Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I am not doing a Pinecraft Post today.  As you all know, Jean has stated that she is leaving at least for a while.  Like everyone else, I tried to talk her into staying until Anna said typical man.  Then I started to think, Anna was right.

Got on an Englisher's computer that I know that lives near Pinecraft and looked back on some of Jean's posts on Amish Stories and New York State of Mind.  Jean has given us almost three years of her good times and bad times.  She has spoken about the way Old Order Mennonite life and why.  She has spoken about taking in and adopting Michael, Edward and Katie.  She has spoken about the fire, her serious operation, moving, and much, much more.  Most important she has spoken of the Lord.  Not to get anyone to change their religion nor not to try to force her religion but to help others understand the Lord better.

We owe Jean a thank you for all she has done.  It is not easy to just come up with a post sometimes.  I know.  It has taken Jean many hours over the years coming up with them.  Jean has answered many of the questions you have asked.  She has told of things she thought you would be interested in. 

In looking at her posts, I wonder if we really appreciated what we had when we had her.  I don't think that we realized that sometime it would end, at least for a while. 

So instead of trying to talk her into staying or coming back as I did earlier this morning, I called Jean and thanked her for all she has done.  For the many hours that she had put on the posts.  For sharing her family and life with us.  I hope she enjoys her rest.

Because she asked Martha and myself, we have agreed to take over her posts. We are in no way trying to replace Jean - we can't do that.  Jean is Jean.  Martha is Martha and I am Elmer.   So starting on March 3rd, I will be doing the posts on Monday.  As Martha's husband, Joseph, is Bishop, it is harder for her to get posts on than me.  But, she will be doing posts, too.  Maybe if I can get Anna over her fear of computers, I can get her to put something on, too. 

What you must remember is that we too, are not going to last forever, too.  We don't anticipate leaving anytime soon, but in time, things may change. 

Thank you Jean for all you have done.  We appreciate all you did and you are welcome back  anytime.  God Bless You and Your Family.

Trust God's Wisdom,


Bonnie said...

Very well said. I too will miss reading the interesting stories that Jean has written about. Everyone deserves a break, but hoping to see more in the future from Jean. Thank YOU. Bonnie

Vickie said...

I could not agree with Elmer more. I was reading Jean back when she was with Richard and left him. I think it best for all of you to take these posts very part time. It is not a job and should not be a chore, nor take you away from your life that we all admire. Thanks be to God for you all.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Bonnie and Vickie,

I think Elmer says it real well although he let me sign my name to it, too.

They all do this for nothing. They don't receive any salary. Oh, I do buy them some small gift once in a while, but there is no weekly salary involved. They do it because they want to not because they have.


kymber said...

Marilyn - tell Elmer that he completely nailed it with this post! he got everything right! some of us have been reading Jean for years...and forgetting that it has been years. like all years, there are good times and bad times. but Jean shared it all with us and we are better for it. i hope that all of the authors here understand how much we appreciate their writings...it has been said that The Lord works in mysterious ways and i believe that to be true. the mere fact that i can come to my computer and read about lovely, wonderful people and their lives...that can only be a gift from The Lord. please tell Elmer that he wrote a beautiful post acknowledging all that Jean has done here for all of us. and please tell him how much we all enjoy his posts too. he has a way of seeing right to the heart of the matter. and he does have a great sense of humour!

one last thing - please tell Edward how much all of us will enjoy his posts, as well. i am certain that Edward's unique experience will have much to teach us.

to all of the other authors, we all enjoy your posts too. and the posts don't have to be about something, they can just be about your thoughts or your daily doings. all of it is interesting, we can all learn from it, and speaking for myself, i just feel closer to The Lord when there is a new post here. and that is always a good feeling.

thank you Marilyn for all of your hard work here.

your friend,

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Kymber,
Thank you so much for your compliments. We are all so glad you appreciate this blog. We try to please, but we aren't perfect. I will see that everyone gets your compliments. It's all you folks that keep us going.


Countryside Reflections said...

Well said Elmer!! Jean has been so generous with all the experiences she has shared over the years. I know how difficult it is to write a post when you’re not sure that anyone is interested in what you have to say, and you try to think of new topics to add. It can be stressful and Jean deserves a restful break.

