Thursday, May 31, 2018


We deal with the state being Foster Parents, and most of the time they are very good.  But, sometimes they don't think.

Margaret was 18 on her last birthday (I know Edward said 17, but he's wrong) which means, as Foster Parents, we do not have to take care of  or be a home for her.  At this time, the child or should I say adult may go to college or get a job.  Also the state helps them find a place to live.

Well David and I had been out and when we got home Margaret was all upset and in tears. She couldn't tell us what was wrong.  I asked Susan who said she took the phone away from Margaret when she was crying so hard.  The lady told her, it was private, but Susan did know she was one of the state ladies.

Finally, we got Margaret calmed down enough to tell us what the lady said.  Then Margaret said where was she going to live.  Would she still be able to teach at the school.  Susan said what saved Margaret from getting more upset, if that was possible, was that Martha called.  Martha stopped by the house to make sure everything was all right and spoke with Margaret privately.

When I called Martha, she told me what the state lady said.  Martha told Margaret not to worry, she did not have to move out of our house and wait until we got home before she did anything.  Also, she was sure that she would be able to keep her teaching job.

So, I called the state lady.  She told me what she told Margaret.  Then, I got upset.  See should not have told Margaret that when  we were not home.  In fact, she should have talked with us first.  We have never turned any of our Foster Children out in the street when they were 18. When they come into our home - this is their home.  They don't have to leave when they were 18.  In fact, we have adopted them.

David and I got Margaret alone.  Told Susan to watch the little ones.  We told Margaret that our Foster Home may be different than others.  When you cross our door, you are family.  We don't send anyone out when they are 18.  Then we asked her if she wanted to stay here.  She said yes, of course. We told her then this is her home.  We love her and didn't want her to leave.  She is one of our daughters.

To make sure everything was all right, we had her call the Bishop  of the school she teaches at and explain what the state had said and what we had said.   He told her that as long as she was staying with us, she had her position.  If we had decided she had to leave, he would have found another place to stay, but he is glad she will be here.

David did explain what we set up now that she is 18.  He takes a percentage of her pay.  Margaret and he will go down to the bank and open an account.  The money goes into her account.  It stays in the account.  When she decides to marry which Margaret says she won't.  Then David said, maybe she will want to buy her own house - she will be able to make a down payment or maybe even be able to pay cash.  She agreed to do that.

What was funny was when David and Margaret were going to bank, Margaret came with a coffee container.  Inside of it was money.  Margaret doesn't spend much of her money so she has been saving it.

For the summer she has a job at Anna's Sister and Husband's store.  Susan started out with a job for gardening at one house, but now she has several customers.  She sometimes takes David Jr. and Katie with her to work.

Be With God,

I think Margaret's wrong age is part of my fault.  When Jean first told me when Margaret came, I wrote the wrong age.  I apologize for my mistake.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Went out one morning and found this rabbit in my back yard.  I have seen rabbits before but none that stayed there long enough for me to take pictures.

Monday, May 28, 2018


Just got back from the parade.  I think I say this every year, but the parades on Memorial Day use to larger.  Over the years they have gotten smaller and smaller.  But whatever the size I look forward to it every year.


Friday, May 25, 2018


On one of the back roads, I came across these cows.

This is Memorial Day Weekend so I will have posts on most if not all days this weekend. 

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Elmer is kind of laid up right now.  He is not happy when he is sort of home bound.  Gets upset watching others doing the work he should do.

I know Eli is our Bishop and I love him dearly, but when he and Elmer get together they are like two kids and that is what got them into trouble.  As Sunday church was at Bishop Eli's, the evening young folks met there.  Emma invited Elmer and I to their house for dinner and to help setting up the Volley Ball Court, setting up the food tables, etc.

When the young folks came and decided to play Volley Ball, one of the teams ended up short two people.  Eli heard this and said to Elmer, why don't we fill in.  Emma and I were saying no.  It's not a good idea, your not as young as you use to be.  Eli, Elmer and the young folks thought it would be great to have them.  So, off they went.

Emma and I were on the porch watching telling each other one of them was going to get hurt.  Now Elmer being a small person is not as tall as the others and can not move as fast as the other people.  We got called into the house for a minute when one of the youth runs into the house saying Eli and Elmer were hurt and we had to get the ambulance.  Emma and I go running out.  Eli is standing and says he is all right but Elmer is on the ground and can't move, but he wanted Eli to help him up.  Eli had cuts and bruises on his face and knee.  When he couldn't move, Eli got on his cell and called the ambulance.  Elmer was mad.

He also called Dottie and John to come take Eli and myself to the hospital.  While we were waiting for the hospital results on Elmer, Eli told me what happened.  The ball came toward them.  Eli ran and Elmer ran.  Eli tripped and landed on top of Elmer.  As small as Elmer is - Eli is tall.  Eli kept saying it was all his fault.  I said it was your boths fault.

Emma came shortly after - the youth group ended early - really early.  She told them could stay, but they felt that should leave.  They put all the Volley Ball items away.  Cleared up and removed the tables.  Oh, but they ate first and ate most of her food that pleased her.

Word gets around fast.  Most of our children came to the hospital to wait.  Some of our friends and Eli friends came.  Eli had refused to have the emergency check him out, but when Emma came, she made him allow them to look him over.

Elmer didn't break anything, thank heaven.  He did move after his was in emergency.  He even showed me how he could walk and move his arms when they let me in.  They kept him over night against his will, but okay by my will, to make sure he didn't have a concussion.  I spent the night with him.  John and Dottie came to pick us up the next day.

Eli feels guilty about this.  He said they shouldn't have done that and he is right.  But, on the other hand, Elmer agreed to it, so it's not all Eli's fault.

Right now Elmer has a few cuts and bruises that are healing.  I put some of my medicines on them when I got him home.  He is still stiff.  They don't want him doing anything heavy for at least two weeks.  We took him to our doctor today as the hospital said too.  She said he is healing well.

Some of our children and some folks that Eli sent over are doing all of Elmer's chores.  We have gotten several home cooked meals from members of our church even though it's not necessary, but that's the way we are.  Emma told me to accept in kindness and think of all the meals we have brought to the homes of others.  It is our turn to receive now. She's right.

So that is why Elmer is grounded  from working for a while.  It bothers him watching others do his plowing for him.  That is the chore he likes to do the most.  But he will be about in another week or so.

Of course, we have forgiven Eli.  Emma and I have forgiven them both.  We don't think they will do anything like that again - for a while.

Trust God's Wisdom,

Wednesday, May 23, 2018



2 11-oz cans mandarin oranges, drained (save the juice)
1 can lemon pie filling
1 large pkg. sugar-free orange jello
Cool Whip, if desired

Boil 2 cups water; dissolve the orange Jello in the water.  Add lemon pie filling and stir until all is dissolved.  Add 1 cup of mandarin juice to Jello and stir.  Fold in drained mandarin oranges and refrigerate overnight.  Top with Cool Whip if desired. 

Great for summer picnics because it doesn't melt.

Monday, May 21, 2018


                                          I have shown these silos before
                                          But they have new residents
                                          These are osprey birds living there
                                          Here is one of the Osprey flying

                                          At the other end of the silos is another resident
                                          I couldn't get a good enough shot to see what kind of bird this is.