Monday, December 8, 2014


Elmer was so nice to give me the first post this week.  He will be on tomorrow.

First, the Christmas Recipes will start on, this Wednesday, December 10th and run through December 24th.  In all days except Wednesday, the recipe will be at the bottom of the page. On Wednesday, it will be the only thing on.  We hope you enjoy the ones we have selected.

As you know Erin and Lovina had their baby.  He is named Noah Joseph.  Baby and mother are doing well.  Joseph and Martha are so happy to have their first grandchild.  The doctor had said the baby was to be born in November, but we think he might have made a mistake as Noah only weighed a little over seven pounds at birth.  Being late, a baby should have weighed more than that.  It doesn't matter, Noah is here and healthy.

If Noah hadn't come, when he did,the doctor was going to admit Lovina to the hospital.  For some reason Lovina has a terrible fear of hospitals.  She will visit people there, but has great fear of being admitted. Lovina has never been a patient in the hospital. Her parents can not figure out why she has this fear as they have both have been in the hospital at one time or another and they came out fine.  So have two of her brothers.  Lovina's Mother said maybe that's what made the baby come - the fear of going into the hospital.

The midwife was there and Lovina's Mother was there.  Martha saw the lights on Erin's house as did Bridget so they both came over to see what caused the lights to be on for that long, late at night.  They were both hoping it was baby time and it was.

We feel so sorry for Kevin and Bridget as they have been married for two years come New Years and they still don't have any children.  Bridget held Noah with tears in her eyes.  Martha and I have both spoken to her about adoption.  She isn't sure.  Martha told her if she and Joseph hadn't adopted Kevin might not he her husband.  Martha and Joseph adopted Kevin plus his brothers and sisters. Laughing Martha told Bridget that after they adopted the natural children came.  Martha said she wouldn't trade or get rid of any  of the ten children they have.  They are all their children.  Kevin is for adopting but Bridget isn't sure.  Martha told her when you hold that baby or child in your arms,  they will be yours whether natural or adopted.

David and I agree.  There is not one of our adopted or natural children we would part with.  They are all our children, our family including Thomas who we haven't adopted - yet.  We feel they belong to us and all treated just a like through the good times and the not so good times.  But, we can not decide for Kevin and Bridget, it is a decision they have to make.

In making the decision of Noah's name, Erin and Lovina were trying to decide whose father's name should go first.  Erin thought his father because he is Bishop.  Lovina thought her father.  When Martha and Joseph found out - Joseph said Noah Joseph sounds better than Joseph Noah.  So Erin and Lovina named him Noah Joseph.

This will be a special Christmas for Erin and Lovina.  In fact, the whole family.  There will be a new little child among them.  Christmas will be at Joseph and Martha's house.  Ours will be at our house with Katie's great-grandparents, our family, Grandmother Olive and Grandfather Albert.  On the 26th which is second Christmas, we will have David's parents, my parents, some of David's brother and sisters and some of mine, our family and of course Grandmother Olive and Grandfather Albert.

At our house, we are making cookies, candies, pies and like Anna did breads.  We also give baskets of homemade breads and homemade jams.  Some, we also give candy and cookies.  Of course, some of the baking is for our house.

Edward, Michael and Thomas will be going singing with others their age from our meetings.  Both young men and young ladies will be going.  We give them cookie and candies to give to those they sing for.  The children at school will also have their Christmas play, which we will go to as Susan will be in it.  Next year Katie, will be in the play, too.

Also, if you have a few extra dollars, don't forget all the expense that Marilyn has in gas.  You can put it on Pay Pal at

Keep Christ in Christmas.

My family wishes you and yours families a very Merry Christmas.

Be With God,


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Everyone,

Hope you enjoy Jean's post this morning.

It is in the 20's here, but no white stuff.


Anonymous said...

Marilyn, I don't post often but do read the column every morning. Enjoy everything!
I'm my husband's care giver and early morning is my time to go on the computer.
Its 43 here in MO

Anonymous said...

G'morning all, Thanks for the update, Jean. Wise advice it is that Martha gave to Bridget. God has a wonderful plan for their life together, even though they can't see it right now. "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good". Blessings+peace to all, In Christ, Carol

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Jodie,

Thank you so much for taking such valuable time to read our posts every morning.

You are warmer than we are !!!


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Carol,

I will see that Jean gets your message and gives it to Bridget. I agree that Martha gave Bridget some sound advice. God has his plan for Bridget and Kevin.


Evie said...

Thank you Jean for your post
Its always lovely to hear of the birth of a new baby especially at this time of year

Adoption may be the answer for Kevin and Bridget somewhere along the road but 2 years is not so very long(I know it will not seem like that to them) some couples take longer to conceive,it is time when its time
My cousin took 6 years and now has two boys

I wouldn't like to think they have given up you just never know what is round the corner


New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Evie,

Will see that Jean gets your messages.

One of my brothers and sister-in-laws were married about five years before they had my niece. My niece was an only child not by choice. Niece is now married with two son's of her and her husbands.


annie said...

What a lovely post!
So happy for all!
A child would be a blessing to the couple, and as surely as the love is there, a child will come, whether through adoption or natural. Blessings to all in your families. Thank you for sharing this past year!

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Annie,

I agree with you Annie. I will see that Jean gets the message and passes it on.


Countryside Reflections said...

Thank you for an update Jean, It's always so nice to hear from you. A new baby is so exciting, and I hope God will bless Kevin and Bridget with a child soon, natural or adopted.


New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Doreen,

I will see that Jean gets your message.