Friday, April 8, 2016


Well you have me again.  As Jean, David and family just got home - they are kind of busy right now.  Anna was going to do a post on African Violets, but wasn't sure if you would like that or not.  So that leaves me again.

Someone asked if we buy an Englisher house, do they take the electrical wiring out of the house or do the Amish that buy it take it out.  This is another one of those Amish things that can be confusing.  It depends where you live and what Amish group you belong to.

Let me tell you a bit about other areas first.  When an Amish person buys an Englisher house, it is up to the Amish to take the electric wiring out of the house.  Depending on what Amish group it is, it depends on how long you have to get the electric out.  In other groups, you don't have to take the wiring out, just disconnect the house from the electric pole and you are done.

When we bought our first, there was electric wiring in it and we just had the house disconnected from the electric pole.  Anna and I never had the electric turned on when we bought it.  It took some time for us to get the electric company to understand why we wanted to disconnect from the pole, but they finally got the idea and disconnected us.

Now, when we built our new house - are you ready for this one - we had to have electric wiring put in our house.  Zoning law and all.  We did not have to use it, but we had to have it.  So we had to have installed something we will never use, but had to have or they wouldn't approve the construction of the house so we could move in.

We are not the only Amish new built house that had to have that put in.  We even have sockets in our house.  But, we are not hooked up to electric.

Certain village, town, county, even states have to have certain things before the house is improved for inspection.  In our area this must be a county rule because we know Amish in northern New York State that can have houses without electrical wiring in them - purchased or built.

I guess having electric wiring in our house would be a great selling point, if Anna and I ever decided to sell the house - which we are not.  But then, chances are if we ever sold it would go to someone in our family or another Amish family.  So still, it wouldn't matter if the wiring is in the walls or not.

What really got us was that when we built the house, we had to pay for all this wiring in our house, that we will never use.  But zoning is zoning.

How does the inspector know if we have wiring in our house or not?  When we built the house, the inspector came to inspect the house when we put the wiring and plumbing in before we put the inside walls up.  I suppose it we wanted to be bad, we could have taken the wiring out after the inspector passed the building, but Anna and I don't do that sort of thing.  I guess some people have done it, though.

Sometimes people say we don't have electric in our house.  I do say, we have it.  We just never hooked up to it and we don't use it.  It confusing people who are not Amish.

Anna thought I would like answering this question.  I don't know why.  She said it was just one of those confusing things I would enjoy answering.  I guess she is right.

Keep those questions coming in.

Trust God's Wisdom,


Tom said...

Elmer, the officials in your town are NUTS!

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Marilyn. Please let know Elmer know that the county inspectors are just as annoying in California. LOL You have to have so many feet of window to match so many feet of living space. Okay, I get that. But, I had to have shatterproof windows over my bathtub, because we may have an earthquake while I'm in the bathtub and I might get cut. Really? If we have an earthquake, I'm not staying in the tub. LOL And I won't even go into the fact that I had to pay a school fee...and I home schooled. LOL

Have a great weekend.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,

They sure are.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Angela,

I think some states, towns and Villages have the stupidest rules. Will see that Elmer gets your message.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, Elmer. The electric wiring situation isn't confusing to me though. As you said "zoning is zoning". And I do agree that it's a pain to have to pay for something you'll never use in your house. Unfortunately that happens in many different circumstances.
Once again, our condolences to all your family on your mother-in-laws passing. Blessings, Carol

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Carol,
Glad you like Elmer's post. My Dad use to be in Real Estate and when he had houses built, they had zoning rules in New York. When he moved to Florida, there were some different rules than New York had. Will see that they get condolences.


Vickie said...

Very interesting Elmer. I would be interested in a post on African Violets actually.

littlemancat said...

Thanks for a really interesting post, Elmer and Marilyn. We live near Lancaster County in Penna. I don't know what the zoning rules are for the Amish families there. Probably the same or close to yours.
And please let Anna know that a post on African Violets would be very welcome!


Vanssmomc said...

Good morning Marilyn, I am really glad I asked the question. Zoning laws are sometimes a real pain, but how silly to have to put something in your house that you will never use. Thanks Elmer. Have a wonderful weekend all! Cathy in Webster

kymber said...

Marilyn - tell Anna she is right about Elmer enjoying explaining confusing things and we enjoy reading them.

and tell Anna i would love a post about african violets. and please pass on our continued condolences to Anna and her family.

your friend,

Veronica said...

Great post. My condolences to all of you for the loss of Annas mother. I had two questions for you also. As someone who is English and raising our granddaughter how can we teach the next generation the importance of treating our land with the respect it deserves. What tips did you use to teach your children about respecting what God has given to us. I find it difficult when everything people want then just seem to go get from the store. My other question would be if you have a certain charity that you support on a regular base or do you just support on a needs base when something comes up. Serving others in our church we do regularly but we would like to make her aware of the needs of others outside our church. Any suggestions would be appreciated. God Bless Veronica

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Folks,
I will see that everyone gets your condolences, compliments and questions.


Joyce said...

Tell Anna that we would love a post on African Violets and if you o when their children get married?could get some pictures that would make it awesome. Enjoyed Elmers post on the wiring issues. Could they explain how and to who their farms go, when their children get married?

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Joyce,
Anna, Elmer and I went to an African Violet Show today. We will have pictures of that on. Anna and some of the other ladies there were discussing different African Violets, how to take care of them, etc. I just listened to get some of their knowledge. So, I would like Anna to put a post on here. As far as pictures when people get married - Amish and Old Order Mennonite do not allow their pictures taken. When I went to Anna's Mothers funeral, I didn't even bother to take my camera as I knew pictures were not allowed. The rest of the questions, I am sure either Elmer or Anna will answer.


Prairie Stitcher said...

We are not Amish but lived happily in early years without electricity while we were building our home. We liked it so well, we debated not wiring it; but, alas, we had to electrify it....county rules. Thee are a lot too many rules and more coming all the time.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Prairie Stitcher,

I will tell Elmer. Sure he will appreciate that he wasn't the only one.


Anonymous said...

Elmer said it all "zoning is zoning". Unfortunately, zoning isn't always common sense!

Another vote for Anna's African violet post.

Do any Bishops, Amish or Mennonite, have rules for their church members when in Pinecraft?
Do any Bishops forbid their church members from going to Pinecraft or other places?

Dee said...

Hi Marilyn,
Enjoyed Elmer's post, as usual. Please let Anna know that I would love very much to know more about African Violets.
Have a wonderful Sunday...

Neville said...

That's unfortunate that you still need to have wiring in a house, despite the fact that you'll never use it. While it may seem like a pointless waste of time, the inspectors still need to make sure everything is safe and properly installed there, so as to not be a potential fire hazard.