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I can't give you a romantic story like you read in all the Amish novels.  To start, when I got to teenage   dating age, my parents got nervous that I might not be able to find someone.  If I did marry, for some reason they thought I would marry another small person.  They didn't tell me that, but through conversations with my sisters and brothers, I found that out.

When I started going to singing and taking ladies home, it seemed like it was a different lady every week or I came home alone.  Some of the ladies, I think, wondered what it would be like going with a dwarf.  I did have a serious lady when I was about 17.  We wanted to get married, but our parents were against it due to age.  It turned our parents were right.  Her and I were not ment for each other and parted ways.  When I got over that lady, I started looking again.

Anna, her sisters and brothers plus her parents moved into our area.  I met Anna at church, weddings, funerals, barn raisings, etc.  but she was not someone I was close to, at that time.  Also, saw her at singing but she had her friends and I mine.  One night on the way to singing, I came across two ladies (my age)  with a buggy along side the road.  It was Anna and her sister Hannah.  Two of her brothers went ahead to singing because they were asked to help with some chores - they took the family buggy.  They girls were left the courting buggy - which they didn't know, had a bad wheel.  Each of the brothers was to take one of the buggies home, with their ladies, and the sisters were to be brought home by their courting fellows.  I took the girls to singing, got one of their brothers and my brothers to repair the buggy.  After singing, I offered to take either both of the ladies or one to their home, but they had rides.  I would see them a church, and singing saying hi and they would like wise to me.

One night, a few months later, I was coming home from singing alone, in the snow and sleet, when I saw this lady charging up the road.  I got ahead of her, stopped and offered her a ride, which she accepted.  I couldn't remember if she was Anna or Hannah, her sister's name.  Finally, I had to ask her and she told me she was Anna.  I listened while she told me that she and her courting fellow had had a disagreement.  So I took her home.  When I got her home, I left her off, she thanked me.  Next singing, I asked if she would like a ride home, she accepted.  I took her the long way home.  Asked her if I could take her for a ride next Sunday, but she said she wanted to wait a while as she wasn't ready for someone now.  I did as she said and four weeks later, I asked her again if she would let me give her a ride on Sunday - she accepted.

After we went together a few weeks, I asked Anna why she chose me.  She told me because I had taken them to singing the night the buggy broke down, helped to fix the buggy and offered them the ride home. Also, that I picked her up on the way home in the snow and sleet.  When she told me to wait, I waited for four weeks.  I asked if my being a dwarf had anything to do with that.  She had to admit that she was curious, but that was not the main reason.  She asked me questions, many the same you asked and I answered them.  As we went together we found we had many things in common - we liked bird watching, we enjoyed Farmers Markets and garage sales, we enjoyed sleds in the winter and more.

We started going together and after a year, started courting.  Instead of sending someone to her Father's door to ask for her hand, I went myself.  He asked me if I could support her and take care of her.  I said yes.  What is funny is that I got upset.  I didn't say or do anything, but was upset.  When my daughter's gentleman came to me and asked if he could marry her, I asked him the same question.  I guess it is a parents question.  At the time, I thought Anna's Father asked because I was a dwarf.  Anna's Father gave me his permission.  We were married at her parents home.  Next year, Lord willing, we will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.

What are my hobbies?  I enjoy bird watching, fishing, and hunting.  During the winter, I enjoy reading especially the Bible, and working on the inside of our house.

What do I think about?  I think about if I am pleasing the Lord, my family, my chores and when I can smell it - what Anna is cooking.  Those are the immediate things I think of.  I also think of the church members both young and old, our Bishops, ministers and deacons.  Also, all of you people.

Yes, the word dwarf can be used derogatory terms.  I hope people that use it derogatory will look at that word in different terms.  That is one of the reasons I put on these posts.

I also agree with someone's statement: We are all God's children, whatever size we are.

Trust God's Wisdom,



New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning everyone,
Hope you all like Elmer's answers to your Dwarf questions today.

It is darn windy here today.


Vickie said...

Good Morning Marilyn! Yes, I did enjoy his and Anna's story.

New York State Of Mind said...

Thank you very much, Vickie, I will tell Elmer. Give a hug to Mabel and Henry from Pierre and me.


New York State Of Mind said...

If you got a minute, go over to Amish America as Erik has a post on Pinecrest near Sarasota where the Amish are in Florida. They are really great pictures.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elmer, Thanks for your post on how you and Anna met. It shows the world that Anna was looking at your character inside and not your physical appearance. It's what's on the inside that really counts-the state of ones heart before the Lord. We've been married 40yrs and looking back we see how the Lord allowed us to come together in marriage and then to come to receive salvation in Christ together 4yrs later while living in Guadalajara, Mexico. What a truly awesome God we serve! Blessings to you and Anna, Carol

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Carol,
Thank you so much for your comment to Elmer and Anna. I will see that they get them. Glad Christ led you the way He did.


Christine T said...

Very nice story Elmer. I hope there will be many more posts from you.

I wish I could meet you all some day. I know my Hunny would like Pierre heheh.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Christine T,
I will see that Elmer gets your message.

What is Hunny? I am sure they would get along.


Countryside Reflections said...

You're wrong Elmer, this is a very romantic story!! Thank you for sharing such a loving account of you and your bride. I've already re-read it a few times. I like the part of a father asking a daughter's boyfriend questions. As we mature and become wise, we see the world in a whole new way, and understand our parents better.

I'm looking forward to more of your posts.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Doreen,
I will see that Elmer gets your message. Sure he will appreciate it. Guess we all learn as we older.
Surely will try to get Elmer back on here some more.


wendy said...

Hello Elmer

Thank you so much for being willing to share with us.
I am Hearing Imparied and I can certainly understand the Struggles you must have had when you were growing up etc

I wish both you and Anna much happenings in the coming years

God's Blessings be with you both


New York State Of Mind said...

Hello Wendy,
I will see that Elmer and Anna get your message. We should be more understanding of those that have problems in life.

Blessings to you,

Christine T said...

Hunny is a Pug/Rat terrier mix. She loves my Mom's neighbor's poodle. I will send you a picture.

Christine T said...

what is the email for the blog? I know it must be on the page somewhere but I cant find it. Mine is

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Christine T,

Hunny sounds so cute. My e-mail is:
I bet Hunny is cute.


ctlogcabin said...

Another Great Post, and I agree
with Doreen ... I think it's a very Romantic Story.
I just Love hearing how couples met.
Thank You Elmer ... again for
educating us and sharing your heart with us.
Marilyn ... Thank You for hosting.
Blessings & Hugs to All ~~ Connie xox

New York State Of Mind said...

Hello Connie,
I will see that Elmer gets your comments. I am glad that Elmer allowed for me to host this.

Blessings to you and yours,

Nancy said...

Thank you, Elmer, for sharing you and your Anna's story with us, as well as enlightening us regarding your dwarfism.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hello Nancy,
I will tell Elmer what you said. I know he will appreciate it.