For me, I think that the fascination with reading about the ways of the Mennonites and Amish, is because I learn how life can be lived very loving, caring, spiritual, and basic. Jean, Martha, Elmer, their families, and the other posters who Marilyn has had on (Marilyn included), teach valuable lessons that are important to me. I look forward to reading NYS of Mind each day. Some people think that we’re exploiting their personal lives and culture, while I feel that God is directing their words to show us a few “pointers” to help us live a better life.

A comment on Comments. I want Jean and the other posters to know that just because there aren’t a lot of comments each day, it doesn’t mean that their posts aren’t being read and appreciated. I follow several blogs each day, but only comment on a few that are very dear to me. Sometimes a feel a personal connection which inspires me to comment, but I faithfully read my blog list and look forward to reading every post that’s written every day on all of these blogs. I’ve been following some for years, but If I commented on them all, I would be on the computer for a very long time. Some blogs have over a thousand followers, but only a handful comment each day. It’s just human nature to enjoy reading but not commenting. I know that when you take the time to think up, write, and post an article, it’s nice to get some feedback and a disappointment to not receive very many. But please know that your posts are definitely read and appreciated.

Marilyn has done an exceptional job as owner of NYS of Mind. Her dedication to adding new information almost every day is remarkable. We all have busy lives and it’s so kind of her to devote the time and energy to provide us with quality, thought provoking material.

So as we’re recognizing the hard work of all these people, I want to say a big Thank You for all that you do.


Anonymous said...

This is just a suggestion but there is a nice monthly column by an Amish lady in a magazine called "Our Iowa". It is more like a diary that tells what they did each day for a week out of that month. So that would eliminate a lot of thinking for a subject to write about. She adds her personal insights from time to time. I am very interested in what tasks they have to do, and how they accomplish them. It is inspiring to see all they get done in a day doing it the "hard way". Also, cute things the young ones do and also mention of the older ones "special friends" and their activities. She usually gives some of their meal menus and that would be a great place for a recipe or two. I don't always comment but read this every day!

Richard From PureCountryLiving.com said...

I will make a prediction here and say that in the future most post's from anyone that is either Amish/Mennonite on New York State Of Mind will will eventually go from one time a week to being monthly at best.

When I had Amish Stories I was working on "trying" to get another "plain person" who was willing to share their story with my own readers at that time, and that proved very difficult because those folks just didn't have extra time to spare! And anyone that did seem just a little interested hinted that it would only be a few post's at best, so after almost 3 years for Jean I think she has gone far and above what she really bargained for.

And to be even more frank here I had a few folks asking me to keep Amish Stories as it was, but in the end it was myself who was doing the work and spending the time doing it and I did what was best for me.

You will always have some people saying "keep going", so I think you just have to listen to yourself and gain control of what will work best for "you". That's my own 2 cents anyway and maybe my prediction will in time prove not accurate...........

“Time is your most precious gift because you only have a set amount of it. You can make more money, but you can't make more time. When you give someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your life that you'll never get back. Your time is your life. That is why the greatest gift you can give someone is your time.


Rosemary said...

What a beautiful post from Elmer. I take to heart all he wrote about Jean and her sharing bits of her life with us through her writing.
Thank you, thank you, Jean.
Elmer, I look forward to reading more posts from you, for as long as you are lead to share with us.
Marilyn, you have given us a wonderful, safe place to come together.

Vanssmomc said...

Beautifully written Elmer. Many thanks to all that contribute to New York State of Mind. Cathy in Webster

Matt said...

Nice post Elmer, and thank you to Jean as well!

New York State Of Mind said...

Hello Everyone,

I know that Jean and Elmer appreciate your compliments and I do to. It does take time to get all the posts on. Not only their time, but mine.

Today I was officially signed up for my job. It is part time, but I can use the money. Sometimes I will not be here as often as I am now. Sometimes, From time to time, I might get behind in getting posts on. Right now, I have some posts made up already.

I will see that everyone gets your compliments. I enjoy doing this blog and hope to keep it up for a long time. But, time passes and I don't know what fait and the good Lord might bring.


Anonymous said...

Dear Marilyn, Not to bring pride to Elmer, but this post has certainly brought forth wisdom and understanding. Very well thought out and written. Huge thank yous to all who post on the blog and you too, Marilyn-the one who diligently puts this all together. Remember everyone out there, nothing lasts forever-save eternity. Blessings, Carol

New York State Of Mind said...

Thank you, Carol, for your compliments. I will see that Elmer gets them. I appreciate them, too.

Blessings to you and yours,