Friday, November 13, 2015


Hello, You may remember me as Marilyn's friend, Vickie, with two toy poodles.  We have been on this blog before showing Mable and Henry.

Mable is our grey toy poodle we have had since she was a puppy.  She has some slipped discs in her back.  You have prayed for her in the past when Marilyn asked for prayer for her when she was not doing well.  Now she is doing fine.  She can not jump onto or off of the furniture or use the stairs, but otherwise is normal.

We rescued Henry from a breeder 2 1/2 years ago.  He lived in a cage a lot of the time.  The breeder told me that all he wanted to do was be on her lap, and she did not have time for that.  Well, Henry, is very happy here.  Henry and I visit the elderly at a nursing home, monthly.  The elderly love him.  He is perfect for them.  He is only 6 pounds.

Over several months I have been pondering a problem out there in the world of the elderly.  Many elderly own a pet and then they have to go live in a nursing home, or perhaps they die.  Then the care of their pet, falls on their adult children. Many times these adult children do not want the pet.  Sometimes, these adult children lie to their remaining parent and tell them the pet died, and they actually give it to the humane society.

Well, we went and adopted a poodle from our local humane society.  Murphy is a miniature poodle (like Pierre).  He had a rough time.  His elderly owner went to a nursing home.  The woman's adult daughter did not want to keep Murphy, so she took him to the shelter, who transferred him to our local humane society.  Murphy began straining to urinate there.  The veterinarian determined be had bladder stones and needed surgery to remove them.  He was so confused.  He is 12 years old.

Our humane society has a program called fostering-to-adopt, for animals that have special needs.  Since he was recovering from surgery (we got him 3 days post-operation) and he needed medicine daily.  We brought him back for the vet to take the staples out. We cared or fostered him  until his lab report came back on his bladder stones.  We now know what kind of dog food Murphy needs to eat the rest of his life to prevent bladder stones from forming again.

All three poodles got along from the start.  Murphy truly prefers people to dogs, but that is because he was an only dog of one elderly woman.  Henry has figured out that Murphy allows cuddling.  Murphy loves to sleep on your lap.  When I read in the recliner, Henry and Murphy are both with me.  We take turns letting one on my lap and one next to me in the recliner.  We switch the next time I sit to read.  It is a good thing Mabel does not prefer lap sitting.

If you are looking for a pet and maybe you do not want a puppy or a kitten, the humane society is a good place to look.  Older pets are overlooked all the time.  I had never thought of them until several months ago.  We are so glad he will be in our loving home the rest of his days.


Vickie said...

Thank you for allowing me to post about our newest addition Marilyn and Pierre. He is such a sweet,precious poodle.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,
Pierre and I are glad to do it. Murphy looks like a love bug. Glad he got his forever home at your house.

Hugs to Mable, Henry and Murphy,
Marilyn and Pierre

Granny-J said...

Thank you for giving Murphy a forever home after his owner had to go to a nursing home.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Granny-J,
I am so glad she did it, too. Murphy has the best forever home now.


Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Marilyn. I am a regular reader over at Vickie's blog, but it is always nice to get extra pictures. Vickie is a very sweet lady and I think it is wonderful that she has adopted an older pet. Sometimes they get lost among all the puppies,but they have just as much love to share.

I hope that things are well with you. I so appreciate all that you do for us out here in blogland. I hope that you have an amazing day!

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Angela,
Glad you got to Vickies, too. She makes beautiful items for on there. I think she has a big heart to take Murphy in. Wish there were more people like her. I would if they would allow 2 dogs in our apartments - but they don't. Older dogs do get passed over for puppies sometimes. Older dogs have as much love, if not more than puppies. I am not putting down puppies, but older dogs should be considered, too.

Hope you have an amazing day, too,

littlemancat said...

What a lovely story to read today - bless her heart for giving this sweet dog a caring home. Yes, senior dogs - like senior people - have so much to give.

Vanssmomc said...

Marilyn, so happy to see this post. We have always adopted our dogs from the Humane Society and have found them to be the best pets. It always breaks my heart to see the older dogs that are brought to the shelters. Every older dog we have ever adopted has been such a wonderful addition to our family and they are always so grateful to be in our homes. And, as much as I love puppies, let's face it, they are a lot of work and I am just not up to the house breaking, chewing everything in sight, etc. that is involved with puppies. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story today. Cathy in Webster

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Mary,
She does have a sweet heart for taking in all her poodles, especially Murphy. I agree senior dogs like senior people have so much to give.


New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Cathy,
I think is a great post. Murphy got the great home he deserves. When I lost Rickie, I decided not to get a puppy. I got Pierre, and he was only three years old, but I didn't like the idea of house training chewing, training and more. Pierre didn't come from the humane society but Craig's list. I would get another older dog again. In fact, if they would allow us to have two dogs, I would get an older little girl for Pierre, but they only allow one dog. Senior dogs need homes and love, too.


dynnamae n said...

Thank you Vickie for sharing Murphy with us. And God bless you for giving him his permanent home. I have had relatives that had toy or miniature poodles and they are such good dogs. Hugs to you Marilyn and Vickie, and a big hug to all your precious companions.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Dynnamae n,
I, too, am so glad she shared Murphy with us and giving him a good home. Poodles are smart dogs. Sometimes they think they are humans.

Hugs to you,
Marilyn and Pierre

Anonymous said...

What a nice blessings for Murphy+Vickie! Beautiful pets! God bless, Carol

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Carol,
It is a blessing for Murphy, Mable, Henry and Vickie. They are beautiful pets.