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Spring is the best time to find mushrooms. They like cool, moist, days...not too wet, not too cool. In my part of the State, south western Ohio, we have had the hard, long winter that everyone else has had, which is unusual for us. But, the "rooms" have not disappointed us.
The early ones to come up are Morels. They are considered the caviar of mushrooms..because they are hard to find. But not in our yard! Last year we found only a few this year..we are finding about a dozen a day!!! Morels are said to like leafy you will find people searching them under the trees in the woods..but for us..they are all over the place!! We live on two acres..surrounded by hay fields.
Last year, I found them in our ash pit..where we dumped the ashes from the wood stove..this year..they are in a more "field" area....So you never know where you will see them.
The next ones to come up...real soon too, are Field Mushrooms, or, as we call them here "pink undies"-meaning...if you look under the white cap, the gills will be a pretty pink! The field "rooms" have a copy cat, which is poisonous, hence calling them "pink undies", the copy cat looks exactly like the field ones...stem, cap, but the gills are WHITE....! Not a hint of pink on them! So when looking for very careful when you pick..look under the cap first. The field mushrooms look like little white buttons, the longer they grow, the caps (button tops) get wider. It is always best to have a good mushroom identification book too.
If you find a patch of mushrooms, and some are old, or shriveled, just stomp on them, grind them in the grass a bit...for next year.You don't need to cover them up...just a little stomp will do.
Last year we were finding a pound a day of the field ones. Unfortunatley, they do not keep well, past a day or canning them is out of the question-never enough at one time to can. so for a few short days, maybe a week and a half, mushrooms are the main course! Never wash a mushroom until you are ready to use it, they are organic, and start breaking down as soon as they get let them sit on the counter for a bit, while you do other things. I collect them in the early morning, and don't touch them until it is time for supper!
What do you do with them?! LOTS! I make a "pie", so easy and quick, and there is always scrambled eggs, baked eggs, soup, sauce, fresh in a salad, cooked with a little butter only, maybe a few onions. Once we go thru all the recipes, we start over again!! and you would think..oh no- mushrooms again! But...we remember they are here for a few short weeks, until next the complaining is minimal!!
for the pie, (I use this basic recipe for spinach, broccoli, asparagus, ), take 4 eggs and beat well, salt and pepper to taste, add about 2 cups milk, beat well, then add the cut up mushrooms,and about a cup and a little more of any cheese you like. Put all in a greased pie plate, or a square pan. Sprinkle grated cheese on top,for the "crust". Bake, 350 degrees for an hour-test center with toothpick for done-ness. This can be frozen after baked...sometimes I have a LOT of something...and this is the best way to preserve it for a few months down the road. wrap it in waxed paper, then plastic wrap, then put in a plastic bag and freeze. Thaw, and re-heat in the oven-or..cut slices and heat in the microwave.
I will write later, on Lilacs and making floral waters...they are the next to be in bloom.
Grace, and Peace.




New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning,
I thank Sue Ann for her post on mushrooms. I learned a lot from it especially since I live where mushrooms grow.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

thank you for the wonderful post! i would die right on the spot if i found morels growing on my property. they are simply one of my most favorite things!

Vickie said...

What a very interesting post. I have never had morel mushrooms.

Countryside Reflections said...

I heard about morels before, but never tried them. What an interesting post. Thank you SueAnn for all of this information and the pie recipe. I'll save it with all of the other great recipes I've gotten from New York State of Mind.

I'm enjoying the cooler temperatures today. Mid 60"s. I'm not a hot weather fan, so the last few day were a bit too much. I don't have air conditioning so my poor Collies just lay around trying to keep cool. At least my sheep are sheared for the year so they don't have that heavy winter wool to wear all day. I feel bad for the animals in the heat.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning,
I love mushrooms, too. My friend doesn't and always saw that's means more for me. We have mushrooms on the Canal walk and on a hill we have in town. I never got them because I never knew which we poison and which weren't.

Glad you like the recipe. That was one of my Mom's old ones.

