Monday, April 4, 2016


Today was a non church Sunday.  I got a phone call this morning from David Sr.  He said he called me as his family was in service ( church) and he had to see we got a message.  He told me of the Amtrak accident.  His train was not involved in it, but it wasn't going anywhere either.  The train he and his family are on goes through where the train accident was.  At the time David called, they were holding all the trains going north and south going in that area.

Having been on the Amtrak train going back and forth to Pinecraft, I knew what he meant.  We took the train from Florida to New York City.  Switched trains in New York City and came to Rochester.  As he didn't know how long the train would be where it was, and in an area where his cell phone worked, he felt he better call someone and tell them what happened and they would be late.

All his family was fine.  Amtrak saw that they were being taken care of, fed, etc.  Porter was on their train, which made Anna and I feel better.  But, they didn't know what time they would be home.  I said I would take care of it.

I waited until I thought their service was over and everyone home.  Called their driver first and explained what happened.  Called Jean's parents explained what happened.  Called David's parents and explained what happened.  Both Jean and David's parents said they would see that the animals were taken care of.  Called the school teacher and explained what happened - saying the girls might be in school a day later that they said.

While David and Jean are gone it is my job to take care of their freezers and do any slaughtering of animals someone would want.  Sunday is our day of rest unless someone has a freezer emergency need.  We consider someone finding out that they have seven unexpected visitors coming to their house, will be there at dinner time and they don't have enough meat to be an emergency.  That is what we had today.  The man that called said they weren't going to come for meat until Monday, but they just found out about the visitors..  I met him  at David and Jean's and recorded what he took.  My question was, if they were out or low on meat, why didn't they let me know yesterday.  I didn't ask it, but I thought it.

We don't slaughter animals on Sunday no matter who it is or why they want it done.  No matter how much they offer us.  If they must have it done on Sunday, they have to go to someone else.

My son's had plowed our fields for planting, but they didn't plow for Anna's garden.  So when the weather was warmer, I decided to plow for that.  After the disaster I made last year, Anna was out there, on her walker, watching me to make sure I did it where she wanted it.  I did it right this year.
Anna thinks she will be able to plant it alone, like she usually does.  But, I know our daughters and daughters-in-laws are going to come and help here.  They told me not tell Anna, as she would say she could do it herself.  When the weather gets better and closer to planting season, they are all going to just come over and help.

Which leads us to the fact that we had snow last night.  Not much during the day, but it is snowing again now.  It is suppose to snow most of tomorrow.  In fact, weather this week, doesn't look well for planting.  Believe it will be a few more weeks before planting.  Sure glad that I told John not to start.

Folks, I am getting kind of low on questions, so if you have some for me or Anna, we could use them.

Trust God's Wisdom,


Tom said...

when I heard of the train crash my thoughts were with you all

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,
Mine, too.


Vickie said...

So glad everyone is safe and well taken care of.

Anonymous said...

Yup! Elmer, you said no planting until the end of May, and that remains the "rule of thumb" wouldn't you say?
Thought of David+Jean when I heard of the Amtrak accident in Philly. Glad all is well and they'll get home when they get home. Safe+sound!
Many hands make light work. In my opinion, it's fun doing stuff together, so drink it all in!😊
Blessings to all, Carol
BTW- what happened to Spring? LOL

Vanssmomc said...

Good evening Marilyn, so glad to hear David and Jean and are doing well. And I do happen to have a question for Elmer, when Amish/Mennonite buy a home from a Englisher, do they have to remove the electrical or is that up to the person that is buying the home? Not sure if Elmer has ever answered this question and I am just curious about how much work that entails, etc. Thanks! Cathy in Webster

Rosemary said...

Sure glad David and family and Porter were safe and not involved in the train crash. Praying for those that were and for their families. Sure glad Elmer knew not to plant too early. Good thing John got such good advice. Winter will not let go. Snowed in Toronto all last night.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Folks,
Jean and her family are home. Got home early this morning. Will let Jean explain all that happened to them. They are safe and sound.