Monday, April 20, 2015


Someone asked about the Amish Bank in Bird-A-Hand, Pennsylvania.  I spoke with Bishop Eli and neither of us know much about that bank.  But, Bishop Eli, felt that a bank is a bank.  An Amish owned back might be nice to having our checking accounts in and savings accounts in, but he doesn't believe that taking a loan from a bank - any bank is a good idea.

It's like credit cards.  Many of us have credit cards.  I know Anna and I have one.  We usually pay cash, but sometimes we order seed, herbs, etc. through the mail and we need to pay for them.  It's getting that a lot of business done through the mail do not take checks anymore.  So we have a credit card.  One must also use control when using a credit card.  It would be very easy to get out of control in buying with one of those.  When we get a bill, we pay in all immediately.  We do not pay in payments.  Payments plus interest can really add up.  If we know we won't be able to pay the total bill for something when the bill comes - we don't buy it.  Then there is no problem paying the bill.

I have the turning over the soil done with the plow.  On our new land, it is a lot smaller than we had with the previous house and doesn't take as long to do.  Also went over to John's and helped him do his as he's still short some farming equipment - this being their first year with the farm and all.

While plowing, I made a BIG mistake.  I thought as long as I had the plow out and horse on might as well plow for Anna's vegetable and  herb garden.  Must not have had my hearing aides on when she told me where she wanted it.

I plowed the spot behind our back door.  Anna came running out and asked me what I was doing.  Told her I was plowing for her garden.  On the side, she said On the side.  When I stopped and looked - I'd made a mess.  Guess I wasn't thinking because I plowed in front of the back door. Right in front of the back door.   Now when you walk out it is in to a mud hole.

Anna showed me where she wanted the garden.  Which is on one side of the house a little way behind the greenhouse.  I plowed that and Anna stood there watching me to make sure I did it where she wanted.

Now Anna usually doesn't stay angry long, but every time she walked in that area of the house and saw where I plowed she would say Elmer, How could you do that?  I was almost to the point of calling in the lawn man to see if he could put some grass in where I plowed, when Anna noted we always said we were going to put a walk way out the back door some day.  Now was the time to do it.
So we put a walk way back there.  Still there is a big spot where I plowed.  Anna says we could put grass seed back there and get the grass back again.  So that's what we are going to do for the rest of it.

Our rule is we don't go to bed angry.  Well, by bedtime Anna had cooled down and felt better knowing that the walk way was being put in.  As I said, we now have a nice walk way out our back door instead of just grass.  I have the grass seed to put on when the weather gets better.

Trust God's Wisdom,



Tom said...

Elmer you made me smile! Tom The Backroads Traveller

Bonnie C. said...

This made me think of the saying .....When Momma isn't happy - no one's happy.
I'm sure it will all look natural and back to how it was very shortly.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,

Will see that Elmer gets your message.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Bonnie C,
What you said is true, too. I saw what he did and they have the walk way in. The grass will grow back.


Vickie said...

I had a chuckle with this. ;)

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,

It is funny !!!

Hugs to Mable and Henry,
Marilyn and Pierre

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, Elmer! That certainly was an "oops"! And of course you're right-the Lord tells us to never let the sun set on our anger, thus giving the devil a foothold.
So glad that your "goof" turned into the walkway you wanted anyway. ;). One more thing off the list of items to be done on the property, but I also know something else will take it's place. That's life in the fast lane! LOL
Blessings to all, Carol

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Carol,
Elmer really did it that time ! They worked it out. There walkway looks nice now that they have it in. Will ee they get your message.

Blessing to you and yours,

Willow's Quiet Corner said...

hee hee hee! Glad it worked out in the end and it was only grass that got plowed under!

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Willow's Quiet Corner,
Good thing he didn't plow the house down.