Friday, March 30, 2018


St. Luke 24:7 - "Saying. The Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men and be crucified, and the third day rise again."

When I read this scripture, I kind of get a chill down my spine. Sometimes I cry.  To think that the Lord created us, sent his Son to be delivered into the hands of sinful men, be crucified and on the third day rise again.  He did all this for you and for me. Oh how unworthy of this am I.  This shows the love He has for us.

As you read this, we will be in our meeting (church).  The first will be bringing into the our church, the folks who have studied, prayed and made the decision to come into us Mennonites.  Then will be our communion.  (In our Mennonites, we only have communion twice a year).  Finally, we will have the washing of each others feet.  Our Bishops and Deacons will have given sermons of Jesus crucifix and rising up.

To me the Son of man being delivered into the hands of sinful men and being crucified remind me of ours sins. He died for our sins.  That we should go to the Lord in prayer and ask for His forgivemess of our sins.  After asking the Lord for forgiveness, we should also forget the sins we have comitted.

The rising reminds that our sins are forgiven.  It is a joyful time and we should make it a joyful time.  We should pray and thank the Lord for what He did for us and for forgiving our sins.  But, we should also be happy.  We should be joyful,  We should not dwell on these past sins. 

I hope this Easter is a joyful time for you.  Maybe there will be eartly problems for you.  But, please remember the love that Jesus died for us and rose again.

Be With God,
Happy Easter,
Jean, David and Family.   

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Mom got busy yesterday and didn't get a post on.  So I am here to tell you that Mom is fine, she isn't sick and will have posts tomorrow, Friday and Sunday.  Told her she should do the posts ahead so she wouldn't have this problem.

So I have a question.  A friend of Mom's and Mom were talking the other day.  Mom's friend is 80 and Mom is 69.  How old is too old to get a dog?

Love to all,

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Tom, The Backroads Traveller, on his blog, announced that he retired.  Above are some pictures, that I took when I went out to Tom's business.  Tom really enjoyed his work and you could tell when you saw it.  HAPPY RETIREMENT, TOM. 

Monday, March 26, 2018


While at Sauder's I took pictures of the quilts they had for sale. 

We are having something different for Easter Post, this year.  The Bishop's thought we might appreciate a woman.  So our Easter Post on Friday, will be a woman's. This is the first Easter Post we have had by a woman. 

Friday, March 23, 2018

Thursday, March 22, 2018


Mom asked me to put on the post this time, so here goes. 

Margaret had her birthday so she is 17 now and teaches at one of the schools.  It's not the one my brother and sisters go to, but another Mennonite School not far from our house.  Their teacher had to leave do to health reasons and they couldn't get a teacher.  As Margaret had been helping at my brother and sisters school, they asked her if she would consider coming to theirs.  After a discussion with our school board, their school board, Bishop Joseph and their Bishop, it was decided that Margaret would be a great teacher.  Of course, they consulted her, too and she was thrilled.  If we try real hard, maybe we can get her to put a post on here about her teaching school.  Like I said, maybe.

What makes our family laugh it she is no shy around adults, and people our age.  Yet, at school she is so comfortable and understanding with the children.  Even the problem children, seem no problem to her.  She has grades 1-8 and handles them all at the same time.  So far, they are very happy with her.

Thomas, Ruth, and baby Bridget have moved into their new house which means I got my Grandmother's house.  Dad (David), Thomas and I decided to gut the kitchen to remodel it.  When we all had our axes in hand about to hit the cabinets, I yelled stop.  I couldn't do it.  I couldn't tear my Grandmother's kitchen apart.  There were so many memories in the kitchen..  Dad and Thomas looked at me like I was crazy.

Mom (Jean) and Ruth were there.  They said something had to be done with the kitchen.  Mom asked that us men do something else while she and Ruth look around.  I told them not to do anything until I got back.  They promised they wouldn't.  So we went upstairs to figure the plans I had of making two bedrooms into a bedroom and bath.

Finally Mom called us back.  She said the kitchen had to be updated.  All the plumbing probably has to be replaced along with the electric which Dad, Thomas and I agreed.  Mom says so the cabinets have to come down.  What Mom and Ruth suggested is taking down the cabinets.  I moaned.  They said to wait and listen.  Take the cabinets down, strip them down to the original wood - if I like the original wood, fine - if not stain them to a color I like.  Also, modern door openers on them.  The stove and refrigerator have to go.  Thomas and Ruth had problems with the stove.  Mom said it's time to replace them.  Being so interested in cooking - they have to go.  I wanted the same tile that Grandma had on the floor and the ladies groaned, but we are seeing if we can find close to it. 

So now, the kitchen is gutted. In stipping one of the cabinet doors, we found it be knotty pine wood.  So we are going to strip them all and keep the natural color.  Dad says they also have to be sanded.  Whether it was my Grandmother or someone else who owned the house before her, they sure had several coats of paint on top of them. 

In addition to all the remodeling, I am doing taxes for people.  It's tax time.  The new modern way to do taxes is on the computer.  We are not suppose to use computers.  I went to Bishop Joseph.  After a discussion with some other Bishop's and the deacons, it was decided I could have a computer to use only on taxes.  I can't use it for casual conversation, advertisement, etc.  So some people's taxes on do on computer and some I do without the computer.

Spring is here, so we will soon be plowing.  My place doesn't really have much room for plowing large crops.  The man behind me wants to sell some of him.  So Dad and I are seeing if we can make a deal with him to add on.  Either us buying the land or my renting it.

I guess that is all I have to tell ata this time.

Be With God,

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Just to let you know that Spring weather is coming.  I'm not sure when, but it's coming.  These pictures were taken in May last year.

Monday, March 19, 2018


Our library originaly was the Garlock Building and sat vacant for many years.  When it was purchased they  remodeled the first two floors and finally the third floor.  You can see in pictures what the library looked like before the remodeling.  This floor is used for artists, classes, music shows and Book Review Lunches.  There are still more floors to be remodeled. 

I found there are several pictures I ment to put on here a while ago, but for some reason never got them on. 

I have to go to the eye doctor today.  Depending on how bad the eye drops there may not be a post tomorrow - then again there might be.

Friday, March 16, 2018


These paintings are the last I have of the Palmyra Fair Last Year.  Hope you enjoy these paintings.  I have a post tomorrow.

Could I ask for prayer for a dear friend of mine Helene who is going into the hospital.  She was in last week after having a minor heart attack, but the hospital sent her home.  Now her condition is getting worse so she is going back today to see if the can put stint in..  Last time they couldn't do because her veins or vessels or whatever are too small.  If this doesn't work they will have to do something out, but they didn't say what.  She is a retired nurse and was such a great friend after I had my opertaions.  She is born again and does know the Lord.
Thank you so much,