Sunday, June 1, 2014


The Oasis of Hope Community Church was originally called Assembly of God church when it was started by Rev. DeGroat back in the 1960's.  In starting the new church, Mr. DeGroat taught, I believe history and I know Mrs. DeGroat taught art.  They both taught me in school where I called them Mr. and Mrs.  In church people called him Reverend.  The building on the top is the original building on Main Street in Palmyra that the church was founded in.  The church was held in the bottom front, there was a kitchen in the back and on the second floor is where Reverend and Mrs. DeGroat lived.  When DeGroats left for another church, there was another minister, I can't remember his name, but the size of the people attending grew.  The third minister was the one, when the church was built - I think in the 1970's.  It had Assembly of God on the marker until they changed it to Oasis of Hope Community church, but I have friends that attend and they say it is still an Assembly of God church.

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Here is another of Palmyra's churches.

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