Sunday, October 7, 2012

My visit with Amanda Graber: By Marilyn Burke

Old order Mennonite buggy owned by Amanda Graber

I read about a buggy accident where a lady and her grandson were riding in the buggy when the horse got spooked and took off. The grandson jumped off, but the carriage tipped over and the grandmother got dragged in it for several feet.  When the horse was stopped, the lady was taken to the hospital.  She is now recovering at home.  Her address was in the paper and as it was only three towns over from and where I did not know Amish and Mennonites live, I went over there and found her house.  

Her granddaughter was selling canned goods and vegetables in one of the barns and allowed me to take pictures of their buggy.  This is not the one that was in the accident-it was a total loss-but just like it.  Also, inside where I bought the canned beets and potatoes were the lovely rag rugs that they had for sale.   These rugs were made by the lady that was in the accident before she got hurt.  The family is selling them to help pay for her medical bills.  

I plan to go back there around the first of September to buy a rag rug for myself and see if we can’t work something about me obtaining some to put and sell on eBay.  All the money would go to their family to help pay the bills.  I asked if they still had the horse and the girl said-but they are selling it.

Like I said, I will check and see if I can work out something on the rag rugs.  I will also be putting some Amish/Mennonite magazines on my eBay plus I have some Amish/Mennonite dresses and prayer caps for sale.  Marilyn

Amanda Graber's home 
A sign pointing to Amanda's home
Front view of her buggy

Birds in a farm field
A small market where some of the old order

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Amish Stories said...

Its only fitting Marilyn for me to be the very first person to post a comment on your first blog, so dont disappoint the boss (me) and do a good job.

I have no doubt that you wont entertain everyone that stops by "A New York State of mind", and who ever came-up with this name is a genius pure and simple!

Your mentor and father like figure Richard from Amish Stories.

Marilyn said...

Thank you Richard for being my first to comment. I've been in a lots of states in my life, but New York is my favorite. So I really have a New York State of Mind. Again, thank you so much for coming.