Sunday, August 31, 2014


Methodism was brought to the Canandaigua area in 1796.  The chapel was built on what is now known as Chaplin Street in 1818.  It is said to have cost $7000.00 which was a considerable amount for the time.  The chapel was moved to it's present location on North Main Street in 1835.  Local myth has it that the chapel was moved in the dark of night as the prospective neighbors didn't look to approving on those "rowdy  Methodists".  The present church building was dedicated in 1903,  1957 saw the addition of an educational wing and the Memorial Chapel.  On March 31, 1960 a fire destroyed the inner sanctuary, it was them rebuilt in a more contemporary style.

I thought it would be nice having a Methodist Church on seeing that the Palmyra Methodist Church is giving a free breakfast to our apartments today.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


At the top were some of the people of our Nutrition Lunch Group.  Instead of having lunch in our building that day, we went to the fair.  Below are some of the restaurant's at the fair.  I know you don't eat at the jewelry place, but they were right in the middle of the restaurants.  We had  a good time and we ate well.  Next week will be the quilts.

Friday, August 29, 2014


My back was hurting me real bad the last two weeks and the only place I get comfort in my back is in the drivers seat of my car.  Over the weeks I went to three doctors and finally the third one made it better.  I didn't see any Amish on the two days I went out even though I was in Amish territory.  Thought you might enjoy the farm signs.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Thought I would take a run by the Dutchland Grocery Store and see how it's coming. Doesn't look like they are going to make it open this month.  They still have a way to go.  Will keep you in touch.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Here is another of the recipes that I came across that I hadn't made in a long time.  I made it and it was a big hit for breakfast.  The recipe is for two, but you can double it. Also, it says "frozen shredded hash brown potatoes" but I make mine.  Either way you get the potatoes - it is delicious.


1 6 oz brick frozen shredded hash brown potatoes
2 eggs
4 slices bacon, cooked
2 slices Velveeta Cheese, cut into strips

Prepare potatoes according to package directions for pan frying.  Cut in half.  Scramble eggs.  Place 1 egg on each potato half and top with 2 slices of bacon.  Put cheese strips on top of bacon.  Broil until cheese is melted.

Serves 2

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Glad you liked my post on yesterday.  Anna gave Marilyn a post for today, but didn't like it, so decided she wanted to think about it and change it.  It's too late to call Jean because her family is in bed.  Knowing that I can always think of something to say. Here I am.  This time it won't be as cheerful as yesterday.

I am sure you all know about what happened to those two Amish girls in upstate New York.  Seeing I am Amish, Marilyn came up with several question to me and I am going to answer some of them.

Yes,  we forgive people for evil that they do to us.  I am sure those girls and their family have forgiven the people that did these crimes.  But, we do not forget what they did.  We try.  But in a case like this, I am sure those little girls and their family will remember that for the rest of their lives.  Also in the bible it says revenge is mine saith the Lord.

Our daughter was going to town in a buggy, some years ago, and was hit by a car.  We forgave the driver even though he had been drinking, but we still have never forgotten the accident.  The accident happened over 20 years ago, but we still remember and once in a while it comes up in conversation.

Marilyn asked how they parents would feel about their children when they came home?  Would they make the little girls feel guilty or they did something wrong in what happened?  Her parents are Schwartzentruber Amish and I am Old Order Amish, but I don't think they blame the children for anything.  I have heard of people blaming girls in their teens and twenties if they had been forced on, but not in this situation.  If it happened to one of our daughters, no matter what age, I would not blame them.  I believe that when those children came home, their parents hugged them and didn't want to let them go - they were so happy to see them.  We do not show a lot of emotion in public especially affection.  That is for the privacy of our homes.

Will the girls go to court to testify against  the people.  I doubt it.  It is our way not to testify in court.  It is not our place to condemn someone.  We do not sue people.  If somehow one of the lawyers got laws or papers where they had to go, they would go, but I don't think they would testify.

Another question was what did the girls Father mean when he said he felt sorry for those that did these crimes to the girls?  Just what he said.  He felt sorry for them.  Here they are fairly young people and they ruined the rest of their life doing what they did.  I feel the same way.  We are not saying what they did was right.  We are not saying they should go free.  We just hope as Jean did in one of her posts, that they find the way of the Lord, apologize for what they did - even if it is just to the Lord, are born again and follow the way of the Lord.  We do not approve of what they did, but we still want them to find their way to the Lord.

When they are old enough to marry - will they be allowed to marry?  Would a fellow marry them?  Of course they will be allowed to marry.  We hope they both find wonderful husbands.  As our way, no man should hold this against them.  If some young man does, he's not worthy of her.  They deserve someone else.

