Monday, December 14, 2015


Marilyn is changing this around a bit this week.  As you can see, I am giving a post on the difference between out buggy and the Old Order Mennonite buggy, today.  Tuesday, will be pictures.  Wednesday either Marilyn, Elmer or myself will do the post on Thomas and Ruth's wedding.  Thursday and Friday will be pictures.

Elmer decided I will be the best telling about buggies this time.  The top picture is of an Amish buggy, like the one Elmer and I have.  People sometimes call in the diamond shape Amish buggy.  The lower one one is more square shape like Jean and David own.

The Amish buggy in the picture is big enough to sit two - maybe three adults in the front seat.  There is a real small seat in the back which can be fold down so we can carry groceries, packages and alike.

The  Old Order Mennonite buggy also sits two maybe three people in the front.  This type buggy can be called a courting buggy as young folks like to get these when they are courting.  Also, they are used for just two people when the children are all grown up and moved out.

Sometimes you will see these buggies longer than in the picture.  When people have a family they usually have the longer model so the adults can be in the front and the children in the back.  Buggies are like Englishers cars, in a way.  Some people drive cars that have seats for two people and some have station wagon cars.  Well, we do that with buggies.

Now these buggies are in our area.  In different areas you will find different shape buggies and colors.  Now near Ovid, New York, the Amish have gray buggies.  Some areas have yellow buggies.  Some buggies don't have tops on them like ours do.  So these pictures are just around where we live.

Well, tomorrow will be Thomas and Ruth's wedding.  Grandmother Olive and Grandfather Albert came in from Pinecraft.  Thomas didn't know they were coming home for his wedding and was surprised to see them.

The day after she got home Grandmother Olive took hold and showed Jean how to run everything like clock work.  Everything is organized.  Everybody knows what they are suppose to do.  Jean, Olive and Thomas went around as to where the wedding should be in the house or in the barn.  The barn has more room, but Thomas insisted that it be in the house.  Jean said there will be too many to fit them in the house.  In the end, Olive told Thomas you can't have everything you want, but you will this time.  The wedding will be in the house, but the dinner will be in the barn.  As us Amish are not having a wedding that day and we along with Bishop Eli and Emma will be guests at the wedding, Eli loaned them our table seats for the day.  So, the wedding will be in the house all set up and they will set up the tables and seats for the dinner in the barn.  Now the only thing we hope is it doesn't rain.  If it does the Lord will work it out.

We are looking forward to the wedding.  I know Jean has worried, but everything will come off just fine.  The wedding is the most important thing - uniting Thomas and Ruth together.

Trust God's Wisdom,


Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Marilyn. Oh, this is so exciting!! I don't know if I've ever heard of any wedding that didn't have at least one problem to solve. LOL

Love Anna's buggy post, especially the part comparing the larger buggies to a station wagon.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Angela,
The coming wedding is exciting. You are right, all weddings have at least one problem to solve.

Will see that Anna gets your message.


Lily said...

I like Anna's last comment that the important thing is uniting Thomas and Ruth. So many people get caught up in the wedding. It's the marriage that's most important.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Lily,
You are right. So many do get caught up in the wedding and it's the marriage that's most important. Will see that Anna gets your message.


Vickie said...

Oh how wonderful. Glad Thomas gets his wedding in the house.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,
I am too. Sure it will be wonderful.

Hugs to Mabel, Henry and Murphy,
Pierre and Marilyn

Tom said...

The weather should be unseasonably mild...I hope all goes well.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Tom,
Thank you for telling. I hope it goes well, too.


dynnamae n said...

Thank you Anna, for sharing with us. It is always interesting to read, no matter the subject. I hope all went well with the wedding and look forward to reading about it. Marilyn, always enjoy photos too. Thank you for your blog.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you Anna for telling us. Are there a lot of rules, or restrictions about the Amish and Mennonite buggies? Can a buggy maker make buggies for both the Amish and Mennonites?

Hurray for Grandma Olive . Glad to hear that she is back and "took control".. Look forward to hearing more details about the wedding.

Would Grandma Olive have time to tell us about life in Pinecraft? I remember last years posts, but would like to hear more.