Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Anna, Fanny and I were sitting at the kitchen table when I asked Anna if she thought the day would ever come when she couldn't fit through a door.  At first she looked a little upset, until what I was saying sunk in and she laughed.  I know Elmer told you all the problems they were having trying to Anna and her wheel chair through.

Albert and I are so glad they are staying with us.  I don't allow Anna to do anything she isn't suppose to do.  Also, see that she gets a rest each day either in bed or on a regular chair so she gets out of the wheel or the electric chair.  She has to go to the doctor down here to check her out, so we arranged a driver for her instead of the bus.  I think she thinks I am kind of strict, but she can't go through me. Elmer said he is glad I make her relax, rest and not over do herself.

I did let her help with dinner - things she could so sitting at the table.  She can't sit still all the time either, but she can't over do herself here.

You wanted to know about the pie contest.  Well, Fanny entered an peach cream pie - I will see if I can get the recipe from her to put on here.  I couldn't decide what to put on.  Albert said to my banana cream.  So that is what I made.

It was a cold day or so many of the people thought. I guess it was cold for Florida.  There were lots of people and pies.  Neither Fanny or I won, but we had a good time. After the contest we, Amos and Albert had lunch there.  Of course, we had pie for desert.  Albert went out of his way to get a piece of my banana cream.

As Elmer mentioned, we also have yard sales.  There is usually a group one on Friday or Saturday outside the meeting room.  If the weather is bad it is inside.  Also, if you have something you want to sell you can just put it in front of your cottage, put a price on it and usually someone will buy it.

I don't know if I mentioned that you can put all sorts of baking and crafts in front of your house for sale.  Tourists come to Pinecraft to buy them.  When I am in a baking mood, I make either cakes, pies or cookies out front.  Albert sometimes puts out little animals that he has wood carved.  They all sell.
Fanny usually puts out home made breads out in front of her house.  She doesn't have them out very long and they are sold.  Tourists like homemade baked goods.  They also like home made crafts like Albert's animals that they can buy and take home.

Well, I better keep an eye on Anna.

Be With God,


Vickie said...

Oh Grandmother Olive, you make me smile. A lot! :D

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,
I will see that Grandmother Olive gets your message.


littlemancat said...

I would have voted for your pie to win, Grandmother Olive.
I am so glad that Anna and Elmer are staying with you - she's in good hands!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Grandmother Olive! I'm sure we all know you will keep Anna in check for her sake so she will heal well. Sounds like all of you are throughly enjoying Florida. The Lord bless each and everyone of you! Carol

Anonymous said...

Thank you Grandmother Olive for telling us about the pie contest and for taking such good care of Anna. I'm sure the tourists are very happy to get fresh, homemade baked goods and gifts to take home. Since I can't get to Florida, it is so good to read what your lives are like while you are down there.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Folks,
Tomorrow is apartment inspection day so I have been going over it to make sure it passes. I will see that Grandmother Olive and Anna get your messages.