Monday, December 9, 2013


People have asked about how Katie is going in our household and I thought I would tell your how she is doing.  Katie is fitting into our household very well, most of the time.  She still misses her parents.  Also she wishes we had a television that she could watch, that she could wear slacks instead of dresses, and that we drove something faster than our horse and buggy.  Also, our meetings (church) are still hard for her as they are so long.

Like the rest of the family, Katie has chores that she has to do in our home and outside.  She has been taught how to get the eggs from the chickens.  Also, she knows how to feed some of the small animals.  Inside, she sets the table, helps pick up laundry and is learning measurements of baking in the kitchen.  Cleaning and picking up are not her favorite jobs, but does it, after encouragement.  Her major cleaning job is to dust some of the furniture.  Also, she is to pick up her toys when she is done, which she does not always do.

Also, we are teaching her to read, count and speak Deutch .  She is doing well on all that we teach her.  In our schools most of the children speak Deutch and have to learn English.  She speaks English and has to learn Deutch. 

Lately we have been having problems with her great grandparents who want her to learn more of the ways of the world.  They like our long dresses, but think we should allow slacks sometimes and shorts in the summer.  We have tried to explain that is not our way.  Also, when at their house, they allow her to watch television, which we do not. 

Katie's Birthday is coming up soon.  They will have Katie part of that day.  What we weren't suppose to know is that they are having a big party for her, which is fine.  But she will be receiving lots of gifts, that we do not approve of and they want to bring them in our house.    Bishop Joseph tried to talk to them, but they said she is their granddaughter and they can do what they want.

Also, Christmas is coming and they want to take Katie to see Santa Claus.  Bishop Joseph said he would allow it, once.  When Michael and Edward each came, they were allowed to go the world way if they wanted to the first Christmas here.  We will explain to Katie who St. Nicholas was.  But, according to her grandparents, we are not allowed to tell Katie that Santa Claus is not real. 

They also want us to have a Christmas Tree.  We explained how we decorate our home and if she wanted a small tree in her room, she could have it, but not in the living room.  Again her grandparents are upset.  They also have purchased Christmas Gifts for Katie that are not allowed. 

Our way is we only have a few gifts for each person.  We do not have stacks of presents.  They want to bring several gifts for Katie to have under a tree that we aren't going to have.  We tried to explain that it would not be fair if Katie got lots of presents and the rest of the children didn't.  Although we have room for all the gifts and could explain to the rest of the family why they aren't getting the gifts Katie is, we feel that it is not right. Michael says they are spoiling her - David and I agree with him. 

Katie goes with me where I go.  When I go to quilting, grocery store, library, visiting and more.     She meets children her own age and is making friends. 

Thought you might be interested in a recipe that I have for making dough Christmas Ornaments.


2 cups all purpose flour
1 cup salt
l cup water
Food coloring

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Mix together flour and salt.  Start adding water (it will take more or less, depending on the humidity).  Stir into a ball and knead 7 - 10 minutes.  Work in as much flour as possible, as one needs a firm dough.  Food coloring may be added with the water.  Cut out or form into desired shapes.  Place on cookie sheet and bake until rock hard.  A piece 1/2" thick will take about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hour to make. 

Pricking with needle will help so it does not bubble.  Cover with at least three coats of paint or varnish to keep moisture out.

Be With God,


Vickie said...

Oh Jean! My heart is so troubled by this news. I am sad. David and you will just have to be firm with the grandparents. You just must do this. If I remember correctly, you two were very kind to the grandparents and very inviting. They must not make the rules for Katie. YOU TWO are the parents. You are her parents. God bless you all.♥

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,
Thank you so much for the comments and I will see that Jean gets them.
God Bless You,

Countryside Reflections said...

What her great grandparents are doing to poor little Katie is so un-fair. How can they think that confusing her is a good thing. I feel so sorry that you have to deal with this situation.

Thank you for the dough ornament recipe. Now I"ll have to pull out my cookie cutters and see what I have.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Doreen,

I will pass your comments on to Jean. I agree with you and Vickie.


Anonymous said...

It is hard for Katie to understand when her great grandparents are being so difficult. I agree, they are confusing her. I don't remember how old Katie is. You will just have to be more firm with them.
You are her mother.

Lily said...

It sounds like Katie is caught between two cultures. One shouldn't blame the grandparents. They are dealing with the holidays and birthdays as they grew up with and are used to. Jean should still stay firm, though. Any gifts they give should probably stay at their home for Katie. Of course, one or two appropriate gifts for Katie to bring home with her would also be good. It's amazing how children learn that their are different sets of rules in different settings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean, Marilyn-Katie has been formally adopted w/the consent of her great-grandparents, correct? Is there a time limit as to when the adoption will be final+irrevacable? It must be very hard for them to realize they couldn't raise Katie in the first place after she lost her parents in that accident. They agreed to allow her to be adopted by David+Jean; therefore she is now David+Jean's daughter legally. The two cultures are very different, and G'grands need to understand Katie is in a very loving, Godly, simple home. They must have known this in the beginning. Yes, they love her too, but it seems they are having much difficulty in allowing her live, learn, and grow in her new surroundings. Bringing confusion+angst into Katie's life is not beneficial for anyone. Love+understanding need to prevail, and that comes from the Lord. It will take time. I pray the Lord will pour out His grace and mercy abundantly on all; giving His peace which is beyond all understanding. In Christ, Carol

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Jodie, Lily and Carol,

I will pass on everything you all said to Jean. I am sure she will appreciate it.


Laura said...

Hi Marilyn,

Thank you and Jean for sharing this information. One thing the g'grandparents may need have is counseling sessions with the social worker to understand what is appropriate under one roof is not necessarily appropriate under another roof. As others have stated, Jean and David are her legal parents now. Perhaps they could work with Katie as appropriate to understand that the focus is on the spiritual side of things - on giving, not possessions - and perhaps that she could give some of her older or unwanted things to children of less privilege? Please know everyone will be in my prayers.


New York State Of Mind said...

Thank you so much, Laura,
I will see that Jean gets your comments. I know she will appreciate them.