Sunday, December 23, 2012


Merry Christmas everyone.  I am waiting for Santa at our house.  My Mom says he will come to our house, but I find it hard to believe because he never came in the other homes I had-but Mom promises.  A friend of my Mom's says Santa's not coming because I have been a bad boy.  I ran away when the maintnance man opened the sliding glass door and I had to be chased down my him, Mom and half the construction crew.  She also reminded me of how I would take food out of the garbage can under the sink until Mom put a baby lock on it so I can't get it opened.  Also, she told about the time I ate all the chocolate candy and Mom called the vet-who told her how to make it come up on me.  So I'm not sure if Santa is coming-but Mom says he is-so I hope.  I think he should after Mom dressed me up in this Santa outfit and took this picture. I deserve it.

I know that money is tight in the economy today and lots of people can't do this, but if you have a few extra dollars please consider the dogs, cats, birds, fish and more.  If you give a food basket to someone who has pet-if you could put a can or box or bag of food in there for their pet.  I know some pets in the world aren't as fortunate as I am.  Maybe you could also slip in a toy for the pet, too.

If you know someone who is out of work or a Senior Citizen, please consider their pets too.  Mom was told by the Humane Society that many pets come in, not because they aren't wanted or love, but because people can't afford to keep them.  Maybe you could give some food, or a toy or maybe if you have a lot extra - maybe give a gift certificate to the vet to have their pet checked or even, if you have real extra money to take the pet to get it's shots.

Also please remember the pets at the S. P. C. A. or Humane Society-theywon't get any gifts from Santa.  If you have extra, they would like  toys, or dog or cat cookies or just pet food.  Even if it is after Christmas.  They also will take items that have been used.  Mom gave them a dog carrier and dog bed that she had for Rickie, who was a chihuahua, because it is too small me, a poodle.  You don't have to go to fancy pet stores-just from Dollar General or Family Dollar sell dog cookies for $1.00 a bag-it would give pets a treat.  Maybe you could just make a money donation in memory of a pet that passed.

While there, maybe you will find a pet just for you.  The greatest gift a pet could get is a full time home where he or she is loved and taken care of.  Puppies and kittens are cute, but don't forget the older ones, too.  I came to my Mom potty trained, fixed, trained (well most of them) and had lots of love to give.  Athough I was three when she got me, I still have lots of years left to give love and compaionship.  I consider dog special because dog is God spelled backwards.

I know some people can't afford to donate-I understand.  Mom, being a senior, has to watch her money, too.  But if you should have some extra money and could make a donation or just give someone some food for their pet-would be appreciated. 

Mom (Marilyn) and I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. 



New York State Of Mind said...

As you can see, Pierre, got hold of my computer to leave this message. LOL Sants is coming to Pierre even though he doesn't think so. The love, attention and companionship he gives is worth every toy. As Pierre does, I know people can not give money or help someone else out as they are having a hard time themselves. Also, I know that some people can-so please consider these people or places in you area.
Merry Christmas to all,
Marilyn & Pierre

Amish Stories said...

Don’t worry Pierre I've got your back if your mom does not come up with some doggie treats for Christmas, and yes your right Santa does exist Pierre even though because of these rough times we sometimes forget that.

Your in the big leagues now kid so if your going to wear the big boy pants your going to have to be a blogger for at least a few years Pierre, but your off to a good start kid.

Pet adoption is wonderful Pierre especially now since its very cold outside, so the less animals being exposed to the cold the better, so the gift of finding a pet a home is the best idea that I have heard yet!

So Merry Christmas my little blogging friend, and try and stay off my lawn if you would. Richard

Vickie said...

Your story is a very good story Pierre. I am soooooo glad your mom got YOU!! And we know she is too!! You are just the best Pierre. I happen to be poodle crazy! tee hee!! A Blessed, Merry Christmas to you two.♥

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Richard and Vickie,
Glad you liked my blog. I was afraid that some wouldn't like it. Richard, my Mom picks up after me in people's lawns. Vickie, I am glad you love poodles, we are the best. I know I have the best Mom, now. It took me three tries to get the best one. A Blessed Merry Christmas to you folks, too. Pierre and Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Our shelter cat is 4 years old and spending it's first Christmas with us in it's forever home.

Countryside Reflections said...

I've always liked reading Richard's blog and I'll continue to check for new posts. Now I've added New York State of Mind to my list. Along with Jean and Martha, I hope to hear more from Pierre.

I live near Buffalo NY and have had horses all of my life. I know many Amish in the Conewango and Leon area, and love hearing about their way of life.

I look forward to reading more from you.


fionalina said...

Thank you for the reminder Pierre-one of our local supermarkets has a cart for donations for needy cats and dogs -so it is easy to buy there and donate-someone had put in a handmade blanket which I thought was a lovely gesture

You look cute in your suit
Have a lovely Christmas with your Mom


New York State Of Mind said...

Dear Anonymous,
I am so glad your cat found it's forever home with you and glad you found the perfect cat. It will be a special Christmas for both of you.
Merry Christms,
Pierre and Marilyn

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Countryside Reflections,
Glad you have come to New York State of Mind and you added us to your list. I am sure Mom will let me do more posts. Thanks to Richard, we are calling it "The Bark" - that was his idea and I my Mom liked it.

We don't live to far apart. We live near Rochester. If you have any pictures you would like to share, we would be glad to put them on here.

Merry Christmas,
Pierre and Marilyn

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Fionalina,
Glad your market has a place for donations. I bet that blanket was beautiful. Some doggie or kitty will appreciate it.

Glad you like me in that suit.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas, too,
Pierre and Marilyn

New York State Of Mind said...

My Mom's friend, the one that said I didn't deserve Santa because I was bad-gave me a squeeky dog toy for Christmas. She also gave Mom some a present and some people cookies. Where are the dog cookies? My girlfriend Lily and her Mom gave me a LARGE dog bone-I ate it-all of it. They also gave Mom a present. We gave them presents, too. Still waiting for that Santa fellow. Can I bark at him? Should I bark at him?
Merry Christmas,