Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Black Buggy Bulk Foods has baked goods at the top.  The owner and I had a discussion on that as you can see, there is not much baked goods there.  After getting Jean's permission, I gave him her name as her kitchen is approved for baking by the state and she is much closer than his present baker is. Jean thought that they should consider having more handmade items like quilts in their store. There are beautiful items for sale decorating the windows.  Also there is an area where you can get a cup of coffee or sandwich from the meat section or both and sit to enjoy them.  Above that is where my morning sign was.  They also sell canning jars, religious books, cooking wine and more.  One of the owners is at the check out.  You an buy one item or you can buy a case of them, if you like.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


It seems I can't find a lot of things - but I can always find out where the food is.  Black Buggy Bulk Foods is on Routes 5 and 20 in Canandaigua, New York.  This business was founded by two Old Order Mennonite men and the Englisher man that use to drive them to jobs sometimes.  For years, they talked about opening a store and now they have done it.  From the outside the building looks bigger than it is on the inside.  This is going to take at least two posts to show all they have.  On the inside they have all sorts of noodles, spices, candy, canned goods, meats, cheese, items for baking goods, jams, jellies, and more.  I had no problem getting permission to put them on here.  One of the owners told me, they can use the advertising.  The people there are very kind, and willing to help.  I really enjoyed it there.  Across the road another Mennonite Business is going in.  I want to check that out when they open, too.

Monday, November 28, 2016


I am a little behind on telling things on New York State of Mind.  For Michael's 18th birthday, we went to Elmer and Anna's for dinner.  When we got there, the men chatted in the living, Susan, Katie, and I went into the kitchen to help Anna.  Before dinner Elmer lead us in prayer.  Anna made all the recipes that Michael liked.  After dinner, they exchanged gifts.  Anna, the girls and I cleaned the kitchen.

Then we sat with the men, sang, prayed and talked.  Finally Anna asked Michael, when were we going to see his apartment.  Michael sort of mumbled.  David told him, that we were not going to let him move from our house to the apartment unless we see it.  Even though he is 18.

Michael came up with excuses until Elmer got up, put on his jacket and started heading for the barn.  Said he was hooking up their buggy to go see Michael's apartment.  What could Michael say?  Edward said he had seen it.  I said you saw it !  He said he saw it and Thomas saw it.  Michael took them to see it.  So that made us want to go worse.

Edward went home in his buggy, but the rest of us went over to the apartment.  Michael kept giving us excuses.  Right outside the door, David asked what was in there, that he didn't want us to see?  Michael didn't say anything and opened the door.

The "room" turned out to be bigger than I thought it would be.  It had a living room couch, a couple of chairs, and a small table and two chairs.  There was a very small kitchen with a two burner electric to cook on.  There was no oven.   Underneath a tiny counter was a very small refrigerator.  There was also a small microwave.  Also had a couple of real small cupboards for pots, pans, dishes.  In another closet was a toilet, sink and small shower.

But what was also in the living room was an entertainment center stand, I guess you call it.  On it was a television, DVD player, CD player and a computer.  Michael wanted to know how I knew what they all were.  Well, I said I know what a television is.  The DVD player says on it DVD player and the CD player says CD player.  Also, I had seen a computer before and knew what that was.  David asked okay where is the car.  Michael said there is no car - yet.  That's the next thing he wanted to buy.

The people that owned it came over.  We know them because of Michael and Edward knowing their son for a long time.  They all went to school together at the public school.  So they were concerned on what we thought.  David said we really wished that Michael had stayed home, drove a buggy, worked the farms, and alike.  But, we also understand he was brought up in the outside part of his life. As long as Michael trusts in the Lord, works, and doesn't get into trouble - we will at least let him try this out and see how things go.

So far things are going well.  Michael comes over to work every morning.  He seems to come at breakfast time most every day.  The first few weeks, he did not come for meeting (church), but we did not say anything.  The past few weeks, he has come to meeting with us. He has done the work like he always did.

The first few days were a little sticky.  But now, we are use to it and so is he.  We all get along.  So far everything is working out. Michael even gave us a key to his apartment - in case of emergency. We pray that the Lord will lead Michael in his new ways.  Yes, I have Michael's permission to put this on.

Christmas is coming.  I have started making cookies and candies.  Also, making sure I have a gift for everyone.  This year, I started early  so I would not have to run and buy something or make something.  Got that all done.  Even made a few extra things in case I forgot someone or something comes us where the children or adults need a gift.  This is the first year I have done this.  Got the idea from Anna, as that is what she does.  It does take a load off my mind.

Be With God,

Saturday, November 26, 2016


On May 30, 2013, I put on a post called Cobblestone Buildings - In Upstate New York.  Several of you seemed interested in it.

Well, a friend of mine, recently started his own blog called Cobblestone Structures in Upper New York in which he has pictures of cobblestone structures and when he can, tells of the history of the building.

Richard said, (not the same Richard that started New York State of Mind) said he wasn't getting many people responding.  I explained that people have to find you.  So, I am giving you the information, if you are interested in Cobblestone Buildings.

To get to his blog go to:

Richard has a picture or two, I took, on his blog.  Think you will really enjoy it.


Friday, November 25, 2016


Last Saturday, I took pictures of some flowers that were still blooming.  We were suppose to get a snow storm.  By the time you get this post, I will know if we had a storm or not.  But, I wanted to get and you to see the flowers.  I just realized that a month from today is Christmas.  Where has 2016 gone?

Okay, I am trying to decide what background color for Christmas - red or green. Being blue green color blind doesn't help.  What color would you rather have - this color green ?  Or fire engine red?

I have another post on Saturday.