or the car.  We all said Amen.

Marilyn thanked Eli and all of us for the prayer.  Eli said for her to have no fear in the car - that the Lord was watching her and the car.  She should drive it wisely - to make new memories and take new pictures in this car.

What I didn't know was Marilyn was driving the old car when she met Jean and David.  That meeting led her to meeting Old Order Mennonites which led her to meeting us. Eli said he hopes the new to her car brings her more memories.  I like that red color.  You can see that color coming down the road.

I know Eli is going to put on a post for this Friday, but I just want to say a bit here for Holy Week.  This is special week to take time to remember the Lord.  We should all take time, every day.  Remember how Jesus gave His life for our sins and to thank Him for what He did.

We sometimes got so involved in our daily life that we don't remember to take time and thank the Lord.

Trust God's Wisdom,
Elmer an Anna

Sunday, March 20, 2016


This being Holy Week, there will be some changes.  Monday, will be Elmer, Tuesday , will be pictures, Wednesday will be an Easter Recipe if Anna can find one she thinks we will like, Thursday will be pictures, Friday Bishop Eli will have post regarding Easter, and I may have some pictures on Saturday..

As Bishop Eli's Amish church has Baptism and Communion on Good Friday, he will give me the post before that, but it will be on Good Friday.

I will also have a special post on Easter Sunday.

Of course, depending on life, these things are subject to change.


Today is the first day of Spring !!!!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2016


Was driving and saw this farm up for sale.  Interested?  It is in an Amish, Mennonite and Englisher area.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Pictures of buggies I have seen while put taking pictures.  The fourth picture I took through the windshield of my car as I was driving down the road.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I have been reading a series of books called A Melanie Travis Mystery by author Laurien Berenson.  The mystery book I was reading is Hush Puppy.  In the series Melanie is a teacher, mystery solver and shows her poodle dog Faith.  In the front of this book is the recipe for Dog Brownies. Laurien has given me her permission to put the recipe on here.


1 lb liver
1 C flour
2 C cornmeal
2 eggs
1/2 C chicken broth or milk
garlic powder (to taste-authors dog like a lot!)

Puree liver in blender or food processor.  Add pureed liver (and juices) to dry ingredients in mixing bowl.  Stir together well, adding liquid as necessary.  Pour mixture into a greased brownie pan and bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees.

Cook, cut and enjoy!

In order not to spoil, these brownies must be refrigerated.  They can also be frozen and thawed as needed, but in her house, with six dogs who recognize the aroma of baking brownies and wait anxiously in the kitchen for them to cool, this is rarely an option.