Thursday, October 17, 2013


First I want to thank you all for your comments and prayers on my husband, Joseph, becoming Bishop.  We were very surprised at who God has chosen, but accept His will.  Thought I would tell you about our way of life now.

When Joseph became Bishop, it is custom that the Bishop goes to the home of each of the members of his Meetings (church) to visit them and hear of any problems they would like to discuss.  Usually, if anyone has problems they make appointment to discuss it with  Joseph at a later time.  Most people know us so they just visit.  When he got to Jean and David's and was offered a piece of pie - he just couldn't eat it.  He told Jean that he knew she was a great baker, but every house he went gave him a piece of pie, cake or cookies and he was full of sweets.  He did have a cup of coffee.  They thought that was funny.

Joseph was told by the previous Bishop to be careful what he says because if he says he likes something or that I would like something, or that we could use a item, the people will give it to us.  The Bishop is considered a great honor and the people feel it is a honor to give something or do something for the Bishop. So we have to be careful what we say.

When the Bishop gives a sermon, it is not written down.  It is all by memory.  Joseph was so nervous with his first sermon.  What if he should forget?  He had our retired Bishop next to him during his first sermon in case he forgot or something.  After Joseph gave his sermon, our retired Bishop said something to Joseph and they both smiled.  On the way home Joseph said the retired Bishop told him, the people were really going to like him.  Most Bishop's sermons are at least a hour, Joseph's was a half hour, which ment that our meeting (church service) ended early.  Since that day, Joseph is more comfortable giving the main sermon and it is now at least one hour.

Jean and David held a big picnic at their house the first Sunday after Joseph became Bishop.  All the members were invited.  Everyone bought a dish to pass.  Seeing the picnic was for Bishop Joseph, people felt they had to bring a gift.  People bought Bibles, religious books, a quilt, canned food, and more.  It took two buggies to bring everything home.

In our house, we took one room and are turning it into Joseph's office.  When people want to come to talk with Joseph, they can go into the office.  Anything that is said in the office, stays in the office.  If a lady or child should come alone to speak with Joseph, I must be in the office with them.  Should anyone in our house hear what is discussed, it must be kept in our house.  No one tells what someone said.

As the Bishop's wife, I will also be with  Joseph when he does Baptisms, which is twice a year.  When a girl is baptized, Joseph will put the water on her, but I will be the one that will kiss her on each cheek and welcome to our meetings.  Joseph is allowed to kiss the boys on each cheek, but not the girls.

People of our church and meetings are making Joseph a new desk and chairs for his office.  David, Jean's husband, did not like the old metal desk that we had, so he decided to make one.  That grew.  When the people found out David was making one, they all wanted to get in on the making.  So it grew from just a new desk to a chair with it, plus chairs for people to sit on in the office and also a book case.  We can hardly wait until they are finished.  Joseph offered to pay for them, but David and the other people wouldn't hear of it.

The Bishop's family is also suppose to be a model to others of the church.  This has upset some of our children, especially Erin.  Erin wants to move in with Kevin and Bridget.  He feels that all the eyes of the people are on us and he can't live up to what they want.  Joseph explained that we are not perfect and the people know that.  But, we must obtain our religious ways and beliefs.  Still Erin wants to move.  Joseph said no one is moving for a few months.  Becoming Bishop is a change for us all.  If Erin does not feel better, in a couple of months, then he can move to Kevin and Bridget's.

One of things that is causing a stir is Erin does have a car, which is against our ways.  The retiring Bishop said that Joseph should give a sermon against such evil.  Joseph and I discussed it.  Joseph says it's a  don't do as I do, do as I preach thing .  When Joseph was Erin's age, he did not own a car, but had a license and drove a friend's car.  The day I accepted Joseph's proposal, he turned in his drivers license and never drove a car again, which he feels Erin will do when he meets his special lady.  Erin is not the only young person that has a car.  Should Joseph give a sermon on the evil of cars or not?  He still hasn't decided.

Just wanted to tell you a bit of our new life since Joseph became Bishop.  He is still the same person, but has many more duties.  We do a lot more praying for understanding now than before.

Be With the Lord,



New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Everyone,

Hope you enjoy Martha's post this morning.

It's in the 50's this morning and we are suppose to have rain showers off and on.


Vickie said...

Good Morning Marilyn,
It is the exact same weather here.

I am praying for Joseph and you and your family. God bless you!

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Vickie,

I will pass it on to Martha.

Give Mabel and Henry a hug from Pierre and myself.

Pierre and Marilyn

denimflyz said...

Thank you for sharing your family's blessings to all of us. I feel very privileged to share what is going on.
Being of Old Order Amish blood, it is a hard decision on vehicles, personally, I do not like them, and am getting where I do not like to drive anymore, but I have elderly parents I care for and the need outweighs the want. Personally, for me, I would not have one again.
It is very chilly here this morning, 25*F and maybe some snow showers here in Nebraska. The northwest corner got the very bad blizzard a few weeks ago, and it may snow again, but not to the extent of that storm. That one was equal to the 49 blizzard.
Many blessings upon all.

annie said...

May the Lord bless you both in this service to Him. May you be a blessing to your members in your service to them.

Countryside Reflections said...

Joseph certainly has a lot of responsibility, and I can see that the whole family does too. Thank you for sharing this very interesting information.

This may have been discussed before, but what is the family relationship between Jean and Martha? I know they're related but I'm not sure how. Sister-in-law's maybe?


New York State Of Mind said...

I am back. I will pass on everyone's comments. I know they are greatly appreciated by Martha, Joseph and their family.

Jean and Martha aren't related. They are good friends, but are not related.


Anonymous said...

Hi Martha+Marilyn, Thanks for sharing about the changes in your lives now that Joseph has become Bishop-an awesome responsibility for sure. As to the subject of cars-a car, in-and-of-itself, is not inherently evil. What it lends itself to is enticing us to travel a lot more than we probably should in general; helping us to be "busy"away from home. But, it is necessary for most when it comes to the fact that this is a transient world and most families don't live near each other any longer, emergencies arise etc. As with anything, I believe we need to exercise wisdom, understanding+discernment in the use of our possessions- moderation+good stewardship. It's not easy, but self-discipline+self-restraint must be in the process as we're led by the Holy Spirit. May the Lord richly bless you as you serve Him faithfully; to His glory and your good! Carol

SueAnn said...

Hi Martha-
I wanted to let you know, Erin's feelings about Joseph being a Bishop, are not unusual. My 2 older brothers are ministers in the Methodist church, and their children felt the same way, as teens- that they were being looked at b the parishoners, and always had to be on good behavior, etc....and they did not like that!!! But...they grew out of it, and learned too, that their Dad was the minister, not them, their responsibility was to their Dad support him, just as he supported them, and from that feeling, they actually became better people!!! But don't tell them that!!!

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Carol and Sue Ann,
Thank you so much for the comments, I will make sure Martha and Joseph get them. I especially like the "But, don't tell them!!!!. Surely Martha will have more posts about their life including their religion and Joseph, being Bishop.