Monday, October 5, 2015


Someone asked if Amish give middles names.  The answer to that is some do and some don't.  Well that's the end of that post.  No not really, just kidding.

Most of the Amish give a middle initial.  They usually give the middle initial to help identify them from someone with the same name.   Like many Amish have the same first name and last name.
Like take Eli.  There are several men named Eli with the same last name.  If you trace back, they are most likely all related.  So when people have a child named Eli they usually give them a middle initial.  Like Eli J.  or Eli M.  or Eli S.

Now some Amish sometimes give their children a middle name especially if they want to name the child after their parents or grandparents.  Like one of our grandson's is Jacob Elmer.  He is named after both his grandfather's.  Also, one of our granddaughters is named after the two grandmother's.

Some Amish do not give their children any initial.  There is no special reason why, they just don't.  I do not have a middle initial.  Elmer is not as common a name as other Amish names, I guess.  We did name our son Elmer, Elmer John.  But most people don't go by his middle name.  They call me Short Elmer and him Tall Elmer.

Well, the count down is on the way for John and Sarah's baby.  Anna says the baby won't be born until the later part of the month.  The doctor is trying to disagree with her and say baby will be coming November maybe December.

I am getting low on questions, so if you can think of some more, please end the.

Someone asked for a Thanksgiving Prayer.  I probably never say the same thing twice.  Most of the prayers that I say, just come to my mind, I hope from the Lord.  After everyone is seated at the Thanksgiving Dinner, we say a silent prayer, then I say a prayer aloud.  I try to keep kind of short before dinner, because people are hungry and going on to long could be dangerous. So here is a prayer:

Let us thank the Lord not only on Thanksgiving Day, but all year round.  Remember to thank the Lord for all that He has done for us - some we remember and some we don't.  We ask for His Blessing on this day.  We thank the Lord that we can all be together to celebrate for all He has done for us.  We thank you Lord for all your Blessings.  Amen

Then I ask that we go around the table and that each person tell something that they are thankful to the Lord for.  I do this not for people to tell me, but to help everyone thank the Lord.

After dinner we have a silent prayer.  We enjoy the afternoon together.  When it is time to go home, I like to get everyone together again, just for a few minutes when I say another prayer aloud.  This prayer, I also say, whatever comes to my mind like this:

Heavenly Father, we thank you for Blessing us and having us together to thank you for all you have done for us.  As this is also the starting of the Christmas Season, let us remember you, to keep you in our hearts and mind.  Help us to remember, not only, to give to our family and friends, but also to those that we may not know, that needs what we have to give - food, clothes, and the Lord.  Give us the wisdom to know who to help and how.  Also, let us remember that you gave the greatest sacrifice - your life for us.  We must never forget that.  Please protect us as we go to our homes and on our ways.We ask in your Holy Name.  Amen

Trust God's Wisdom,


Tom said...

I the Amish communities that I visit a child used the initial of his or her father's first name. Often a double initial is used. Few have nicknames.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,

Thank for telling us. That is interesting.


Vickie said...

Thank you for answering my question on names Elmer. This post was very interesting.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,

Glad you enjoyed the post. Will see that Elmer gets your message.

Hugs to Mable and Henry,
Marilyn and Pierre

Anonymous said...

Interesting post by Elmer as usual. On an off-note- my area is flooded now (Columbia SC) and it's awful. All the pictures you see of rescues are true.
Carol in SC

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Carol in SC,
You and your area in my thoughts and prayers. I will see that Elmer gets your message.

To Everyone:
Please remember those being flooded on the coast right now. They sure can use your thoughts and prayers.


littlemancat said...

Thanks Elmer! Very interesting and explained to us with that wonderful sense of humor. The prayers are lovely, a sense of gathering everyone together that is very nice.
Will try to think of some questions. Perhaps you could tell us a little about what language you and your family use at home. Is it German? Or what we used to call Pennsylvania Dutch? Just wondering. I hear the Amish and the Old Order Mennonites chatting together, but it doesn't sound like the German I've studied.
Thanks again,

Lily said...

Just want to say Thanks to Elmer and the others for their wonderful posts. As I think of more questions, I will ask them. One thought is if Elmer or the others have questions for us. It might be interesting to find out what they are curious about.