Monday, March 2, 2015


We have started Spring cleaning on our farm.  Susan keeps telling me that Spring doesn't begin until March 20th, but as far as I am concerned now is the time to begin.  I have all the children - big children and little children- going through their clothes, toys, game equipment and what ever else they have.  What they don't wear or use, it is time to get rid of.  Also, I am seeing who needs new clothes for the coming season.  Some of their clothes need mending, but some need new clothes as they have grown so fast this past fall and winter especially Susan, Katie and David Jr.

The older boys and David Sr. have worn clothes out working.  Susan is learning how to sew, so she can help me make some of the new clothes.  I don't want spring to come and then have to rush making new clothes.  Now is the time to work on them.

We are cleaning the house from top to bottom.  Moving all the furniture to clean over it, under it and around it.  All the windows, walls and floors are being cleaned.  The drapes are coming down to be washed and put back up.  We are also washing all the sheets, blankets and quilts on the bed.  I know Grandmother Olive said not to use the washer on quilts and she's right, but it's faster.  Also, we wash all the blinds.

All the items we find that we don't need anymore or clothes that don't fit are set aside for those that can use them.  Clothes will be passed on to someone.  The games, etc. will either be passed on to someone or donated to a rummage sale or second hand store.

Susan, Katie and I went through the kitchen, too.  We cleaned the stove, refrigerator, and the wood stove.  Went through all the cupboards cleaning them and see what items need to be replaced.  Windows were cleaned and the floor washed and polished.  Went through the towels, dish towels, table cloths and more to see if they need replaced or repaired.

Susan and I went to the basement to check on canned goods to see how many of what we have left.  Had David Sr.with Thomas, Michael and Edward come down and clean their items up down there.  Also they washed the whole cellar.  Oh, Susan and I cleaned out the freezer down there.

The men are also working in the barn.  They are checking all the equipment to make sure it is ready to go this spring.  Making sure everything is there and if they need anything for spring planting.

We all sat down with the men deciding what they are going to plant where - when the weather is ready.  Susan, Katie and I were planning where our garden and flowers around the outside of our house would go.  Also, both the men and us ladies figured what seeds to order.  The men said they would wash the windows on the green houses, when weather got warmer.  Also trying to decide what I want to add to the green houses.

With their permission we also cleaned Grandfather Albert and Grandmother Olive's part of the house.  We did the same there as we did here.  Of course, we didn't go through their closets or anything like that.  We did clean the kitchen from top to bottom, moved all the furniture to clean there.  Washed all the windows and floors.  We did not wash her quilts in the washer.

So we have been really doing a lot of cleaning.  It is better that we do it now that when spring comes.  Once planting season starts, we will be busy planting and taking care of the plants.  Susan and Katie are happy as when we get done, we won't do this again until the fall.  They forget that we do clean all year round.

Be With God,


Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Marilyn. Wow, Jean made me tired just reading about their Spring cleaning! I sure love a clean house. Maybe I need to get started, too! LOL

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Angela,
I live in an apartment, but I guess I better start cleaning, too. Will see that Jean gets your message.


Vickie said...

It is wonderful how everyone works together. NO signs of spring here at all.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,

Work is lighter when there are more hands working together. Now if I could those hands to help me clean. LOL It's suppose to 30 here today. Snow is still coming down.

Hugs to Mable and Henry,
Marilyn and Pierre

Gisela Suski said...

The birds are chirping here in the Midwest so 'yes' it is time for spring cleaning.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Gisela,

Oh, I am so glad for what you are getting in the Midwest. It sure is time for spring and spring cleaning.


Countryside Reflections said...

I'm exhausted just reading Jean's post!! How impressive that she accomplishes so much cleaning and motivates her whole family to do it too.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Doreen,
From knowing Jean, I know she does this twice a year. In Spring and in the fall before Thanksgiving and Christmas. It would exhaust me, too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean+Marilyn, Many hands make light work for sure. I agree with Jean on getting it all done now. This way they aren't scrambling later, trying to do way too much all at once. You're an inspiration, Jean! Thanks!
We're looking at a possible bit of snow turning into sleet/rain as the temp rises to about 40 Wednesday. MESSY, don't you think?
March is here, and now we can put the clocks ahead this weekend. Got it right this time! ;)!
Take care, Carol

Tom said...

Cleanliness is next to Godliness they say. What organizational skills! Tom The Backroads Traveller

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Carol,
Many hands to make for light work. We are getting the weather you are tomorrow. Will see that Jean gets your message.

You are right on the March time.


New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Tom,
My Mom use to say that Cleanliness is next to Godliness all the time.


Anonymous said...

I have already cleaned every cabinet, closet and drawer out.That is my winter project. April will start the spring cleaning, washing windows, etc. Then start on the garage, all shelves and I scrub the floors.
Then along comes the outside work.
Nothing like a clean house----until fall comes around. Then start all over the cleaning.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Jodie,

I think it is wonderful that you get everything cleaned up like that. Could use you over at my apartment - just kidding. You and Jean are alike. I will see she gets your message.


Willow's Quiet Corner said...

Pheeww! I agree with some of the other commenters . . . I was exhausted just reading that list. And doing all that twice a year! Wow! But, how very nice to have a clean house! Something I just got a little bit of a start on this past weekend as well! Lots of cleaning/organizing needs to be done around here.

I may not get the walls washed, but most of the rest will be tackled! Eventually! Unless, . . . does Jean want to stop by my place, too? ? ? Just kidding, Jean! It would be a long drive, but at least the weather is warmer here! :)

New York State Of Mind said...

Hello Willow's Quiet Corner,
I get Jean to clean my house first, LOL. Just kidding. The only time I ever washed the walls was when the apartment across from mine had a fire and I wanted that smoke off my walls. Guess I better start my spring cleaning. Will see she gets your message.