What if one of the girls is with child from what happened to them?  What would happen to the baby?  If one of the girls were with child, the family would accept the child into the family  - both the one with child and the baby when it was born.  Depending on the age of the child, the girl that was with child's parents might raise the child.  Still the baby would know who it's Mother was.  All family love and care would be given the baby as if it were born into a couple that were married.  We do not believe in abortion or putting one of our child up for adoption.  We would believe that it is the Lord's will.

Do we believe that what happened to those two girl's is the Lord's will?  We believe the Lord allowed it to happen for a reason. Why we don't know.  We may never know.  But we also believe the Lord was there as the girls got home after it happened.  They came home to a family where they are loved.

Will the parents of  the girls take them to a doctor of psychiatry? Probably not unless it is court ordered.  It is our way not to tell our private life to someone outside the Amish.  Seeing that their Father is a Bishop, if they had problems, he would take one of them or both to another Bishop to talk with, but no one outside of the Amish.

If any of you had any other questions, please ask.  I will try to answer them.

Trust God's Wisdom,

I thank Elmer for taking the time to answer all the questions I asked him.  He is the only Amish man I know well enough to ask them of.  Elmer, I thank you for answering them for me.

If there are any mistakes in English on here - we did this late last night.


Monday, August 25, 2014


This week has certainly been eventful.  First I would like to thank Jean for taking over for both Anna and myself.  Second, I am glad that Marilyn has a camera.  Anna and I are contributing to the donations even though she says no.

Everything started when our son-in-law came to our house and told us that the baby was coming forth and the midwife was at another house delivering a baby.  There is another midwife local and he called her - she also was at another house delivering.

A little off side here.  Anna was a midwife in Pennsylvania, but in New York State you have to have a college education before you can be trained as a midwife.  As Anna does not have a college education, she can not be licensed in New York State.  Anna still has her medical equipment, but does not use it unless it is an emergency and no one else can come.

So Anna grabbed her medical case while I hooked up the buggy and off we went.  Anna examined her and told me to call the ambulance.  Our daughter didn't want to go.  But we had no choice.  I used my cell phone to call 911.  My son-in-law said I wasn't suppose to use it.  I said only in emergency and I am sure if Bishop Eli were here, he would say this is an emergency.  Anna said they better get here soon.  If not, she would have no choice but deliver it.

I called a driver to come to the house to take us to the hospital.  When the ambulance arrived, they picked up our daughter and Anna was allowed to go with the ambulance.  The English neighbors saw the ambulance and when they heard what was going on agreed to take care of the children - no matter how long we were gone.  I also had my son-in-law call his parents on the cell phone to tell them what was going on.  His parents live a few towns over and left the message on their shanty phone.  I called Bishop Eli and left a message on the shanty phone telling him what was going on and to please get help doing my son-in-law's chores and to call John and ask him to do ours.

I better tell the Amish when babies come.  The children usually go to relatives or neighbors.  If, for some reason, the children can not leave the house then you have a lady come in to take care of them.  The men are suppose to do their chores like nothing is happening.  That is also not what men usually do.  They are pacing back and forth either in the house or outside.  The Mother is in the bedroom with the midwife and maybe her Mother.  Everything is suppose to go on in the bedroom.  Husband and children are invited in after the baby has arrived, is dressed and the everything cleaned up.

Anna and I are different.  I have been in the room during the birth of every one of our children including a still born.  If Anna asks for me, I will be there.  I have gotten more than one midwife upset, but that is the way it is.

So the nurse, at the hospital, came out and asked son-in-law if he wanted to go in.  He asked me if he should.  Now I am not the one to ask.  I told him if he wanted to, go ahead, just don't pass out.  He wanted to know what Bishop Eli would think.  I said he's not here and he knows I go in with Anna.  So in he went.  He made it until the baby came forth - then he came out - all dressed in white.  When I asked him if it was a girl or boy, he didn't know, but the midwife said it would be a boy.

Anna was the one that came out and told us the midwife was wrong.  The baby was a girl.  We were all very happy.  Their first child was a girl.  Then they had eight boys.  Of course they would love the child no matter what it was - but if they had a choice - they would like another girl.  That is what they got !! She came at 8 pounds 5 ounces.  They named her Anna, of course, for her mother and Marie for my son-in-law's Mother.  Little Anna Marie is a cutie, of course any Grandfather would say that.

We stayed the rest of the day.  At time to leave, Anna stayed with daughter and son-in-law and I went home to our old house.  Englisher neighbor had fed all the children.  They did not know how we had bible reading and prayers at night, so they read some bible passages to the children and prayed.  Then they put them to bed.  Our Englisher neighbors are Christian and we thought it kind for all they did, but especially the bible reading and prayers.  Son-in-law and I slept in the house all night.

Next morning some Amish ladies came and had breakfast for us. Son-in-law's parents arrived. Anna and daughter-in-law came home from the hospital about lunch time.  We had lunch which the Amish ladies made for us.

