Thursday, August 13, 2015


Well, we are all back from our trip to California.  Fannie, Amos, Porter, his wife, Albert and I really enjoyed it.  Albert and I know this was our first trip and last trip to the Pacific Ocean, but we had an outstanding time.

Before we left Porter, Amos and Albert got together and figured out our plans.  Where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see.  Then men then checked it with us.  We asked Porter to do all the booking.

On Amtrak, we got the rooms that we wanted.  We left Rochester and went west.  At one point, we had to switch trains.  I don't know if I will remember everywhere we went.

Our favorite was the Grand Canyon.  Porter had booked us into a Las Vegas Hotel.  The next day we went on a bus to the Colorado River.  We took a boat ride, had a small lunch and toured the Hover Dam.   The next day we drove to the Grand Canyon where Porter had booked us into a hotel there.  That evening Fannie, Amos, Albert and I stayed in the hotel for dinner and the evening.  Porter and his wife wanted to go to a place where they could dance.  We understand they are worldly people and younger than us.  So sometimes they would like to do different than we do.  They were back to the hotel in time for bible reading and prayer.

The next day we drove to the Grand Canyon where we stayed three nights.  We took bus tours of the Grand Crayon.  The beauty of the Grand Canyon is beyond words.  Each of the tours we took was different.  One was of the Upper Section, another the lower section, but not all the way to the bottom.  The third bus tour was of another section.  It is hard to believe that God created such a beautiful place for us to see.  Porter told of the time he was there with his children and they took the donkey ride to the bottom.  The rest of us, including his wife, agreed we would not do that.

The next big place we stopped was Yellowstone National Park.  We stayed there two nights and  took a driving tour during the day.  We saw Old Faithful and more.  One day we took a small hike.  As we are up in years, we didn't go very far, but enjoyed the walk.

We finally got to the Pacific Ocean.  Porter had booked the hotel rooms overlooking the ocean.  Well, the hotel made a mistake.  Instead of each couple having a room - we had one room with two beds and two toll in beds.  We showed them the reservations that showed three separate room, but said they didn't have it and would return our money.  All of us agreed to stay there that night, but we got another hotel for the next night.

Down to the ocean we went.  Before we left our rooms we ladies had taken off our stockings and put shoes on.  We waded in the water.  The men rolled up their slacks and waded in.  After dinner Fannie, Amos, Albert and I went to our rooms, but Porter and his wife went swimming in the ocean.

We had all agreed that each couple would pay their own room, but we would split the car rental bill. One time Fannie and Amos would pay it, the next time we would pay it and the next time Porter would pay it.  We also would pay meals for Porter and his wife, when we could get away with it as he had done all the hotel booking, tour bookings, etc.  They were doing more work than we were.  Anything we needed or questioned, Porter would take care of it.  We didn't have a worry.

Let's see, we also went to the San Diego Zoo.  It is a big zoo with lots of animals.  That is another place we enjoyed.  Porter and his wife wanted to take a day trip to Mexico while we were in California.  The rest of us didn't go because it didn't interest us and we didn't have Visa/s, but mainly because it didn't interest us.  While they were gone, we went shopping to some stores, went to a restaurant for lunch and then back to our hotel to take a nap or read.  Porter and his wife came back and brought each couple a small gift.

Every day before we went to bed, all six of us would get together for bible reading and prayer.  Sometimes Amos would lead, next time Albert and the next time Porter.  Sometimes we would sing hymns.  It was great to pray to the Lord, together.  We never missed a day. Some days we were tired, but we always prayed together before going to bed.

On our return trip, we stopped at Bridal Veil Falls.  There is a falls that lead into a river.  The story goes that they were two Native American Indians were in loved, but the tribes were against each other and their marriage.  So one night the couple agreed to meet at the river.  When they arrived he was on one side and she on the other so they both dove into the river and drowned.  This story goes back to the 1800's.  We did enjoy the falls and the beautiful walk there.

I know we stopped at more places, but right off hand, I can't remember them.  After we got home, Porter and his wife stayed with us in our daadi haus for a few days.  Marilyn took them, Elmer and Bishop Eli to that Lehigh Valley Railroad Roundhouse.  Jean, David and Edward took them to the city to see the Eastman House and Museum.  Porter saw all of Bishop Eli and Elmer's trains.  Seems Porter has a train collection in his house.  We were sorry to see them leave, but hope we see them again, soon.  They are very kind, gracious and religious people.

So that is the story of our trip.  Like I said, it is one we will never make again, but we really enjoyed it.

Be With God,


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for telling us about your trip. What an experience for all of you.

Tom said...

What a trip of a life time! I wouldn't mind having Porter plan a trip for me. Tom The Backroads Traveller

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Anonymous,

Will see Grandmother Olive gets your message. It was quite an experience.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,
Wouldn't mind going on that trip myself.


dynnamae n said...

I was thinking too, that Porter and his wife could put a trip together for the rest of us. I am so glad they all had that trip together. It was enjoyable to read about it. The Grand Canyon would be what I'd want to see the most. Maybe someday!
Thanks to Grandmother Olive for sharing their trip with us. I'm making her raspberry cake today also.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Dynnamae n,

That would lbe nice if he would put a trip together for all of us. I saw the Grand Canyon when I was a child, but would like to see it again.

Let us know about Grandmother's cake. I will see she gets your message.


Vickie said...

Thank you Grandmother Olive! How wonderful! I enjoyed your descriptions very much. I have been to the Pacific Ocean once and the San Diego Zoo. Never the Grand Canyon. Would love to.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Vickie,

Will see that Grandmother Olive gets your message. Sounds like they had a great time. The Grand Canyon is really worth seeing, if you get the chance.


Anonymous said...

God's grace,mercy,and protection showing through once again! Thanks for sharing about a once in a life time trip, and the blessing it was taking it with people you love. Just marvelous! Many blessings to all of you, Carol

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Carol,

Yes they did have God's grace mercy and protection. They also had a great time. I will see they get your message.

Blessings to you and yours,

Angela Tucker said...

What a wonderful trip! I've visited the Grand Canyon and live 30 miles from the Pacific, but I've never been to San Diego. My sister and I have it on our bucket list. I love that a random meeting brought together new friends. My favorite part was that they didn't have a worry, Porter would take care it. Thank you to Grandma Olive for sharing.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Angela,
They sure got around. Their random meeting did bring them together new friends. They didn't have a worry. I will see that Grandmother gets your message.