Thursday, March 7, 2013



I thought I would introduce you to my internet girlfriend named Mabel.  My Mom and her Mom, Vickie,  talk a lot on the internet and they led us to meet.  My Mom's grandmother's name was Mabel so that makes doggie, Mabel special to her, too.

Mabel is a silver toy poodle.  As we are both poodles, we became fast friends.  It also helped that she is a girl and I am a boy. 

Lately, Mabel has been having lots of problems with her back and neck.  She has to take pain pills and still is in pain.  This has been going on since May.  Her human  parents have taken her to the vets lots of times and have done what they told them to do, but still she has these problems.

I threw my back out for one evening and knew how that hurt, but it went back into place.  With Mabel it must be real bad pain and it won't go back in place.  My Mom says this is a trait in poodles, but it usually goes in place within a week or so, but Mabel's won't.

I was wondering if those that believe in praying for pets would pray for my friend, Mabel.  Some people don't pray for pets, but some do.  So if those that do would pray for Mabel, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Mom asked Jean if she prays for pets.  Jean says animals are God's creatures and their family pray for their animals and other animals when people ask.

So, if those, of you that believe in praying for animals could pray for, my friend,  Mabel, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Love to all,



Vickie said...

Good Morning Pierre, you special little boy. I have tears rolling down my cheeks right now. This prayer request is so touching. I appreciate every single prayer said on Mabel's behalf. We love her so very, very much.
Mabel is almost 4 years old now. It is our hope and prayer that this flare up of pain subsides as the other episodes have done. The vet has told us this time may just take longer to resolve.
Thank you to everyone who prays for our sweet Mabel. ♥

Fionalina said...

Lovely to see a picture of Mabel Pierre

Hello Vickie -sorry Mabel is in so much pain-I never like to hear of anyone suffering -human or animal so of course I will pray -


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,
I am glad Mom let me put this on for Mabel. Hope that God answers the prayers and makes her better.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Fionalina,
I am sure Vickie will read your comment. Thank you so much for your prayers. We hope Mabel is out of pain and playing like she use to.

Marilyn & Pierre

Anonymous said...

Dear Pierre,
I'm wondering if Mables's parents know a chiropractor who is willing to work on your beautiful friend. Ours has been known to work on a few four legged 'children' and I've seen personally a big improvement in the shepherd we know.
PS I love this blog, it's very informative and gentle!
Diane in TN

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Diane in TN,
The problem is not all chiropractors are allowed to work on dogs. Also some states don't allow chiropractors to work on animals. I know when I was in Florida, chiropractor's weren't suppose to work on dogs even though the chiropractor was licensed. A friend of mine knew him and I use to take my dog to her house and leave. I'd go back in a few hours after the chiropractor left and pick my dog up. I think that's the problem.

Glad you love the post. I love to vacation in Tennessee. It's a beautiful state.

Gerritje H. said...

Aww,poor Mabel,of course I will include her in my prayers,back pain is no fun! I hope she'll soon be back to playing with her friend Pierre without pain,ans of course,you too,Marilyn :)

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Gerritje H,
Thank you so much for your prayers and wishes for Mabel and myself. They are really appreciated.

Marilyn and Pierre

kymber said...

Mabel will be in my prayers....poor little girl...i don't like it for anyone, human or animal, to be in pain. i am glad that Jean and her family pray for their animals...Jean is so right - we are all God's creatures!

your friend,
(p.s. - tell Olive i can't wait for the friday post. i just know it is going to be awesome!)

Countryside Reflections said...

Poor Mabel! I noticed how Vickie and your mom were commenting on her pain, and I thought that maybe she was an older dog. But she's not even 4 years old. I'll pray for her speedy recovery and also that it doesn't happen again. ~Doreen

New York State Of Mind said...

Thank you Kymber and Doreen,
Little Mabel needs all our prayers. Mabel and Pierre are the same age, 4 years old. Hope it goes away and never comes back, too.


Lowell & Faye said...


There is such a thing as Veterinary Chiropractors and they practice in New York. To find them go to either or I'm sure Mabel will thank you profusely.


Teresa said...


I believe GOD hears our prayers for our beloved pets. Our family has prayed for our Sweet English Lab, Abraham many times because of his Arthritis and GOD has eased his pain. We will pray for Mabel and believe GOD will ease her pain.

Lots of love and prayers,
Teresa and family

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Lowell,
I will keep your information as I made need it for Pierre. Vickie and Mabel are in Wisconsin. I don't know if they have them there.

Thank you so much,

New York State Of Mind said...

Thank you Teresa and family,
I know God hears our prayers, He kept Rickie 2 1/4 years longer for me that Cornell University said he would live. He also healed Pierre's back when it went out. I hope Sweet English stays well. Thank you for your prayers for Mabel.

Marilyn and Pierre

annie said...

is He not a God of compassion, even to a small hurting friend? yes, praying

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Annie,

Thank you so much.


Vickie said...

What a wonderful outpouring of compassion and love friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I accidentally forgot to give Mabel her muscle relaxant at 6pm.(She gets it twice daily) So I gave it at bedtime. This is a blessing. This is helping her get through the early morning now. She had been waking up in bad pain and getting better through the days. Now I know to give this at bedtime. She is still on 4 different kinds of medications for a while longer.