Thursday, July 24, 2014


This is the rest of the Amish Auction pictures that I have.  The top is the second picture I have of the Amish.  What I was trying to show in pictures 3 and 4 is that this behind this property was a lamb farm.  I don't know if you can see the lambs in the picture.  The parking here was horse and buggies up front and on the sides - cars in the back which is unusual to me.  You had to watch where you stepped back to the car.


annie said...

I can see the lambs! Great photos, hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing!

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Annie,
Glad you could see the lambs. Hope you have a wonderful day, too.


Countryside Reflections said...

Wow there were a lot of horse and buggies everywhere. I can see the sheep in the background, but I wouldn't have noticed them if you didn't point it out.


Laura said...

Wonderful pictures - thank you for sharing them :) Seeing the sheep reminds me of a sheep ranch I used to drive by every so often - loved to see the lambs jumping around - they were so cute!

Marilyn, I have a question I was wondering if you could ask Elmer about - does he happen to know how much an average buggy weighs? In that book View From A Buggy I emailed you about, one Amish lady tells of an accident where the buggy fell on top of her and she was able to lift it off of herself so it has me curious as to how much one weighs.

Thank you!


New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Doreen,
There were a LOT of buggies there. My camera isn't that great in taking background pictures so I really didn't get a good shot of the lambs.


New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Laura,
Glad you could make out the lambs int he background. There are a couple of lamb farms in the area.

I will ask Elmer about the weight of a buggy. It might be a week or two before he answers. There house is being built so Jean will be doing their posts for a couple of weeks. Jean might know as they use buggies, too.