Saturday, January 30, 2016


Last Thursday I found a lump on Pierre's side and made an appointment with the vet.  So yesterday, I took him to the vet.  She said it does not look like a cyst.  At first she was going to take a needle sample, but then she decided that she should remove it.  She did not say it was cancer, but insinuated that's what it is. They took some blood tests and gave him some of his yearly shots that were due.  She has surgery scheduled for February 9th.

My previous dog, Rickie, a chihuahua, passed away do to cancer, so I am all upset over Pierre.  I can't believe this may be happening again.

Tomorrow the vet will call me to tell what the surgery will cost.  On Monday she will tell me what the blood tests say when they come back.

I am all upset.  Of course, I am praying to the Lord.  I am asking those that believe in praying for animals, to please pray for Pierre.

Right now, I don't know if I should get a second opinion or not.  I am going to wait until the tests come back to decide.  This vet is a new one to me.  Wonder if I should go back to the one I had before for a second opinion.

I would really appreciate your prayers.

Thank you.
God Bless you,

Just got a call from the vet I took Pierre to yesterday.  The surgery will cost between $550.00 and $1,000.  That's out.  I just don't have that kind of money.

Will wait until their blood report Monday and then call my former vet.


Friday, January 29, 2016


This is the largest dairy farm I have ever seen.  No pictures are duplicates.  This it is an Englisher Farm, .  Sorry about the side slanted pictures


Thursday, January 28, 2016


Lehigh Valley 95 019 Caboose is on Route 21 going through Manchester, New York.  I believe, at times, it is open to the public, but I never seem to driving through when it is open.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Susan and Katie came home from school with empty coffee container - the plastic ones.  I asked them why they brought them home as I could have provided them with those.  It seems someone gave a lot of them to the teacher.  So she decided to give one to each student.  The idea was you were to make something out of it and bring it to school the next week. Which means each student got one, from Katie's first graders right up to the eighth graders.

Katie decided she wanted to plant something in hers. That was no problem.  But Susan advised us that teacher also said she wanted it decorated or so it would look like a gift or pretty in your home.  You were to use items in your home not to have to buy extra things.  Now that made it a bit harder.  Also, the grades one to four were allowed to have help, but grades five thru eight were suppose to do it on their own.

For Katie, I found some plain white shelf paper that I didn't need on it.  She wanted flower pictures on it.  We searched for flower stickers, but didn't have any.  We did find some in a magazine, but for some reason Katie didn't want to ruin the magazine by cutting it up.  So she went to Edward, our family artist, and asked him if he could draw some flower pictures on the shelf paper.  He agreed to draw the pictures, but she would have to color them with her crayons.  She agreed.  So Edward drew some flowers in pencil and Katie colored them.  I helped Katie glue the shelf paper on to the coffee container.  We then went out into one of my greenhouses and selected a plant, used some soil I had there and planted the plant.  She wanted one with flowers, which she got.  Then she decided that the paper around the container should match the flowers.  I guess we should have selected the flower first.  Again, she went to Edward, but he told her that contrast is beautiful and he wasn't drawing anymore flowers.  He had to explain to her what contrast meant.  Katie agreed with Edward.

Susan decided to make a sewing kit out of hers.  She also used the shelf paper.  For Christmas, she had gotten some stickers, from a friend of ours.  Susan looked through them and found one of a lady sewing which she stuck to the paper and printed sewing above it.  Inside she put scissors, pin cushion, needles, sewing measuring tape, and more.  I think they both did really good jobs.

The day they were due, I brought the girls to school as I wanted to see what the other children brought. They had some very good ideas.  Let me see what I can remember they had.  There was a First Aide Kit, fish bate holder, nails holder, starting plants for spring, and much more.  Everyone thought, especially his sister, was the eighth grader than made his sister a doll buggy.  His sister liked smaller dolls, but they didn't have a buggy.  So her brother cut the side of the handle, painted it all, and attached the handle on another side, put wheels on it and said his Mother did help by sewing the little cushion to put inside.  He had two of his sister's dolls in it, lying on the cushion.  His sister was in second grade and was showing all the girls what her brother made for her.  My description doesn't tell all he had to do to make it.  This was not a contest, but even the teacher thought that was the best of them all.  He didn't feel it was as his Mother had to make the cushion.  Teacher asked him if he made the buggy by himself.  He said yes.  Then he did the hard part, his Mother just added the cushion and his sister just added the dolls - he did the coffee container part.

Now they are collecting the coffee containers again.   They are also asking Mother's to make candy and cookies closer to Easter.  The children will decorate the containers and then they will be filled with candy and cookies to give to elder, ill, widowed, widowers, and singles of ours.  Some of the candy and cookies must be sugarless for those that are diabetic.  Teacher has purchased some paper and religious stickers to put on the containers.  There is a purpose for those coffee containers when they are empty.

Grandmother and Grandfather are still encouraging us to come down and visit, so we are considering it.  We don't want to go in the summer, planting season or harvesting season, so we are thinking to come around Easter.  We will be taking the girls out of school for at least a week, maybe two.  So David and I are considering it.

Be With God,

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


This and That is cleaning out some of my pictures.  The top three pictures are of roadside stands.  The last two are of Amish clothes in the wind.  Of course, these were taken in 2015

I didn't get a post for today, so I put this one on.  Hope to have one one tomorrow.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Someone asked if I could tell about things in my everyday life that I had to adapt to or change or modify, etc. to be able to live an active life do to my height.  I guess, I have done things so long, I never stopped to think about it.  So Anna and I had to get together to answer this question.

As I said before, when we got our new bedroom set, our son had to make steps for me.  These new mattresses and box springs are higher than they use to be in older ones.  I had a hard time getting on top of it - so he made the steps.

Also, when the dining room chairs were made for our new dining room set, he made all the chairs the same size.  As usual, I sat lower than everyone else.  My son saw this and surprised me with a new chair that sits higher for me, so now I sit about the same height as everyone else.  My son told me, in all his years, he never thought of making a chair like this.  Being his Father and head of the house, I should sit as high if not higher than everyone else.  I told him, I am glad he made me equal height and now higher.

I have metal grabbers that I can grab things higher than I can reach.  It is not good for lifting big packages but canned goods, clothes, etc.  I have several in the house, one in the basement, one in the barn and one in the back of our carriage.

Speaking of our buggy, I keep a cushion, small step stool, grabber, and a two step ladder in the back.  These things come in handy sometimes.  The cushion comes in handy if I go to someone's house or in a restaurant and am sitting real low.  The step stool comes in handy when I need to be just a bit higher when working on a job or helping someone, etc.  When I made the step stool, I made it so the top opens.  Anna made the above mentioned cushion so it fits inside the step stool.

When we had the carriage made, I had an extra step put on each side to make it easier to get in on.  Sometimes when I get into someone else's buggy I have to use to the step stool.  I am just a bit short to get in easily.  Of course sometimes, a friend will give me a boost in the fanny which also helps.

Also, my  ladder has to have the steps made closer together than a normal ladder.  I can go up a regular ladder, but it makes Anna nervous and it's harder for me.  I never noticed how bad steps were until we sold our big house and moved into this one story house.  The only steps in our new house is to the basement and you can also walk into our basement from the outside.

Trust God's Wisdom,

NOTE: Elmer started this letter, had to leave and thought he would be back to finish it off.  He didn't get back to me so I put his closing on it and posted it. Still don't have one for Tuesday yet, either.


Friday, January 22, 2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Spring is coming.  I know the last pictures is not a flower, but Pierre was watching me take these pictures last July.