Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New York State of Mind-Update

My first post is on Amanda Graber where it says I will go out to her house again. Well I lost her address and couldn't remember what road she was on. I found it again and hope to go back there, the first of the month so I can get some new information. There are also a couple of other Amish and Mennonite places that I want to go to. If the weather is better around the first of November, I would like to drive down to them. It hardly seems that not only is summer gone, but fall, too. Winter is just around the corner. I don't drive too much when it is snowing or the roads are bad in the winter, so I want to get around now. The beautiful colored leaves are falling from the trees now. They are getting bare now. It seems odd in the winter when all the leaves are off the trees and they look like they will never come back. But every Spring they come back again. When I moved into these apartments all the leaves were gone and I thought the trees were dead. The other teanants said they would come back. I thought they were kidding, but they weren't. In the Spring, Summer and Fall it is so beautiful behind our building. During the winter they look kind of sad. One food thing is that here we have a maintainance man. He sees that the sidewalks are clear, and salted. He also sees that the driveways are snow clean. The only thing we have to take care of is the snow on our cars. We did have two maintaninance men, but one left, so at present we have one. The are looking to hire on another one. The second one is part time. Just thought that I would update. Let you know what my plans are here in the future. Marilyn


Veronica said...

Sounds beautiful Marilyn. I always think of Spring as Gods way to remind us that he is still there. I also enjoy fall with all its beautiful colors. Hope you are able to get out and get to some of the places you are hoping to get to. I will be watching for updates of your adventures. I wanted to send a card to Jean and David to congratulate them on Michaels adoption and wondered if I could do that if I sent it to you. Let me know God Bless Veronica

Marilyn in NY said...

Thank you for coming Veronica to New York State of Mind. I had to change computers as my new one has a Trojan on it. I couldn't reach my own blog on my old computer until Richard told me how to do it. LOL I didn't get a lot of fall pictures and I don't think there will be a lot of leaves left after Hurricane Sandy comes through. I will give you my address on my e-mail. If you send it to me I will see that Jean, David and Michael receive it. We should have Hurricane Sandy here by tomorrow morning so we may lose our power. Please keep us all in your prayers, Marilyn