Now here is where the greenhouse comes in.  As Jean said, I forgot all about it when we moved and left it in the barn at the old house.  We didn't get home until night, tired so we went into the house through the mud room.

Next morning I get up.  Anna went to the kitchen to make coffee.  All of a sudden I hear her scream and come into our bedroom to hug me.  After I got her calmed down I asked what she was excited about.  She kept saying that I knew.  Finally I got her to tell me the greenhouse.  I said we don't have one.  She said we did.  I told her that I bought one and it was in the barn at the old house.  She convinced me to go look out the kitchen window.  I did.  Darn, we had a greenhouse all put together in our yard.

Anna gave me a cup of coffee then got dressed and flew out to see the greenhouse.  I am drinking the coffee trying to figure how the greenhouse got here and put together.  Anna came back and said I had to see it.  One of the tables inside had plants on it, with garden tools and more.  So I went out and took a look at it.  It was just as she said.  I knew someone set it up, but who.

As I was coming out, our Amish neighbor across the street came over with a grin on his face.  He said it all started when David, Michael, Edward and Thomas showed up with the greenhouse and tables on the back of their wagon.  He came over to help.  When his wife saw what was happening and knew how bad Anna wanted a greenhouse, she started spreading the word the greenhouse was going up.  News travels fast by word of mouth among the Amish and then spread to the Old Order Mennonites.  All the ladies wanted to give Anna gifts for her new greenhouse.  So now we knew who put it up and gave all the plant gifts, tools, etc..  They wanted to help start her greenhouse.

I went to the shanty phone and called Jean's house to thank them for all they did.  Also thanked our neighbor.  Thanked the ladies for gifts.  It was a real surprise.

Later Bishop Eli came over to find out what I thought of that greenhouse standing there when we came home.  When I told him what happened - he laughed.  I also told him about using my cell phone.  He said those were emergency calls.  Eli was on his way to see the baby and Mother at home.  Make sure they didn't anything.

I know our son-in-law is having a maude come in to run the house for a few weeks.  He doesn't want to wear our daughter out.  She had come to their house and met them.  They liked her right away.  A maude is a teenage girl who comes into the house to do the cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children, taking care of the Mother, if needed, and more.  This maude is a foster child from a foster home in Seneca Falls.  She dresses our way and says she is in the middle.  She'not an Englisher anymore and isn't Amish yet.  She plans on becoming Amish in the near future.

Well, I think I really told you a lot this week.

Trust God's Wisdom,

Sunday, August 24, 2014


The First Congregational Church Society of the Town of Canandaigua (before it became a city) was incorporated in 1799.  Services were held in homes and barns,  Thirteen years later, in 1812, the society erected the present stately meeting house much as you see today.  The roof trusses were made of handhewn wooden beams, fastened with wooden pegs and the exterior walls were made of bricks from Phelps, N.Y,  The imposing Federal-style building, with its lonic pilasters, wheel windows, and pediment swag of teakwood is a testimony to the courage of the small body of sturdy inhabitants.  The arched portico and the gold-clad barbless feather weather vane  atop its domed bell tower set in apart from the New England edifices - truly enique,  The construction cost was $12,996.31.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


When I was a child and use to go to the fair, there were barns after barns filled with farm animals.  Most of the barns were filled with cows.  Today there are only two barns.  Chickens, take one half and cows take the other half of one barn.  It is great to see young folks still go to 4-H and still raise farm animals.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Trying out the camera, I thought I would take pictures of houses in our village. Most of these houses were built as mansions, but now are apartment buildings.  The top house, is the house I grew up in.  My parents, brothers and I lived on the first floor.  There were two apartments on the second floor and one on the third floor.  My parents retired and moved to Florida in 1970 selling this house. It sold a couple times after my parents and is now owned by the State of New York and is a home for special people.  I really loved that house.

The second picture is a house one of my brother's and sister-in-law use to own.  They had the first floor and four apartments in the rest of the house.  I understand there are just two apartments in it now.  My brother and sister-in-law sold it in 1973, when they moved to Florida.  Note the widow's peek on the top.

I could tell a history on most of these houses since I grew up in this town.  I will skip to pictures 7 & 8. That house was owned my the Sampson Family and it was taken the best of care of.  It had been
sold and over the years, it had been turned into an apartment house and not taken care of.  Someone bought it and was going to restore it, but not much has been done.  It is an historic house as you can see by the sign below the house picture.  I wanted that house in here as it may be torn down in the near future.

Houses in pictures 9 and 10 were built as mansions and are still one family residents today.  The last house I have three pictures of:  the house, the design on the house and the side.  It is obviously on a corner and thought it was really nice.

Hope you enjoy these houses.  I am getting use to the new camera, but still have a way to go.