Saturday, May 27, 2017


                                                FREEDOM IS NOT FREE !!

Friday, May 26, 2017


Thank you to all our armed forces who have given the ultimate gift, have given service and are giving of their time for our country. God Be With You.


Thursday, May 25, 2017


Sheila sent us pictures of her beautiful quilts and said: "Quilting has been a big part of my life for close to 60 years.  When I was pregnate with out 5th back in the early 60's, my grandmother sent me some small embroidered blocks that my mother had done for my younger brother, but had never quilted.  She was hoping quilting would click (it did) as crocheting hadn't, (but it and knitting did later on). I sat in the swing and quilted that top in my lap, using a piece of flannel for batting.  I knew nothing.  I learned from books from the library, since I was already married and away from home and family by then.  When my son, David, was grown and married and a father of their daughter, I passed that quilt along to her, touching 5 generations."

The first quilt, she made the Feathered Star for her oldest grandaughter, Stephanie, to take to college.  She picked out the pattern and fabric.

The second quilt, was Reach for the Stars, made for David and Theresa's wedding in 1990 when they were on their was to Houston to work for NASA.

The Third was: North Carolina Lily, she always loved the red and green quilts.

The Fourth is: Mama's Garden Baskets.  Two of these blocks were her mom's embroidery patterns, the Tulips and the Roses.

The Fifth Quilt is: New York Beauty or Rocky Road.  She did this one all by hand.  She didn't do the Wing Rose on the wall, I bought that one.

The Sixth Quilt: Dear Bridey, done in memory of her grandmother, Mary Bridget.  Some of the quilt patterns that she had done, and other blocks and photos relating to her life.

Quilt Seven is: Feathered Star.

Quilt Eight: Bryan Family Album of Memories, telling the story of the women in our family.

Quilt Nine: Bryan Family Album Quilt.

I thank Sheila for sending us the pictures and telling us about her beautiful quilts.  It is so very kind of her.  They are all beautiful.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


I thank dynnamae n for sending me the four barns.  I really appreciate it.  Her barns are from Clare region in Michigan.  This is the first yellow barn she has seen.  The last one is one I took while driving around last weekend.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I finally got out taking pictures last weekend. Didn't get many, but got a few.  In the first pictures you can't see the horses very well.  The last three are of plowing a field.

Monday, May 22, 2017


Michael asked me if I would put on something that you might not know about me.  I thought that you knew everything about me.  Martha said that there were a few you didn't know.  She thought the question was funny.

It took thinking, but I did decide that you didn't know that I enjoy playing golf.  Do to being a Bishop and a farmer, I don't get to do it very often, but I do enjoy it.  How did I get interested in that?

When I was in my teen years, I use to work for an Englisher that had a large house and yard.  I would mow the lawn, take care of the flowers growing around the outside of the house, plant whatever they wanted planted, etc.  Their house backed up to a golf course and sometimes during my break, I would watch the Englishers play golf.  After working there for a while, I got interested in golf.  The people I worked for did not play golf, which was odd seeing their house backed up to the golf course.  I guess the house had something to do with price and location.

Anyway I was out one Friday with some of my Old Order Mennonite and Englisher friends when one of the Englisher's said he was going to play golf the next day.  When we got alone, I told him I was interested in that.  He said what would my Bishop say.  I said I wasn't going to tell him and anyway there is no Old Order Mennonite law that says you can't.  My friend said before you got out on the course you need lessons.  So he would meet me the next day and started teaching me, which he did.

He wouldn't even let me out on the golf course until I learned some of the strokes.  I borrowed a set of clubs from him and when I could, I practiced in a field not to far from our house.  Finally, the day came when my friend allowed me on the course with him.  I was terrible.  But, so were some of the other people out there.  As I could only go out once in a while because of chores and job, I didn't get there to often, but went when I could with my friend.

My parents were the first to find out that I played golf.  They tried to talk me out of it and I wouldn't listen, so they went to the Bishop.  Now our Bishop believed in enforcing the correct ways of our religious  beliefs as I do being Bishop - but he could find no rule against playing golf.  In fact, he played golf once in a while.  As long as I did my chores, job and did not use all my time and money on golf - a game once in a while wouldn't hurt.  What could my parents say?

Of course, my Father tried to give me more chores to do.  Even though the Bishop okayed it, my Father did not believe it was right.  Said, even Bishop's could be wrong, once in a while.  Still I snuck in a game every now and them.

I tried getting David, Jean's husband, to go with me.  That was before they were married, but David thought it was too much work running around a course chasing a little ball trying to get it in a hole. But over the years, I found some of the members of our meeting house that play.

Now, I have made a real little 9 whole golf course in my back yard.  It's way behind the house near the other end of the field.  Like I said with all my Bishop and farm duties, I don't get to play it very often and even less often to get to a regular golf course.  But once a while I do.  As they wanted to learn, I taught two of my son's how to play.  As it is a rare chance, we really enjoy the time we have together out on a golf course.

Martha said I should tell how I dress when I play golf.  I dress the same as I normaly do.  The only thing different is I have golf shoes on.  Sometimes I carry my clubs when I play - sometimes I rent a golf cart.  Usually I rent the cart if someone is with me.  We split the cart price.  I had a used set of golf clubs for many years until my birthday one year, when Martha gave me a gift certificate for a new set of clubs, which I purchased.  Martha said she would have purchased the clubs, but one set looks like another to her - so she gave me the certificate.

We do not bet or play in any tournaments.  We keep score and whoever wins the game is the winner for that game.

Now that Martha has enjoyed me telling your something you didn't know about me, I told Michael that I think he should ask Martha that for the next such post he wants.

Be With God,
Bishop Joseph



Saturday, May 20, 2017


On March 26th, I did a post on if you live in an apartment complex and have Spectrum (Time Warner) cable, you might be able to get a discount on your phone and computer if you asked for Bulk Accounting.  So I thought I would tell you how I made out price wise.

First off, I pay my cable with my rent, so that is not on my phone and computer bill.  Rounding things out my bill with my former phone and computer company was about $69.00 a month.  Under Spectrum my new phone and computer bill is $50.00 a month.  So I am saving $19.00 a month by switching to Spectrum under the Bulk Accounting billing system.

The first bill was higher because they had an installation charge.  Plus, I had the phone service from March to April and like most phone companies they bill you ahead a month.  So I waited for my regular monthly bill before I let you know how I made out.

Bulk Accounting did tell me the truth - they would be less expensive than what I had before.  So far my cable, telephone and computer have been working fine.

I made no promises that you will get your phone and computer less, but if you live in an apartment complex, you have their cable, you might want to give Spectrum's Bulk Accounting a call and see if they can help you on your phone and computer price.  Money is money - better in your pocket than in theirs.


On Monday, we have someone else to tell us something we don't know about him.