We are in the 70's today, but we are going down to the 60's. I have the air on right now, but I won't need it tonight or tomorrow. I really wouldn't have the air now except Pierre had his tongue hanging out.


SueAnn said...

Thank-you all for your kind remarks! That is the one thing I noticed when I began reading this blog, even when it was the "old" one too...was the kindness of learning about others.
My husband was SO happy when we found the morels...I am like Marilyn...don't eat mushrooms!!! LOL!! But I can find them, clean them and cook them!!!
The recipe is pretty much by sight...if you have a lot of something...mushrooms, spinach, etc...then 4 eggs is good..but...not so much, 3 will work. Milk and eggs beaten...will always bake up in the oven...almost like a false souffle. Season to taste...I sometimes use bacon bits too....
Mushroom season is so small....a time frame, right after I wrote this got HOT! And now...the last 2 has been cold and clammy.....suppose to go down to 45! so tomorrow I just bet I will see mushrooms....they don't like the heat....
My thanks to Marilyn for asking me to write.....I was really nervous!and my thanks to you....readers...! I am a reader too!!!
Fondly, SueAnn

New York State Of Mind said...

Thank you Sue Ann
You did a great post that interested a lot of people. I love mushrooms, but it is my friend who doesn't like them. Also, thank you for the recipe. You did a great post.


Veronica said...

Great job Sue Ann. I also love the post because the people are so kind and I believe truely care about one another. Very interesting information about mushrooms. I will be reading this one to my husband for sure. I am so glad that Marilyn has taken on the blog and we have been blessed to be able to continue to read about the lives of those connected to the blog. I also began with Richards blog. I hope he is also doing well. I see his pictures change but there is no where for commenting. Well if you are reading this Richard I hope you are doing well and are happy with what you are doing. I miss reading your blog also but have enjoyed the photos. Thanks everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. God Bless Veronica

New York State Of Mind said...

Hello Veronica,
I thank Sue Ann did a great job on the post and I hope she will consider doing some more. Thank you for the compliments. I don't think Richard is going to have a place for comments on his post. I really like his posts too.
Happy Memorial Day Weekend,

Fionalina said...

Thank you Sue Ann I enjoyed reading your post -I also don't eat mushrooms- like yourself I prepare and cook them for my Husband

Its always good to be able to identify the ones which are safe to eat-I am sure the information has been helpful to many

Marilyn thank you for the variety of interesting posts
Looking forward to Jeans news on Tuesday-I am so happy to hear about Katie-


New York State Of Mind said...

Thank you Fionalina. I think the mushrooms were very interesting, too. I love mushrooms.

Glad you like the posts. I think you will enjoy hearing about Katie. I wish they allowed pictures, she is a real cutie.

Just worked out today. Olive is going to be on the week of June 10th on canning fruits and vegetables, pressure canning, jams and jellies and more for all that want to know about canning. She's going to have the whole week.


dynnamae said...

SueAnn, thank you for your 'yummy' post. I love morels but haven't had much over the past couple of years. Your writing brings feelings of envy (:, that you find them on your property so easy. I would love that at my house. When we have had bumper crops, seldom happens, I have dried them in the past. They keep very well that way. I do folks that can them but I don't think I'd care for them. Dried and rehydrated is more like their fresh taste, in my opinion. Thank you for sharing with us.

SueAnn said...

Hi dynnamae-
I have dried some in the past..when we had a lot..but you never know what you will find! I have canned them only one time..and that was about 25 yrs can them like any other vegetable...but I have'nt had a good year like that since!
The easiest way I have I string them thru the stems..and hang them in a room that does'nt get much light...usually a hook on the ceiling.....and I wrap a paper bag around them....with holes in the bag..few months later..they are ready!Many times I have just left them hanging..and get them when I need them.
It is important..if you do find them in your be sure you have not sprayed any chemicals around.....the poisons will be in the mushrooms. We don't spray at I know we are safe...many people will go to the woods..because one has sprayed there....if you go to other people's really need to be sure..they have not sprayed for anything. Best bet..when in doubt..leave it.
The cool weather we have had the last 2 days has produced a few more morels! Hubby is thrilled!