Monday, January 28, 2013


I thought I would answer some of the questions you asked.  First, yes Kevin and Bridget were shocked when they went into their apartment.  Kevin was first, turned on the light and started to walk down where a hall use to be but almost bumped into a table.  That's when he looked up and realized that it was an apartment. He called Bridget up and she was in shock, too.  Kevin wanted to know how we did that without him knowing about it and he was living here.  We explained that's why we sent him to work for someone during the day - so we could work on the apartment while he was gone.  They both really enjoy it.  Now they have their own place, but can join us when they want.  Also, we made a rule for all the children in the house.  You knock on the door and wait until they answer or call you to come in,  No throwing the door open and go charging in without their permission. The apartment is their home and should be respected.

In the wedding post I mentioned the ladies dress is saved for the funeral and so is the men's suit.  The dress and suit usually don't fit when someone passes like it did when they married.  Mine won't.  Our coffins are handmade when someone passes.  At our viewings we only show from the waste up.  So the dress or suit are altered to fit.  Even though they don't show from the waste down, we still fix it so things fit-from a front view. Sometimes the dressses or men's slacks are cut down the back to make them fit in the front when they are laid in the coffin.  So what people see fits fine-but there may be cuts down the back.  I was very slim when we married, but I'm not that way now and could never fit in that dress again.  Neither could Joseph his suit. 

Yes, we do have electric.  Old Order Mennonite got electric back in the 1990's.  I know we had it when Joseph and I got married.  Even thought we have electric we don't have televisions. radios, etc.  It sure is nice to come into a room and turn on the lights, mixer, washer, etc..

Do we have house pets?  Not really, but some of the pets sneak in.  We do have barn cats and kittens.  We did had a dog, but he got hit by car a little over a year ago and we are still trying to decide what kind to get.  With ten children everyone wants their breed.  I think we may go to the Humane Society and pick one out in the spring.  Still they are not let in the house unless it gets really cold outside.  Of course some how the doors get opened and the dog comes in and sleeps on one of the children beds.  Also, we consider our horses our pets and they are taken care of.  We pet them and feed them carrots in addition to their regular food.

Aside from the Bible what do we read was asked.  Of course our Bible is first, but also we read the Daily Messenger which is our local newspaper, Family Life, Blackboard Bulletin, and Young Companion.  Budget which is an Amish and Mennonite newspaper.  Right now we are into seed and flower catalogs as now is the time to order for the spring.  As far as reading a book or novel, we might fit one or two in this time of year, but the work is so much during the rest of the year we don't have time. 

My last questions this time is do we invest in the stock market.  Well, I don't think many Old Order Mennonite invest in stock.  Joseph and I did once, we lost some money, and never do it again. I know Jean and David have never invested in the  stock market.  Most of us would rather invest in land over the stock market or letting it sit in the bank.  We do have money in the bank for our checking account and a savings account, but most of our money is in our land.  We grow our fruits and vegetables on it.  Some has gone towards Kevin and Bridget's house. We sold part to Jean and David for their new house.  We still have five more sons that will need houses when they get older and marry.

So that are the answer to some of your questions this time.  Please feel free to ask questions to either Jean or myself.

Be With the Lord,


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning everyone,
Hope you enjoy Martha's answer to some of your questions. There are a lot more questions. Please keep those questions coming so Martha and Jean will know what to make their posts about.


Anonymous said...


I was wondering if you can say "Thank you" to Martha for answering my question on investing. It gave me a lot of insight on what they do with their money. I know this is a sensitive subject and I wasn't sure if they would want to answer it. This is what I was leaning towards doing before I got her answer.

May you have a blessed day,
Scott Smith

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Scott,
I will be glad to thank Martha for you. Martha didn't seem to mind answering it. Some people might not want to answer it, but it didn't bother her.

Hope you have a blessed day, too,

Vickie said...

Oh Martha! That is a wonderful, wonderful idea, to get a dog from the humane society. To rescue a little life is fabulous. I have asked my husband if we could adopt a poodle, like Marilyn, but he does not feel God wants us to at this time. We already have a toy poodle. I am glad you answered my question. I am also glad the animals bring you all such joy. Have a great day in the Lord!

