Sunday, February 28, 2016


Marilyn is sick right now.  She is sick to her stomach and is very weak. This has been going on since Friday. She is going to try to get into the doctor's office tomorrow.

Marilyn asked me to tell you that she won't be putting anything on New York State of Mind until she feels better.

Please keep her in your prayers at this time.

Be With God,


She can't get into the doctor for a couple of days as they are all booked up.  Marilyn said she is feeling some better, but is still weak.  I don't know if I am suppose to tell you this, but her car was in the garage last week - she got it back - and it still needs to be jump started every day.  People are telling her trade it in.  The car on top of her being ill has not helped.

She called Grandmother Olive, on my Mother's advice, and she gave her some advice on what to do for her illness.  So we all hope she is feeling better soon.

Please keep the prayer coming.

Be With God,


I want to thank you all for your prayers.  I really appreciate it.  Still am awful weak.  Don't think I am drinking liquids as much as I should although I try.  You are so kind to pray for me.

Regarding the car - it is the second new battery.  Didn't charge me for the second one.  Still the car goes dead every night.  It was in the garage most of last week and they can't find out what is pulling on the battery.  The garage man, and my friends tell me it's time to trade.  That would be nice, but I don't have the finances to get a newer car.  Of course, being sick doesn't help my thinking.

God Bless You All,


Today is my day to go to the doctor.  I feel some better, but am still going to go.  A friend of mine is driving me.

Yesterday, I forgot to thank Michael for putting on the post for me.  I really appreciate his doing that.

Hope to be back with full posts next week.


God put me on earth to accomplish a certain number of things.  Right now I am so far behind, I will never die.

God Bless,


Went to doctor.  I have the flu.  She said the worse of it is over and I should be back to myself in a few days.  Of course, sent me for a blood test.  I have an appointment for next week and she told me to keep it.  Gave me a prescription, which is down at the drug store right now, but a friend said she would pick it up for me.  Am slowly feeling better.

Wouldn't have been so bad if I had gotten a flu shot, but I can't because I am allergic to them.



Vanssmomc said...

Marilyn feel better soon, thinking of you! Cathy in Webster

Vickie said...

Thank you Michael. I am glad you told us. I will be praying.

littlemancat said...

Thinking of you Marilyn and hoping you'll feel much better very soon! Prayers for a speedy recovery.
Thanks to Michael for sending us the word,

Mary said...

Tell Marilyn she is in my thoughts, fell better soon.

Heritage Hall said...

Our dear Marilyn sick? Prayers for healing and
complete recovery....hope the Dr. performs the
magic needed to put you at ease. Rest in Him.

Anonymous said...

So sorry and get better soon! Carol in SC

Gisa said...

Get well soon, dear Marilyn!

Anonymous said...

Michael, thank you for telling us. Will you, Marilyn, or someone, please keep us updated?? Marilyn, I'm very sorry you're not feeling well. You will be included in many prayers, for sure! Please take care and get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope you will be back to your usual self soon. Will be thinking of you and surely be missing you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Michael for letting us know Marilyn is ill. Please tell her when you speak with her next that she's not only in my prayers for recovery, but in all the NYSofM readers prayers. Blessings Marilyn and to you, Michael, and all your family. In Christ, Carol

Diann said...

Thank you, Michael, for letting us know. I will hold Marilyn in prayer. Please keep us updated, if possible. Love to all!

Tom said...

sending you my best for a speedy recovery

Anonymous said...

At this point in her illness, Marilyn may be dehydrated and low on electrolytes; perhaps a friend can get her some Gatorade or Ensure to drink to keep her from becoming dangerously weaker. As for her car, it may simply need a new battery, which is not a major repair. My very best wishes for a speedy recovery from her illness, and that she can enjoy the beginning of Spring, not too far away now.

littlemancat said...

Thank you, Michael, for the update. I also wonder if Marilyn is dehydrated - that can really make you feel terrible. Keep the fluids coming and we'll keep the best wishes and prayers coming. Probably Grandmother Olive already suggested this.
Best wishes,

Lily said...

I'm praying for a speedy recover, Marilyn. And that your car trouble is just as anonymous said above - just needing a new battery.

Rosemary said...

Prayers for you, dear Marilyn. We are like family here, and it is sad to think of you struggling. Thank you to Mochael for the updates.
Love, Rosemary

dynnamae n said...

Marilyn you are in my prayers and I also thank Michael for letting us know and the updates.

Anonymous said...

Marilyn: Forgive my French, but the flu sucks. Take care and get rest. Carol in SC

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping for a smooth recovery, Marilyn! Please take care of your body (even though at times like this we would like to dis-own it!) Thank you, Michael for taking over the posting for a bit - you should consider posting regularly, we would love to hear from you too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn,
Well, it sounds like you are on the road to recovery - thank God!
Was talking to my husband about your car. He thinks it "possibly" could be a bad starter that is shorting out the battery, thus the need to jump it. Hope this helps.
Take your time getting back to the blog. We will all be here when you return!
And yes, I second the above comment - I would love to see some posts from Michael on the blog!
Well wishes,

Anonymous said...
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Angela Tucker said...

Oh, Marilyn, I am so sorry you are feeling bad. :-( It is tough when just getting up and moving around is difficult. Hang in there. Thanks to Michael for keeping us up to date and for you checking in!!