Monday, June 23, 2014


First, I would like to thank you all for your condolences on the passing of our Bishop. They were very kind of you and are appreciated. It is very kind of all of you.

As some of you asked to know about our Father's Day, I thought that I would tell you.  A few days before, after we got back from Penn Yan, Elmer came over one day when Susan, Katie and David Jr. were playing in the yard.  I thought he would pull in and visit, but he gave Susan a box, spoke with her and left.  Susan bought the box to the house.  She said Elmer gave her a gift for David Sr. on Father's Day to be from the children.  When I saw Elmer and Anna, Elmer said it was something that David needed in slaughtering.  I offered to pay them for it, but he said it was from the children.  So that's the note I put on it.

On Father's Day, it was the first gift he opened.  Inside were some special knives that are used when slaughtering animals.  The ones that David used were old and really needed replacing but are expensive and he thought after this years harvest he would buy a new set.  When Elmer used the old ones while we were in Penn Yan, he decided we needed a new set now.  We thanked Elmer and Anna very much at Father's Day dinner and again offered to pay.  Elmer said the gift was from the children.  Anna agreed.

David had a desk that was his grandfather's.  It was in the attic in are old house, Kevin and Bridget's house and this house.  He said he was going to refinish it and use it in our little office area, but he never did.  Michael and Edward decided to do it for him for Father's Day.  We got it out of the house and over to Joseph's when David wasn't home.  Wouldn't David go looking for it while it was gone.  He thought I got rid of it.  Michael and Edward worked on it whenever they got a chance.  Any questions they had, they asked Bishop Joseph. They put a finish on the top in case someone spilled coffee or water on the top, it wouldn't damage the desk.  When it was finished, they brought it back on Saturday before Father's Day when David was out.  They took the desk we had been using and put that in the attic.  We tried not to let David in the office to see it, but finally the boys said they had to. So all of us went with David when he went into the room.  David was in shock when he saw that desk.  He was so proud of Michael and Edward for doing all that work.  David always said he would do it, but never got around to it.  Now it was done and he was so happy.  They did the chair that went with it over, too.  He also thanked Bishop Joseph for his advice and help with it.

This may sound  bit unusual to you, but I got David a winter coat for Father's Day.  He had wanted it during the winter, but the price was more than he would pay.  So did his Father want one.  I went through the store after Christmas and the coat was on sale for less than half of the original price.  So I bought one for David and one for his Father.  We gave his Father his, but David was surprised on Father's Day that I got one for him, too.

We got my Father a spring coat that he wanted and needed.  For Grandfather Albert, I made him a new suit of clothes.  Grandmother Olive has trouble doing hand sewing sometimes, she has arthritis in her hands.

After leaving meeting house, we went to the dinner at Elmer's friends farm.  Elmer's friend had church service at his house again.  The men had set up the tables and seats when we got there.  The two seating wagons and dishes wagons were there.  Two people - one Old Order Mennonite and the other Amish, had slaughtered one of their cows so we would have enough steaks.  Last year we donated one and I think Elmer donated the other.

When we arrived all the men received a flower.  We gave each of them a tulip.  We also laid out the dishes to pass and cooked the steaks.  The men sat and chatted while we got set up.  When dinner was ready, both Bishop Joseph and Bishop Eli said grace and welcomed us. The men ate first.  Then the boys.  Then us ladies and the girls.

After we ate, the men chatted while we ladies cleaned up.  The children enjoyed games.  We ladies chatted.  Later in the afternoon, we had cookies, cake and pie with lemonaide, iced tea, soft drinks, etc.

Before we left Bishop Joseph said that every year it is on the Amish to arrange where this will be.  He thought it was time one of us Old Order Mennonite had Mother's Day or Father's Day next year.  So we offered to have one of them at our house.

The men packed up the seats and tables while we ladies cleaned up the dishes and packed our things for home.  Both Bishop Eli and Bishop Joseph said a parting prayer and thanked us all for coming.  Bishop Eli ended by saying that the ladies do better on Father's Day anytime over the men's Mother's Day.  The men clapped for us ladies.

So that is how we had Father's Day.  When we got home, we had to milk the cows.  We had sandwiches for supper after all we had eaten today.

Be With God,



New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Everyone,

As you can see, Jean is on this morning. Martha will be on next Monday and Elmer will be back the Monday after that.

It is a beautiful day here today.


Vickie said...

A very enjoyable post. I love what Elmer and Anna and Michael and Edward did. Such loving acts.

Veronica said...

Great to read from you today Jean. Thank you for sharing how you all spent Fathers Day. I think it was wonderful what Elmer and Anna did for David and also what Michael and Edward did also. You get such a sense of thought and love gone into those gifts. I am sure David also loved the coat you bought for David also. It is so wonderful to read how everyone is doing these days. Our family will grow today by one. We will officially be given custody of our granddaughter. It is amazing how God has such an awesome plan for that we could not ever imagine. She was born 3 days after my husband had his cardiac arrest and the Lord kept him alive for a greater purpose. One that 3 years later is being revealed to us. We have had her living with us for 4 months now and although it has changed things we are thankful for the chance to share in her life. Thanks Marilyn for the blog and remember I am praying for you all always. Veronica

Evie said...

This was so special to read Jean
Practical thoughtful presents are always the best

So much kindness,if only everyone followed the same example


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean, Great post! It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time! You and David seem to be doing such a beautiful job raising your kids. Michael and Edward are certainly Godly examples to many others. The fruit of their faith is shown in their loving and caring actions. David must have been overwhelmed with their gift of a refinished/restored desk+chair. Also, very wise of you Jean to wait until after the holiday to get the coats at a discount. Many blessings to you and all your family, In Christ, Carol

Michelle said...

Hi Jean, it's so good to hear from you. David received some very thoughtful and practical Father's Day gifts. I love that your sons re-finished the desk and chair for him.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for your messages. I will see that Jean get's them all. She will appreciate them.


Countryside Reflections said...

What a great post. Thank you Jean for telling us about the Old Order Mennonite and Amish Father's Day celebration. Everyone is so thoughtful and caring. What a wonderful example it is for all of us and it's so impressive to hear of the gift that Michael and Edward gave to David.

How many people do you expect at your house next year for Mother's Day or Father's Day?


Ingrid said...

Thank you Jean for another great post.Very enjoyable and informative.Love to hear how thoughtful and giving your family and all the others are,just so opposite of all the frustrating things I hear of and see out here in the world. Best wishes to all of you from Ingrid.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Doreen,

Thank you for your compliments, I will see that Jean gets them and your question.


New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Ingrid,
I will see that Jean gets your compliments. It is sad that the world is not more like Amish and Mennonites are.


Willow's Quiet Corner said...

Such thoughtful and meaningful gifts. How nice it is to receive things like this! I think it means more when you put your own time and effort into getting or doing something someone really wants or needs! Thank you for sharing how you celebrate this day!

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Willow's Quiet Corner,
I will see that Jean gets your message.. It does mean a great deal when someone does something like that for you that buying something a store.