Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Farmers feed America.  In fact some of the crops that are grown in this country go to other countries, so we feed more than just America.

Marilyn was telling me she took these pictures and I told her to put them on my post.  I know some of you do not live in a farm area and some don't live in this country.  Want you to see what crops look like growing.  The last picture is of corn growing.  Think that is one the one people like the most.  Also note, by the soil, we could use some water around here.

We also have cows for milk and cattle for meat.  Some raise pigs for food.  Lambs for wool and for food.  I could go on.

Problem is, the price of farming costs a lot to farmers,  so some sell and go into another occupation.  Also, some farming areas have been purchased by others who put businesses or houses in.  Even gambling casinos.  This all makes the price of land go up.

Also, the weather God has for us, also makes a big decision on how things will grow and how much will grow.  Right now, we are not doing too bad, but if we don't get water soon, there may be problems.  People like Anna and I that have been farming for years, have saved from the good years, for the bad years.  But, new farmers like Jean's Thomas and our John, a bad year could almost wipe them out.

Being Old Order Mennonite and Amish, we wouldn't let them go under, but there are many farmers that don't have anyone to help them out during a bad year.  What they make is what they got.

Also, many young folk today, do not want to go into farming.  It takes a lot of money to get started, a lot of work and sometimes not with a great profit.  They look for other trades or occupations where you are pretty sure of a pay check every week.  If they have a family to support, in a way, I can see their way.  Honestly that is why most of us have two occupations.  I am a farmer, but I also put on house siding.  David, Jean's husband, does farming but also does inside house remodeling for people.  All of our son's and their's except David Jr., have other jobs to keep us busy and make money.

Anna says I am going on.  It's just that I want people to know where the bulk of their food comes from.  Also, that it is sad to see that there are fewer farmers in America.  Some think farming is a low grade job.  (I know I've said that before.)

Anna says "end it.  I am carrying on."  Just want you to know that I am glad to be a farmer.  Most of us are.  Glad we can put the food on your table and ours.

Trust God's Wisdom,


Tom said...

Lovely shots Marilyn, there seem to be a lot of wheat in this area this year.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,
There is. Glad to see it.


Vanssmomc said...

Good morning Marilyn, Elmer is right, we definitely do need rain. The corn in the field right next to my house is not as high as it should be for this time of year. My Uncle was a farmer and always worked a full time job and then came and worked full time on his farm too. We always went to his farm for family reunions. Many wonderful memories were made on that farm. I admire farmers so much and it is sad to see the family farms that are sold off and then become housing tracts or casinos, etc. Have a wonderful day and stay cool, Cathy in Webster

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Marilyn. I agree with Elmer. We are part-time farmers, meaning we grow hay to feed the cows we have. The last 5 years have been tough, the drought in California has pushed a lot of the little cattlemen under. We have hung in there, going from 100 head to 20 and now back up to 40. We planted barley this year, and because of the rain, we've got enough hay to get us through this winter. Better than the past few years. I've seen hay go from $100 a ton to $250 a ton. We used to be able to lease property to keep our herd together, but as property is sold for homes and wine grapes, we now split them up at 5 different properties. You do the best you can. Have a good day.

littlemancat said...

Thanks for the photos, Marilyn! And thanks to Elmer for his post- I have the highest regard for farmers, have come from farm families on both sides. Hope the rains come to help the crops. It's quite dry here too - northern Chester county, PA. Our corn looks stressed too.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with you, Elmer. Where does anyone think their food comes from anyway? Many people are so short-sighted. Farms have been disappearing for years in favor of home and business development, not to mention-parking lots. Someday, people aren't going to know what "real"food even tastes like. Not good at all!
I pray the Lord will favor all the rain deficient areas with blessed water soon. He knows what we need even before we ask. Blessings to all, Carol

Vickie said...

Elmer, I do not think you were carrying on. It needs to be said, because it needs to be heard. Thank you to all of you for your hard work!

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Everyone,

Was running around this morning. Didn't know, but I did pictures of something to put on here.

Will see that Elmer gets your messages.

When I lived in Florida, I went to Disneyworld and in the Future World, they were working on some sort of pill people could take instead of sitting down eating a meal like we do today. The pill would be your meal. That way we could do without farming like we know it today. That was over 10 years ago, but I still remember that place. I hope it never happens.


Merilyn said...

It's sad to hear that some people think farming is a 'low grade job'....on the contrary I think it is one of most honourable occupations there is......feeding people, whether those people are in your neighbourhood or other towns, other countries. I feel farmers are the backbone of the nation, certainly here in Australia they are respected for the long hours, daily grind, and the wonderful produce they provide to feed those of us who couldn't grow a lettuce to save our lives......we all need to eat.....so I tip my hat to those who labour in the fields, so we have full pantries to feed our families.....we couldn't do without them!

Fiona said...

The sad thing is with the move of corporate farms to over seas locations more and more food is imported. Ralph and I look at labels and it is horrendous. The healthy and best food comes from farmers in your local area....people need to look for that!