Thursday, May 12, 2016


Elmer got me answering questions.  I enjoy giving posts for here, but he gave me some questions that were asked of him.  He thinks I would better answer them that he.  I'm not so sure of that,  but here I got answering some of your questions.

Do Bishops, Amish or Mennonite have rules for their church members when in Pinecraft?  Not really.  We hope they know, they are to keep the Lord with them no matter where they go.  Also, that they are not allowed to do most things in Florida that they are not allowed to do in New York.  Note, I said most things.

Going there to visit my parents, I know there is electric there that we are not allowed here.   They also have central air conditioning that we don't have here. Music is allowed there that is not here.  This may not make sense to you, but some things are allowed in Florida that are not in New York.  There is an old saying: "What goes on in Florida - stays in Florida."

Do Bishops forbid their church members from going to Pinecraft or other places?  Some Amish groups don't go to Pinecraft like most of the Swartzentruber unless it is for health reasons.  Regarding our group, I sometimes ask the young folks why they are going to Pinecraft or elsewhere.  When a single young person wants to go alone or with a friend - I am curious to their reason.  That doesn't mean I won't allow them to go - I just wonder.

Do we think it's odd when someone never marries?  Most Amish do marry, but it is not odd that someone remains single.  If it is the Lord's will they don't marry - that's the Lord's will.  We try to keep single and widowed people a continued member of our church.  Also, we try to see that they are taken care of and helped when necessary.

Family does care for single or widowed person when they are unable to care for themselves. It is rare among the Amish that you are not related to someone.  If they should be one of those rare folks that does not have family, I would see that they would live with a family that would care for them and make them as a household member.

Does someone ever go into a nursing home?  It is rare.  Since I have been Bishop only two of my people have had to go into a nursing home and only for a short time.  Both went from the hospital to a nursing home for treatment that could not be preformed at home.  They were only there for a few weeks and came home where they were treated my their family.  Some medical equipment can be used in a hospital or nursing home - but not in a private residence - Amish, Mennonite or English - it doesn't matter.

It had nothing to do with electric.  Because if electric is needed I can come up with that.  If fact, I have allowed electric, in two of my peoples homes.  They are older people.  One of them, their doctor told me they needed electric heat through out during the winter.  The doctor told me, the other couple needed air conditioning during the summer.  One of my people had trouble breathing in the summer heat. If electric is needed for a short time, I can come up with a generator, if necessary.

I believe I have answered the questions Elmer gave me to answer.  If you have any questions for me, ask.

Trust God's Wisdom,
Bishop Eli


Tom said...

I have known of Amish that generate electricity to power equipment needed because of medical conditions.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,

That is interesting.


Vickie said...

Very interesting. I am interested if there are Amish carpenters who do work for Englishers?

jcirone said...

Hope everyone is having an awesome week. Thanks for the post Bishop Eli it is great that you are enjoying doing it. I have a question Does the area you live in have alot of tourists and if a family wants to have a business which may involve bringing English into their home does this first have to be approved by you. An example would be a bed and breakfast. Hello Marilyn and thanks for your hard work as usual. Veronica

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Folks,
I will see that Bishop Eli gets your messages and questions.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bishop, for giving us more insight into your lives. Very appreciated. Blessings, Carol

dynnamae n said...

Catching up here today. Really enjoyed the photos of osprey, pretty skies and the stream. Wondering what the building was, originally, in the first photo at the stream. I like its remains. Thank you to Bishop Eli for answering questions. It is always interesting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bishop Eli for answering our questions. I always appreciate everyone taking time to "talk with us". And, of course, to Marilyn for making this all happen.