Thursday, June 2, 2016


It seems we went from winter into summer.  Doesn't seem to be much of a spring.  Been very warm.  I am not complaining - just stating fact.  So glad the weather is warmer and we get to do our farming work.

Whenever our children or  grandchildren come over, we tell them to be careful and not break a window on the greenhouse.  We especially tell the grandchildren when they play soft ball or volley ball in our yard.  Stay away from the house windows and greenhouse windows.

One Saturday some of our children and grandchildren came over to our house.  The ladies help clean the house, with baking, helping with the garden and alike.  Some of our grandchildren mowed the lawn and helped the ladies.  My sons and grandsons were going over the farming equipment to make sure they were okay.  Some also cleaned out the barn.

After work, we all had ice tea and cookies.  Adults sat and talked.  The children started to play softball.  Some of our grandchildren's friends had come over to play.  Again, I gave my lecture on not hitting the house windows or the greenhouse windows.  So they played softball away from both.

Anna saw something she asked me to rake out of the corner of the garden.  The garden is right next to the greenhouse.  I went in, got the rake and raked what Anna asked.  When I got done, I was looking at my work and swung back the rake forgetting what was behind me and put the rake through one of the windows on the greenhouse.

The soft ball game stopped when the children realized what I did.  All were watching me and Anna.  I guess they thought we were going to get upset.  Anna said: "Elmer did it again."  Our grandchildren started laughing and so did their friends.  So did Anna and I.  What I enjoyed hearing was my grandchildren telling their friends: Our grandparents never get mad."

Well I can't say we don't all the time, but most of the time.  I put cardboard where the window was and taped it in.  On Monday, I bought a window - in fact four windows.  Told the man at the store, I am always breaking them, I might as well have extras so I won't be running to the store all the time.  Now the replacement window is in and we have extras.

Anna is doing much better.  She still uses her cane - sometimes.  Actually, she is using it less and less.  Now she cooks our meals, handles her greenhouse and checks on her garden.  This year, I think our daughters are keeping an eye on the garden for her.  Also, they have been doing all her housework and most baking.

I am so glad that Anna is back with our meals as no one cooks as good as her except maybe my Mother, but Anna knows that.  She has also baked me a couple of my favorites for me.  Don't want her over doing too fast.

We have something to ask you folks.  Marilyn came up with the idea.  Bishop Eli, Emma, Jean, David, John, Dot, Anna and I got discussing this.  This wouldn't be until next year, but wondered if anyone would be interested.  We know most of the people that read this are not in our area.  But anyway here goes.

Would anyone be interested in going on a local tour of Old Order Mennonite and Amish farms, schools, and in Mennonite case a church?  Then one of us would have an Amish Dinner in our home.  John and Dot would be the drivers in their van.  It would be a one day trip and dinner.

There probably would be a charge as we feel that John and Dot should be paid.  Also, the dinner fixings would cost.  The dinner would probably be at Bishop Eli and Emma's house as theirs is the biggest.  Jean, David, Bishop Eli, Emma, Anna, myself and anyone else that you know from New York State of Mind would try to be there. We have made no plains.  This is just a discussion. But we would really like know if anyone would interested?

Trust God's Wisdom,


Tom said...

Elmer, you put a smile on my face with your story...sign me up for the tour!

Anonymous said...

Elmer, wonderful post, as always! I was thinking about Anna when I was weeding and wondered how she is getting along. Please sign me up for whatever is planned for next year, or whenever. I'll be there. Thank you!!

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Marilyn. I'm back from vacation in case you missed me. :-) LOL at the window. Isn't that the way it always happens? Elmer is right, the trust of your children and grandchildren is so important. I'm so glad that Anna is on the mend. Have a great day!

Vanssmomc said...

Good Morning Marilyn and Elmer, as usual when you post Elmer I start off my morning with a good laugh. I love how your grandchildren know you and Anna so well. What blessings you have in your life. You can sign me up for the tour, would love to have the chance to see your farms and meet everyone. Have a wonderful day, Cathy in Webster

littlemancat said...

