Thursday, July 17, 2014


I am glad someone contacted me, because I forgot I had these pictures.  This is the latest pictures of the Mennonite Grocery Store coming into Marion, New York.  Their name is Dutchland Foods. This is being build where Surfine use to be.  It had been vacant for several years. They are still working on it.  Now they are mostly working on the inside.  Top picture is of the sign and the second of the front.  The third and fourth pictures are of the side of the building. Final picture is another shot of the front.  Marion and the near by towns are waiting for this store to get open.  I can't wait to get inside and take pictures for here.

I am adding to this on Sunday before it goes on.  There was an article on this grocery store in the Times of Wayne County paper.  Dutchland is given the name because of the Dutch heritage of the area.  This is a privately owned grocery stored owned by Neal and Darlene Zimmerman - not part of a chain. None of the cakes they will sell will be made from a box.  They plan on opening in August of this year.

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