Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Made it Through Hurricane Sandy

Well, I came through Hurricane Sandy just fine. The only problem I had was my air conditioner was in my bedroom window and the rain was leaking in around it. Fellow upstairs came down and took the air conditioner out, closed the window and that stopped the water coming in. New York City and New Jersey areas have it really bad. World Trade Center Memorial is in really bad condition. A levee broke in New Jersey and lots more. I haven't even begun to tell how bad it is down there. Please keep them in your prayers. Ship the Bounty, that was used in the 1962 Mutany on theBounty has sunk. At least one person from the crew has passed away. First of all, I saw the 1962 movie when it came out. Also, when I lived in Florida, the ship was in St. Petersburg and a tourist attraction to tour that ship. I went down and toured it. In fact I have a charm on my bracelet from touring the ship. It later was moved somewhere else and used it in some more movies. The ship has recently been restored. I don't know what made them set said with Hurricane Sandy coming. I don't have any area, local wise, to take picture of Hurricane Sandy because there isn't any damage here. I am most thankfull for that. Again, please keep those of the damaged areas in your prayers. Marilyn


Amish Stories said...

Hi Marilyn and I'm really glad your ok so far with Sandy, and as you know New York City didn’t fair as well as we both did so they are now dealing with lots of flooding. I have been very lucky so far and I still have power up, I was expecting the worst to be honest plus the local news was telling us how bad this storm was going to effect the Lancaster area.

I remember the movie Mutiny on the Bounty which was a pretty good flick so that’s a shame about the ship being destroyed, and your right as to why they decided to set sail with Sandy lurking out there! Richard

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Richard, Thank you for stopping buy. We are lucky that we made as well up here as I did. It is terrible in New York City and New Jersey.

I always liked Mutiny on the Bounty. I remember that a class mate and I went to see it during the summer in the theatre in Canandaigua. Years later I enjoyed touring the ship. Hard to believe it's gone now. They were sure dumb to sail it when they did.