Tuesday, September 18, 2018


A couple from down state came up in our area to visit their children's grandparents.  As their grandparents house is small, they were staying at Eli's house.  During dinner, they were telling Eli and Emma about how they obtained their 10 children.  Eli thought this would be something that others would be interested to hear, so he asked them if they had another dinner at their house, would they tell their story again.  After Eli encouraging them, as they are not professional speakers, they agreed.

Their family use to live in Wisconsin.  Gradually they moved to New York.  All that is, but them.  They had decided to stay in Wisconsin as they had grown up there, they liked the area, their friends were there, etc.

All of their brothers and sisters were married and had many children - but them.  They wanted children, tried for children - had even been to the doctors - still no children.  One of the husband's brothers, that had moved to New York, had 10 children.  They prayed and prayed asking the Lord to give them at least one child, if it was His will, but it seemed it wasn't His will.

They told of how hard it was too see children at church, barn raising, etc. and they had none.  Friends told them they had many great virtues, which they did.  But they still wanted at least one.  They thought of adoption.  As much as they tried to put their desire out of their mind.  To thank the Lord for all He had given them.  But, still they had this pain and desire.

Then one day, they got a call.  The husband's brother and sister-in-law had been involved in a terrible automobile accident.  Some of us remember the accident, because our ambulance service was called to it, along with many others..  It was back 2011.  A group of Amish farmers and their wives were in a SUV, when someone coming in the other direction decided to pass a tractor.  Whether the fellow passing didn't know the SUV was coming or he thought he could make it around the tractor before he hit they SUV, I can't remember.  The SUV ended up under the tractor.  Many people were killed and some seriously injured.

The call they got told them that his brother had passed in the accident.  They immediately left Wisconsin to come to New York for funeral.  Shortly after they got here, their sister-in-law also passed do to the accident.  After the funeral, came, what should happen to the 10 children.  The local Bishop said he could find homes for them, but it would be dividing them up.  Couple talking said they prayed and prayed asking the Lord what to do. They could take some of the children, but all of them.  They had never had any children and now 10.  Deep in their prayer, they felt the Lord told them to take them all.  So they did.

At first they thought of taking the children to Wisconsin, but the children were not happy of that idea.  Again, they turned to the Lord, in prayer.  It was decided they would sell their farm in Wisconsin and move into the brother's  farm in New York, which they did.

It was kind of a shock, as they look back.  One minute they had no children.  Now they had 10.  Three of the children were teenager's which helped.  They explained how things had been done when their parents were there and that was the big help.  The children also did the duties and jobs they had done when there parents were there.  Part of it might have been the heart brake that they all left someone - their parents, a brother, a sister-in-law.  So they all went through the mourning together.
But in their darkest hour brought the brightest light the Lord.  They had to turn to them in their darkest hour - the children and them.

It is now seven years later.  They adopted the children.  Two of them are now married with families and another is going to be married this fall.

People asked them questions after they spoke.  They asked what was God's greatest thing through all this.  They said: God works in mysterious ways.   Also that in their darkest hours, the Lord was with them.

The reason they told this is not so they get a pat on the back, but to let people know that in their darkest hours, you don't know what the Lord has planned for you.

Anna and I enjoyed that evening.  When we got home, we thought of the darkest times we had and now that we look back, something good has always turned out.  Maybe not right away.  Maybe not what we wanted, but that dark always turned into a bright light.

I hope this may help someone.

Trust God's Wisdom,

Monday, September 17, 2018


Yesterday was our Canal Town Horse - Drawn Wagon Parade.  They came right in front of my apartment, so friends and I watched the parade.

Friday, September 14, 2018


I was at Country Max and they allowed me to take pictures of  Goldfish.  Took pictures of other animals, also. 

NOTE:  This weekend is Canal Town Days.  I may have pictures on over the weekend - I may not depending on what pictures I get this weekend. 

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                                SEPTEMBER 11, 2001
                                WE SHALL NOT FORGET

Monday, September 10, 2018


Here are Gold Finch that were again found in Sam's garden.  You may have to search for them in this post.