Monday, March 28, 2016


We had church this Easter Sunday.  Anna was suppose to have Easter dinner, but do to her broken leg, John and Sarah had it.  Last year Sarah wanted to have it, but Anna said they were newly weds and to start small.  This year Sarah wanted to have it, but Anna said with the baby and all to wait.  With Anna's broken leg, Sarah decided to have Easter, no matter what Anna said - and she did.

In an Amish home, a woman is not left to handle a large meal alone.  Sarah's Mother and sisters came to help, our daughters came and Anna ordered me to take her over there.  So there are several women cooking, cleaning and whatever else women do.

The meal came over very well.  We all complimented Sarah and all the ladies for all they did.  At dinner were all of Sarah's family and Anna, myself and our family.  Some of the ladies that came from out of town brought a dish to pass or desert.  My biggest surprise was that Anna made a couple of her mince pies for desert.  There were other cakes, cookies and pies, but that mince is my favorite.  I know that doesn't sound like an Easter desert to many people, but it is a pie for any time of year as far as I am concerned.

Anna had one of the mince pies hid away and brought it home with us.  So I had a piece at Sarah's and Anna and I had a piece of the one at home.  She put that pie some place where I can't find it as she says she doesn't want me eating it all at once.  Anna wants me to watch my weight.

Since we have gotten home, I have put medical bars in our bathroom.  We saw it as Grandmother Olive and Grandfather Albert thought, we are not getting younger and even when Anna's leg heals, we can use those bars.  We also got a bath tub chair and a seat that makes it easier for Anna on the toilet.  Right now I am using one of the other bathroom toilets as that seat Anna uses makes it higher for me than I want it to be.  Also, we saw someone had one of those electric chairs for sale in the paper.  I tried to rent it from the seller, but he didn't want to.  Anna gave it a try and we decided to buy it.  Bishop Eli and I got talking and we decided to set up a place, that ended up to be our house, once Anna gets done with these items, we can loan them out to someone else.  That way our Amish will have a place to borrow items rather than rent them or buy them.  Bishop Eli asked others if they had any medical items that they wanted to donate, we were setting this up.  I will keep a list of who takes what out.  We will have more to donate when Anna's leg heals - canes, walkers, etc.

Anna and I went to see her doctor and he said she should be able to get the cast off in about a month.  Then she will have to have physical therapy so she can walk on it again.  Anna, I think, is counting the days.  Around the house, she uses her cane or walker.  If she goes outside, we use the electric chair.  At John and Sarah's she used the walker.

Our daughters and daughters-in-laws have been helping her with bathing. cooking, cleaning and whatever.  She says they are doing too much for her.  Alma told Anna that we raised them, now it was time for them to do for us.  As usual Anna likes to do for herself,  us and others - it is hard for her to have others do for her sometimes.

Hope all of your had a Happy Easter.  He has risen !!!!

Trust God's Wisdom,


Tom said...

Elmer, the Masons loan medical items, check then out.

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Marilyn. What a great post. Elmer has such a way with words. I want Anna to come to my house and hide the sweets. LOL She must be very good if Elmer can't find his mince pies. LOL

I think it is a good idea about the medical equipment. It was hard when my dad first needed some of those items. My husband found a few things at yard sales was just too expensive to buy new.

Have a great day!

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,
I didn't know that. Will see that Elmer gets the message.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Angela,

Anna hides them pretty good. Elmer does have a way with words. Will see that get the message.

Our library loans medical equipment out. I know I borrowed a special cane from them when I broke my ankle years ago. Also a friend of mine borrows a large wheel chair every once in a while from them.


Vickie said...

He is risen indeed!
What a fabulous idea to share the medical equipment. I hope you enjoy that mince pie Elmer. Even if it is sloooowly. ;)

Lily said...

How wonderful that they found a way to loan out medical items. We have places around here for that (usually senior centers). My mom borrowed a couple items two years ago when she had hip replacement surgery. It's nice 'cause she didn't have to purchase it or store it when she was done. Best of all someone else will get to use it for their needs. A win-win.

Wishing Anna a speedy recovery, although I don't think she needs my wishes. Sounds like her determination will carry her through.

Anonymous said...

Great idea on assembling medical equipment to loan out for those in need.
So glad Anna is coming along well. PT's going to take a while and I hope Anna doesn't rush it. Doing things you shouldn't be doing only winds up prolonging therapy, so following the program the physical therapist sets up is really the best course of action.
Being a blessing to others as Anna is, I know it is difficult to accept help from others. I, too, have been one to be the helper, not the receiver of assistance. Please don't deprive others of a blessing in being there for you; or yourself of God's blessing as He helps you through others. Remember, it's only for a relatively short season of time. This is the Body of Christ in action.
God's blessings to you and your family. Carol

kymber said...

i am sooo glad that anna is healing so well. and i am very glad that all of the ladies (and men) helped in the preparation of the the meal.

what i found very funny is elmer eating mince pie for dessert! i am not a dessert person at all but if we are at a community function or at someone's house for supper - when everyone is eating their cake/pie/icecream - not me - i am all over the nearest mince pie.

Marilyn - have you put Anna's mince pie recipe up? if not, can you get her recipe? thank you Marilyn.

sending much love to all at NYSOM! your friend,

Anonymous said...

Once again, thank you to Elmer. Your posts are always good to read and always encourage me to try to be a better person.
Even though wheelchairs, crutches, etc may be available through some local civic organizations, some people might be more comfortable borrowing them from a local church community. It's never a fun time when someone's health issues require using medical equipment.

A good Mince pie is one of our favorites.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Folks,

I will see that Elmer and Anna get your messages. We have Jean's and Grandmother Olive's mince meat pie recipe on here, but I don't see Anna's on here.

Today was the day I celebrated Easter dinner at a friend's house, so I am a bit behind on getting posts. Tomorrow will be pictures. I will try and get Jean or Anna or someone to put on another post this week.