Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I am doing a picture post this week, so you can see where I live in Ohio.
The first picture is looking from our street, up the drive to the house. We have a 300 foot driveway-I walk it twice a day for sure, to get the mail. You also see the front ,by the road, and the beginning of our woods. Many , many people drive right by our house and have to turn around and come back- you cannot easily see us from the road.
The 2nd picture is a little ways up the drive, and you can see the hill we have, for walking, and mowing the grass, and see a bit more of the woods.
The 3rd picture is our raised beds, one is for strawberries, one for asparagus, one is rhubarb, and the 4th one is for our greens. If you look to the far back of the pictures, and  where the grass meets the hay field, that is our back property line, and in that green grass next year, I will be adding a larger vegetable garden,things that do not need as much daily tending, as the raised beds do.
The 4th picture is the raised beds again, but at a different angle,  you can see the grape vines in front of the garage,more of the woods...
The 5th picture is a look down into the woods, from the drive.
The last picture is from last Winter, and you can see how we cover the rose bushes, and other flowering bushes, to protect them from the deer, and the wind.
A fun and easy, quick recipe:
                    "Hole In One" Breakfast Fun
Butter a slice of bread on both sides. Place on skillet, cut round hole in center with a cookie cutter, cook cut-out slice next to the slice of bread. When bread begins to fry, crack and egg in the hole. Cook until the egg is set, flip over, and cook til done, how you like it.
You can add a slice of cheese to this right before you take it off the skillet. Quick and fun for breakfast or anytime!


Vickie said...

What a beautiful home and setting Sue Ann!

Countryside Reflections said...

Your home and property are beautiful Sue Ann. Picture perfect, and such a tidy garden. Thank you for showing us these pictures. It looks very quiet and serene.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Everyone,

Isn't Sue Ann's house really beautiful? I like all the property around it. Gives lots of room for a BIG garden. Thank you for putting it on for us, Sue Ann,

SueAnn said...

Good Morning! Thank-you! It is very quiet out here...my neighbors are hay fields.....across the street and all around us. Our house is the original farm house for all the hay fields.....it was built in 1900, and 2 acres and the house were divided off in 1970. The original family still farms around us. It is a lot of dirt!! LOL!! Lots of walking every day, for sure, to get from one place to another...We are wild life heaven out here, I tell people we are like a zoo without the cages!

Chasity said...

Very pretty pictures! Thanks for sharing!

SueAnn said...

I wanted to add...these were taken this past Sunday, so you could see the weather here, and the changes, which are subtle, but, we are "dying down".