Monday, March 19, 2018


Our library originaly was the Garlock Building and sat vacant for many years.  When it was purchased they  remodeled the first two floors and finally the third floor.  You can see in pictures what the library looked like before the remodeling.  This floor is used for artists, classes, music shows and Book Review Lunches.  There are still more floors to be remodeled. 

I found there are several pictures I ment to put on here a while ago, but for some reason never got them on. 

I have to go to the eye doctor today.  Depending on how bad the eye drops there may not be a post tomorrow - then again there might be.

Friday, March 16, 2018


These paintings are the last I have of the Palmyra Fair Last Year.  Hope you enjoy these paintings.  I have a post tomorrow.

Could I ask for prayer for a dear friend of mine Helene who is going into the hospital.  She was in last week after having a minor heart attack, but the hospital sent her home.  Now her condition is getting worse so she is going back today to see if the can put stint in..  Last time they couldn't do because her veins or vessels or whatever are too small.  If this doesn't work they will have to do something out, but they didn't say what.  She is a retired nurse and was such a great friend after I had my opertaions.  She is born again and does know the Lord.
Thank you so much,

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Hi Folks,
Here is a note from Porter to us.  He called me on his cell phone as he was on the train.

I am back on my Amtrak Train.  This is my second week since the accident.  It was kind of different on this train from the other- some workers have been changed - some are the same. 

Before I got on here, Amtrak asked me if I would rather be on another train.  A train thar went some place else.  I said no.  On this train, I know people - fellow workers , some passengers.  So I am on the same Amtrak.  Some chose to change to other Amtrak as they didn't want to go on this one because of the accident. This is the one that runs back to where I live, so it's the best with me.

Passengers that knew I was on the accident Amtrak ask me all sorts of questions.  This Amtrak is a new one.  It's so nice, clean  and - brand new.  Still some small things go wrong with it.  Some things are different. 

I had trouble sleeping on it the first few nights, but I am use to it now.  A group of us workers who were Christian got together on the train and prayed for her.  Prayed for the passengers.  Prayed she would be a safe train - not have an accident like the last one.  Prayed that God would watch over the train and us.  Then we got all the passengers on it.  So far, our prayers have been answered and she is a safe train..

Thank you again, to me, my family and those that lost their life on the  previous train. It ment so much to all of us.

God's Blessings,

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


A friend of mine's Mother went into a nursing home.  She had these two African Violet plants in one pail.  When I was offered them I didn't turn them down.  I have to repot these.  When she spoke with me on the phone she told me to use coffee on them.  As her mind is not what it use to be, I contacted the African Violet Club.  They explained that instead of fetilizer some older people use coffee.  It's cost is much less than commercial fertilizer and it works just as well.  So these get some coffee.

Monday, March 12, 2018