Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I am so happy to be back and I have so much to tell you, I am not sure where to begin.  We are moved into our new house and Kevin and Bridget are in their new home.  The addition to our house in the dawdy is also on the house.  Now Grandfather Albert and Grandmother Olive have a bedroom with their own bathroom and to please Grandfather, Grandmother now has a room for all her sewing materials and where she can work.  She no longer has them on the kitchen table. This greatly pleases Grandmother Olive, too.

While we were moving we got a call from Sarah who is also a Foster Parent, she gave a post on Amish Stories.  She told us to get to one of the hospitals right away as a little girl was coming up for adoption.  When I explained we were moving she said now !! This one is yours !!  I was at one house and David at the other so when we finally got together, we got a driver and went to see the child.  Sarah met us there and said she could take her, but as soon as she saw her-she knew she was our little girl.  When we saw the little girl, we knew Sarah was right.

We welcome Katie, into our home and family.  She is a four year little girl, with light brown hair and brown eyes - just like our family.  Her Englisher parents were killed in an automobile accident, that we had read about in the paper.  Katie had been in the back seat which saved her. Neither of us ever thought that this child would be ours.  As we were moving the hospital kept her a few extra days so she could come into a home all ready for her.

Seeing Kevin and Bridget had moved, Martha and Joseph brought over one of their single beds to our house so Katie would have a bed and dresser.  The only family she has is her great-grandparents who are unable to care of her for health reasons.  I don't think they were happy when they first saw us in our dress.  We invited them to our house which they came to see when we had boxes all over.  They were happy to see that we have electric, running water and alike.  After we got settled we again invited them to our home for dinner and to see Katie.  David also took them to the barn to show them the bedroom set he, Edward and Michael are making for her.

At first it was hard on Katie.  She would cry for her parents especially at night, and we explained to her that they had gone to heaven.  We would sit with her. One night we didn't hear her cry at all and went up to see why.  She and Susan were in that single bed together-both sleeping.  We moved Susan's bed in there for a week and then moved her back in her room.  Katie has rarely cried since.
They are both close to each other.  Susan is so happy she has a little sister.

When we got Katie she was wearing Englisher slacks.  Now she wears our Old Order Mennonite clothes.  She has short hair, but still wears our kapp.  Hair will grow.  Meetings was hard for her, having to sit still for such a long time, but she is learning.  At first, she was afraid of some of the animals like the horses, cows, pigs and chickens.  Following Susan and helping her with her chores,  took some of the fear out.  We also explained our rules around the big animals.

Like with Edward, we are prospective parents for adoption of Katie.  We still have to have her with us for a year to make sure she fits in and we fit in.  I am so glad we have the new house where it sits back from the road.  It gives the children play area away from the road.

Grandfather Albert and Grandmother Olive think she is daring, too.  Katie still has to learn that the dawdy is only to be entered after you knock and get permission.  Susan has stopped her sometimes and tells her we knock first.

All the family has welcomed her into the family.  We had a family meeting before we brought her home and all agreed.  Susan says we should still get another girl to even up the number of girls and boys.  I told her, I think we will wait a little while.

Be With God,

Kevin, Bridget and two other of Martha's son's left for Oklahoma last Friday.  They arrived last Sunday and should have started work yesterday.  Hoping to get a post from one of them when they get back.  They will be there for two weeks.

Mabel, Vickie's poodle, is having terrible back problems again.  She can't walk on her back legs. For those who pray for pets, please remember Mabel in your thoughts and prayers.

Bandit, Pierre's friend, still hasn't been found.  We are all still looking for him.



Vickie said...

God bless you Jean and David for the wonderful love you have given Katie. May God richly bless your loving family, which of course includes little Katie.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,
I am sure Jean will appreciate that and I will pass it on to her.


annie said...

What a blessing! The Lord has certainly been so good to bring you all together a a family.

Lily said...

How absolutely wonderful that you can provide the love and family this little girl needs. I can't remember how old Susan is.

Veronica said...

Oh Jean My heart is overjoyed with the news that your family has grown again with the addition of Katie. I always new God had a plan far greater than we could imagine for you and David. I am also so happy that Susan has a sister. I to have a sister and it is a special bond. What a blessing for Katie to be placed into a family so full of love and a community that puts others before themselves as God intended us to do. I am so happy for all of you and I will continue to pray that Katie settles into your home and that God gives both you and David the right words to comfort her in her loss. I am so happy for all of you!! God Bless Veronica

New York State Of Mind said...

Susan is seven years old. She will be eight in August. She will be going into the 3rd grade in school when it opens again in August.


New York State Of Mind said...

Thank you so much, Veronica,

I will pass on what you said to Jean. I know she will treasure what you said.


Gerritje H. said...

Jean and David,congratulations on the addition of another child,what a blessing!Poor baby,I am sure she will adjust,kids are so adaptable.When God closes one door,He sure opens another in a wonderful way :).
I hope Mabel will feel better soon and Bandit will be found.
Prayers for everyone!

Fionalina said...

Thank you Jean this is so heartwarming-I am very happy Katie will be able to heal her heart in such a loving family home

Blessings to all the family


Fionalina said...

Sorry I forgot to mention Mabel and Bandit -
Thank you for reminding me Gerritje


Countryside Reflections said...

How absolutely wonderful for Jean and her family. Katie has found the perfect family. Jean shows how much love she has to give by what she writes in all of these posts, and I'm so glad that she's sharing a glimpse into her life.

I'll pray for Mabel and Bandit.

It will be very interesting to hear about the help given in Oklahoma.


Chasity said...

I'm so happy to hear Katie has a wonderful home! I'll pray for the pets.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Evening everyone,
I was working on the newspaper for our apartments when we had an electric storm so I shut the computer down. I will pass on all your compliments to Jean. We have a recipe tomorrow, a post on Thursday and a post on Friday. I have to go to the eye doctor tomorrow morning, so I may be on and off.

Hope you have a nice evening,

Anonymous said...

Dear David and Jean, What a wonderful blessing the Lord has bestowed on you and your family. Truly God's own appointment. Hopefully Katie will come to know Jesus as her Lord and Saviour at an early age; to live in righteousness and holiness within your blessed home. To God be all glory! A sister in Christ, Carol Ann

New York State Of Mind said...

Hello Carol Ann,

I will surely see that David and Jean get all you said. I know Katie is in a house where God is the head.

A Sister in Christ,

dynnamae said...

As I am working my way through to catch up to date, it is just a blessing to read that Jean and David have Katie now in their family. I am sure she couldn't be in a better home. I trust God will work it all out for them to have her permanently as their own. I will keep them in my prayers and Mabel also. I pray for my grand pets and my feline girls to and their issues. God created them and I know He cares for them too. Blessings to you all.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi dynnamae,
I will tell Jean what you said. Katie is in a great home. Thank you for praying for Mabel, too. She can walk a few steps, but is getting here, we hope. I believe God created pets and He care for them too. I pray for pets too.