Monday, July 18, 2016


First off, I want to add to something Elmer said last week.  As Elmer said before, it is hard to get some people, especially Englishers to work on our farm because they believe farming is a low grade job.  We appreciate that many of you appreciate us farmers, not just the Amish and Old Order Mennonite, but all farmers, for what we do.  Also, I agree with Fiona, that people should buy more American foods.  Really, not just food but all items.

When shopping, we try to buy American items whenever we can.  Believe us, we have nothing against items for foreign countries, but I believe we should buy home products first.  Yes, I have bought some yarn from other countries, but I buy most of it U.S. made.

John and Dot's house has been started.  The house is up, but the interior has yet to be done.  The plumbing and electric has to be done.  The building inspector laughed because he said that electric was going to be put into this house and USED.  It is funny as both our house and my sister Hannah's house has electric wiring in it, but we don't have it hooked to the poles as we don't use electric.

The floors are in John and Dot's house, but the walls aren't in.  As the electric wiring and plumbing aren't in,  - the insulation isn't in either.  They were going to put in store bought cupboards in the kitchen as they were less expensive, but Dot didn't really want store bought.  So, David, Jean's husband, and their son Thomas, got together and are making her cupboards for her.  Because of all the driving of them John and Dot do for them, they are giving them a discount price, they wouldn't others. Dot and John are pleased, especially Dot.  She wanted a stone counter top, so David said, he will have to buy that - as he can't make stone - God does that.  John, Dot, Jean and David went out when they picked out the stone counter top.  It still isn't all in the house yet.

My sister Hannah, her husband Moses, and their children are thinking of selling their farm and moving back to Pennsylvania.  When they first came here, their idea was to start a general store in our area.  They have been looking at vacant buildings, checking into places they would buy merchandise, etc.  Also, they went to Pennsylvania to look at a store that is for sale.  It includes the store and house.  This store has been in business for several years and is very successful.  The Amish people that own it, want to sell it, as they are getting up in years and want to retire.

Of course Elmer and I don't want them to sell and move.  Hannah is my twin sister.  We love having Moses, Hannah and our nieces and nephews next door to us.  Elmer said, if they were really serious in selling, we would buy it as we want to particular on who we want next door to us.

When they lived in Pennsylvania Hannah and Moses owned and operated a general store.  When they moved here, their idea was to do farming and have the store.  Things don't seem to be working that way.  So far, this is all discussion, but they have to make a decision soon as the people in Pennsylvania want to sell their store and house before winter comes.

Well, I guess that is all I have to say right now.

Trust God's Wisdom,


Tom said...

It's nice to hear all this news, things seem to work out the way they are intended.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,
You are right.


Vickie said...

Such surprising news about Hannah and Moses.

Heritage Hall said...

Prayers that Hannah and Moses will be guided to
the best decision and that Anna and Family will
accept it with love & understanding. All will be well...

Hope the new house is completed with ease and
that they find contentment and joy within its
insulated walls.....

Have a great week

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, Believe on the Lord and trust in Him. We must all do that daily. I'm sorry it seems that things aren't working out for your sister+brother-in-law here. I'm equally sure you're all praying for God's leading and that His will shall be done. If they do decide to return to PA, will they be able to fellowship with other born-again Amish Christains? I hope you don't mind my asking. If you feel it's inappropriate, I apologize in advance.
Glad all is coming along well on John+Dot's new home!
Blessings to all, Carol

Anonymous said...

Just checking up with this week's postings. Good news about the new house. I feel sad that Hannah and family may move back to PA. How unfortunate that the opportunity to open a store in your area hasn't materialized. Seems like there must be a need for one. Are there many Amish or Mennonite stores/shops in your area now? I can understand the appeal to buy a store that is already established.