Saturday, September 5, 2015


The Grabber's are the first Amish people I ever took pictures of in New York State, which you can find in the very first post on here.  Grandmother made rag rugs so I thought I would stop by and take pictures of them to put on here.  Well, Grandmother has moved to live with her son in Mount Morris, NY which really isn't far from where they live - well I guess it is by horse and buggy, but not to far to drive by car.  Anyway, the lady I spoke with said another brother makes bird houses.  So I took pictures of his bird houses.    They also sell vegetables and canned goods inside their barn.  Thought you might like the pictures of the bird houses and their buggies.

NOTE:  We are changing things around next week as Sarah and Anna are going to the new doctor.  Anna asked me if you folks would be interested in how they make out with the second doctor and I said I am sure you folks would.  So Anna is going to put on a post later in the week - after they go to the doctor.

Also if my new sunflowers open all the way, I may have post on Sunday.


Tom said...

The Grabber's have the best strawberries. I've been there many times.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,

I must hit Grabber's at the wrong times because I did't see strawberries. Next year, I will have to get there early in season.


dynnamae n said...

These are great photos. Really like these birdhouses and would buy some for my birds in MI. It is always fun to see their buggies too. Looking forward to hearing about the new Dr.appt. Praying it will be 100% better than the last one. Thanks to Sarah allowing us to be a part of this time in her life.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Dynnanae n,

So happy you like the photos. Those birdhouses are really better in person than in pictures. The lady couldn't understand why I wanted a picture of the buggies. I explained about the blog. She said they are just transportation to her. She sees them everyday. She told me take the pictures if people want to see them. So I did. Hope Anna has a post on here Friday.