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,
I will tell Martha, what you said. I got Pierre from Craig's List. Someone had put him on and one of my friends contacted me. You never know, the right dog might come to you. You have a great day in the Lord, too.

Chasity said...

Thank you Martha and Marilyn, for sharing today's post.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Chasity,
Thank you for coming.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Martha thank you for answering my question about the clothing. Also, I hope they are able to take home a shelter pet that needs a home. Mine have been wonderful pets. (I'm partial to cats.)

New York State Of Mind said...

Hello Anonymous,
I will tell Martha what you said. They do have several cats in their barns. Some are dropped off by their house by people who just don't want them anymore-so they take them in their barns. Martha gets upset that people could be so heartless.

Countryside Reflections said...

Thank you Martha for answering some of our questions. As Scott said, these may be sensitive subjects, and of course that's why we're so curious to learn your very interesting way of life. I appreciate how open you are in giving your answers. I try very hard to simplify my life, which is very difficult in this day and age. I spin on spinning wheels and weave on looms, but couldn't give up my computer. I find inspiration in hearing about your ways.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Countryside Reflections,
I will pass your message on to Martha. You spin on spinning wheels and weave on looms sounds very interesting. I couldn't give up my computer, either. LOL


Veronica said...

Hello Martha and Marilyn. What a wonderful read this morning and another chance to look into some of your beliefs and ways of life. I think is is so wonderful how your concerns of helping each of your children when they marry is so important. I always find it shocking when there are people who I know that have money and will just sit back and watch their children struggle. I believe if I can help God would want me to. Most often they are people not living for the Lord but the world. It is also great they Bridget and Kevins privacy is also being respected. I am sure they appreciate it very much. I am glad to read that although you have electricity you still avoid many worldly distractions. I think Countryside should do a post on spinning wheels and weaving that would be interesting. Maybe she has her own blog. If so I would be interested. Thanks again and my prayers for all of you continue daily. God Bless Veronica

kymber said...

Marilyn - please thank Martha for always answering the questions so openly - the way she writes and how i read it, feels like a conversation and it is great to learn about other people's ideas and beliefs. please also thank Jean's Grandmother, Olive - her post was wonderful and i hope that she will guest post again.

my question for Martha and Jean - what do they, and their families, think of all of our interest in their lives and lifestyle? what do their friends think about it? and i wonder, do they realize that that they have great influence here, at least on some of the readers. i always feel calmer and closer to the Lord when i read these posts...i am always left with a smile on my face and much to think about for the rest of the day and days after.

and lastly, can both of them tell us more about their Sunday meetings - how long do they last and what do they discuss and how do they decide where the meetings will be held each week, etc., etc.

again, thanks for keeping up with the posts, Marilyn, and my goodness your little Pierre is handsome!

a friend to all who post here!

New York State Of Mind said...

Thank you Veronica, I will tell Martha. Also I e-mailed Countryside and asked her if she would do a post for us on her spinning, weaving and looms. I just did it, so I haven't heard from her yet. I know, I also would be interested.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hello Kymber,
I have written down your questions for Jean and Martha-will see they get them. I will also give them your omplimments. I too, appreciate the compliments and so does Pierre.


dynnamae said...

Hello Marilyn. Please pass on to Martha how much I enjoyed her post today. I don't think of questions so much, but sure enjoy others and the answers Jean and Martha share with us. I hope both of these lovely ladies know how much they are loved here and appreciated for the time and information they share with us. I also agree with Kymber who commented on how their posts can have influence on some who are reading them. Blessings to you all today.

New York State Of Mind said...

Thank you so much,dynnamae. I will pass it on to Martha and Jean. I don't think they realize how much of an influence their posts are to us and how we look forward to them.
Blessings to you and yours,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the answers -glad Kevin and Bridget are enjoying the apartment
Marilyn if you could please ask Martha or Jean I would like to know what are the traditions when chosing baby names is the choice solely for the parents themselves or do family have influence


annie said...

thank you Martha, very interesting indeed, I understand about reusing the funeral clothes, how it is done, but the significance? I will have to think about that! hhuummm...,,,

New York State Of Mind said...

That is a good question Annie. I will have to ask Martha or Jean about that.


New York State Of Mind said...

Thank you Fionalina,
Thank you for your compliments. I have written down your questions. They are very good questions.