So funny about the window! And it's so nice how the children acknowledge how their grandparents don't get angry. Laughing together is so nice.
If I didn't live too far away, I'd sign up for the tour. That is a wonderful idea! How nice it would be.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Everyone,

Elmer does make us smile. Right now our tour and dinner is just in the talking stages. If we do this, we want to make interesting places. Elmer says you seen one farm, you've seen them all. I disagree. Jean is going to talk to Bishop Joseph and see if he would allow us to see the inside of their church. Also, to get into one of the Amish or Old Order Mennonite schools. If we hit the right season, I thought maybe stopping at a couple of roadside stands - like maybe Jean's. Jean's is pretty good size plus she has vegetables, plants, flowers and baked goods. Oh, John and Dot's van is set up for one wheel chair or electric chair in the back. Just to let you know if someone is handicapped.

They really didn't think anyone would be interested. We have no idea what the price would be, but we want to keep it low as we can.


Vickie said...

God bless you Anna and Elmer. I know it may be a little thing to you, but trust me, it is not to me. I grew up in a family that would not ever, ever react in a way other than anger and violence. It warms my heart and does me good to know there are such good, loving, caring families out there.

Too bad I live out here in Wisconsin. I would most definitely love to come on a tour.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,
I know not all homes are like Anna and Elmer's. Sarah, their son John's wife, is still trying to get use to them. Her father was person of anger when the children did anything wrong. Glad my parents were never violent.

You can always fly in. LOL


jem60 said...

Thank you Elmer for the chuckle to start the day. How wonderful that the grandchildren see that you and Anna don't get mad that you can laugh at a mistake. I would love to come and tour, that would be truly wonderful.
Have a blessed day.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi jem60,
Will see that Elmer gets your message. So far, we have 6 people that would love to come on the tour.

Hope you have a Blessed Day, too,

Anonymous said...

If I wasn't so many miles away, I would love to go.
And Elmer is a hoot. I really enjoy his stories.
I thank all that contributes to this blog
Jodie from Missouri

Anonymous said...

Elmer's posts are delightful! Keep us posted on meeting everyone. If there is any way humanly possible, I'd love to share fellowship. It all depends on my husband and fathers' health. Carol in SC

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Folks,
Will see that Elmer gets your message. We have 10 people that are interested. People left messages here and e-mailed me. A question came up as to if it were possible to have a horse and buggy ride. I asked Bishop Eli who laughing told me that he thought they could come up with one. In fact, several of them. So, yes, if this comes through, there will have horse and buggy rides. Bishop Eli promises the ones driving will be real Old Order Mennonite or Amish.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Elmer! So glad Anna's doing better. There's really much to learn in the "window incident" if one will take the time to think about it. As far as the idea of an OOA/OOM tour- sounds like a real good idea. Hope there will be enough interest to make the idea a reality. Blessings to all, Carol

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Carol,
Will see that Elmer gets your message. Right now, we are in the talking stage. We didn't know if people would be interested or not. They are.

Blessings to you and yours,

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn
What a great idea! Please add my name to the list. I will definitely find a way to get to NY from NH.

dynnamae n said...

Good morning Marilyn. I can't imagine not wanting to do a tour and dinner with your wonderful friends. It would so help if MI & NY were a bit closer. I would love to be able to meet all of you folks that I so enjoy through your blog. I hope it comes together for those that can do it. So glad to here Anna is doing well. Elmer always gives me a laugh and I can just imagine how the young laughed, once they knew it was ok. Blessings on you all.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Morinne,

With you it brings the list almost to 20 people that want to come. Right now, we are in the talking, but will let you know what works out.


New York State Of Mind said...

Hi dynnamae n,

Wish it was closer, too. If it comes to be, would like to meet you. Will see that Anna and Elmer get your message.

Blessings to you and yours, too,

Prairie Stitcher said...

What a lovely idea. If I were near, I would jump at the chance to see and know all of you much better. Sadly, though, the whole of the northern United States separates us (well, except Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine!). In our area, which is a dryland wheat farming area, there are half a dozen Hutterite colonies and one Mennonite church, about 20 miles away. I've not had the opportunity to visit them but would like to very much some day. Kathie, in Odessa, WA.

Merilyn said...

I have been reading your posts for a very long time now and enjoy them immensely, I have learned a lot about your lives as I have always been be able to visit your homes/farms would a great thrill,....however I live on the other side of the world, so a little difficult to make it your way......I think your idea is a wonderful one, I think you will find more people would be interested than you ever thought.....I wish you well in this venture....

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Folks,
Thank you so much. I know that some lived far away and wouldn't be able to come. Thank you for your wishes. I will see that Elmer gets your messages.