Friday, September 29, 2017

Thursday, September 28, 2017


I took these pictures in the Palmyra Community Library before I went into the hospital so I never got them on here when they were in the library.  I thank Terry Mulee for allowing me to put her beautiful pictures on New York State of Mind.  Also, I thank the Palmyra, New York Community Library for allowing me to take these pictures.  What is a bit unusal is that Terry Mulee, who is the photographer, is legally blind.  Yet, she is able to take these beautiful pictures.  These are only part of the pictures she had in the library museum.  I will have the rest of her pictures on another post.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Back on January 12, 2014 I had a post on the Four Famous Churches and on January 19, 2014 I had a post and exterior pictures of the Presbyterian Church. Well not only being Canaltown last weekend and the Presbyterian Churches 200th year - the Presbyterians had an interior review of the church.  I thank them for allowing to take pictures of their church.  It was so kind of them.

The first two pictures are of some of their previous ministers. The third is of the isle and alter of this beautiful church.  Picture fourth shows the beautiful hanging lamps in their church.  These lamps were originaly made for candles, but as things got more modern,  the church had them changed to electric.  The next picture, I am standding in the balcony, taking pictures down. Next picture is a picture across the balony - so you can see what it looks like. Next picture I am on the ground floor and have a picture of the alter.

Next six pictures show a room they have in the back of the church for some meetings.  It is also used before a funneral for the family of the person deceased to sit, have coffee or tea, and some snacks. Some people prefer to stay there before the funneral.

The two ladies pictures gave the money for this room to be put on the church, when it was built.  What I liked the best was the Bible.  The Bible was the first Bible used in a public worship in Palmyra.  The meeting house stood near the  cememtery on church street.  Presented  by Mrs. Hans Giese and came from the Sexton  Estate.

There is more to this church that I will be putting on at another time.  The section in the church that people don't know is there.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Dynnamae n's BARN POSTS

The first barn was at an Amish home, maybe the barn for the wagon.  Second picture is beautiful view from high place in road. Third is the first time to see a yellow barn.  Old Advertising Barn is number four.  Five is Kingsley. Kentucky Tobacco barn is number 5. Last is a barn from Ohio.

Thank you Dynnamae for sending us these beautiful barn posts.

Monday, September 25, 2017


Our announcement is that Thomas and Ruth had a baby girl whom they named Bridget.  That makes David and I grandparents.  My parents are great-grandparents.  Grandfather Albert and Grandmother Olive are now great-great-grandparents.  I think I have this right.  She is named after Ruth's grandmother.  Oh, I almost forgot, Bridget's middle name is Jean - after me.  I cried when they told me that.

Margaret has gone over to their house to take care of the baby, do housework, cook meals and what ever jobs Thomas and Ruth have right now.  Ruth says her house is spot less - cleaner than when she cleans it.

After Bridget was born that evening and Thomas had seen her and Ruth, he asked us to come outside.  David and I went out - Thomas got so we couldn't be heard in the house.  He put his arms around David and myself and cried and cried and cried.  When he stoped, he told us that in all those years in a foster home, he dreamed he would have a family some day, but deep down he didn't think it would happen to him.  Now, he has a Mother, Father, Sisters, Brothers, his wife Ruth and a baby daughter.  He then cried again.  We took his hands and prayed thanking the Lord for all that  He had given to Thomas.  We also asked the Lord to guide Thomas and Ruth as they raised Bridget.

Kevin's wife, Bridget who is Bishop Joseph's daughter -in- law liked the idea that Thomas and Ruth's daughter is also named Bridget.  She said you don't see too many people named Bridget and she loved baby Bridget.

Thomas and Ruth are still in Edward's house.  Their house is almost done.  The ladies havve been in there giving it a cleaning over.  So Thomas and Ruth should be moving in soon.  We will all be helping.

Grandfather Albert and Grandmother Olive came up to see their Great-great-granddaughter.  They think she is the cutest.  While they up here, Hurricane Irma was coming so they decided to stay here for a little longer, which we are glad of.  Now they have gone back and Bishop Eli's parents have gone back.

When they got back they found that their property is fine.  Even the property Elmer and Anna own is fine.  They heard that there had been a lot of water.  Their lawns have been taken care of.  So they are thankfull .

Be With God,

Friday, September 22, 2017


Bonnie sent these photos of vegetables from her garden.  I thought they would make a beautiful opening for Autumn.  Thank you Bonnie for your photos.