Monday, May 16, 2016


We had it pretty cold night last night.  I don't think it went down low enough to hurt any of the crops, but we will find out.  Didn't think it would get that cold this time of year, but you never know.

Somehow asked  how did us men cook for our wives?  Very well !!  Actually, each of us men brought a dish to pass on Mother's Day.  Many men cook - I am not one of them.  But, my brother-in-law Moses does.  So he made a potato salad dish that he gave me to me bring.  He also made  a vegetable dish that he brought for himself.  I can't remember all the different foods, cookies and pies that we had there.

This is a little off subject, but it's not - if that makes sense.  We do not bring our dishes to pass in the picnic type baskets that you read about in the novels.  Those are nice if you are going to have a quick picnic, but I don't think we even own one.  When bringing a dish to pass, we have a container, I don't know what you call it.  It is square.  You put your dish in it.  It zips at the top edge and has a handle.  It keeps whatever you put in there warm or cold for a few hours.

Mother's Day Church was held at Bishop Eli's and it was seen that he had enough barbecues there to cook the chicken breasts on.  After service, some of us cooked the chicken while the rest of us set up the tables and got our dishes to pass.  We served the ladies first on Mother's Day.  Usually it is reverse, the ladies serve us first, the rest of the year.

Could I explain how and who their farms go to, when their children get married?  I think you mean the parents farm.  The parents farm usually goes to the youngest son.  In our case, our youngest son, did not want our farm.  Well, I can't say he didn't want it.  He wanted to start his own farm.  One that no one in our family had worked on.  I can't blame him because Anna and I did the same thing when we got married.  You want a farm that you can plow, raise crops, have animals, raise your family on that you can say is your farm - you built it.  It might not be a farm that was never used before, but you are the first in your family to use it.

Does it mean that when Anna and I decide to retire that John and Sarah will not want our farm?  We don't know.  Land wise, it is a smaller farm than their's is.  On the other side, our house is bigger and newer than theirs is.  We have three bedrooms in our house and they could turn Anna's sewing room into a fourth bedroom - so only time will tell.

Do we have certain charity we support on a regular basis or do we just support on a needs basis when something comes up?  Do we support needs outside our church?  Twice a year, Bishop Eli let us know when this will be, we have a bag at the entrance to our church service.  We put in our cash or checks into the bag.  We put in what we want. Of course, Anna and I pray before we decide how much.   No way are we directed how much to put in.  Unless, we put in a check, no one knows how much anyone puts in.  After the service Bishop Eli, and usually one the deacons or ministers go with him, to his home and they count the money.  Bishop Eli deposits it in an account at the bank.  Neither of them tell how much anyone put in - even if it is a check.

The money is used if someone has a need, the money is used. It could be someone's hospital bill or money for crop seed, or help in supplies if building a barn, or midwife bill or whatever when someone has a need.

Do we help outside the church?  Yes.  We help support our local volunteer fire department and ambulance service.  If we hear of someone who is not Amish but need food, help paying a bill, maybe an appliance, etc. - we will help.  Sometimes Bishop Eli will handle the situation alone.  Sometimes, we are come to by another Bishop or Minister for help.

Also, as a friend, Anna and I have helped Englishers, who have a need or know of someone that does. Sometimes it has been work not being done on their home, that age prevents them from doing it.  Maybe they are in need of food.   Other things, I can't think of off hand.  These are friends and neighbors.  If they are need, we help them.

Many of the people, we help, are the same ones that have helped build our house and will help build John and Dot's house.  They also, may have given us a ride some place when we couldn't get one of our regular drivers.  Some of the people we have helped, we have not known and may never know them, but they had a need and we helped.  We are suppose to help one another.

I hope I answered your questions.  Can always use more questions.

Trust God's Wisdom.


Tom said...

Friends helping friends.

Anonymous said...

Once again, thank you, Elmer.

What kinds of businesses do the Amish or Mennonites run in your area?
Are the businesses at their homes or in separate locations?
Seems like it was mentioned that Jean and David have a freezer locker business. What other types of businesses are there?

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,

There should be more of it.


New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Anonymous,

Thank you for the questions. Will see that Elmer gets them.


Vickie said...

I wonder do all brides wear blue?

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,

I will see that Elmer gets your questions.


Anonymous said...

Continuing the work of the Body of Christ, day by day, being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Elmer. Blessings, Carol

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Carol,
Elmer sure is doing the work of the Lord. Will see he gets your message.