Monday, September 12, 2016


It was nice meeting Pierre.  He was a little afraid of me, I believe because of my beard, but we did become friends.  David and Jean have a fenced in area and Pierre enjoyed running around - until Marilyn went inside.  That was the end of running, he wanted inside, too.

Marilyn also brought David and I an article that was in a local paper in her area regarding farms.  What I say will probably be almost a duplicate of that.  In most crops this has not been a great year.  It has been do to a lack of snow last winter and rain this summer.

For example tomatoes are mostly coming out a lot smaller than they are most years.  Corn is not as large and robust as it has been in years past.  Water melons have not been as large as in the past.  In general most crops are not as big and robust as previous years - although last year was not a great year either.

Anna was smart when she had me put her garden close to our house.  We can run the water hose from our house to garden and water that.  But, we can't water our large fields.  What we don't eat fresh from the garden, Anna cans the rest.  We talked and decided rather than set up a roadside stand for her to can or take to Jean and David's to freeze all she can out of the garden.  This might be a long winter.  What we harvest from the crops might not make enough money this year.

We have some money set aside, but this is the second summer in a year that was not too well.  Of course I feel sorry especially for the young farmers like John and Thomas who are just starting out. Now, I would never let John, Sarah and John Jr starve as I am sure Jean and David will never let Thomas and Ruth starve.  But, it is also buying seed for next year, any medical expenses, feeding the animals and more.

Also another concern is how many years can the money we have set aside and Anna's nest egg get us through especially if we have to help one of our children.  We do believe it is God's will.  Also, that we are to help others.  But that does not mean that these thoughts don't cross our minds.

Already my sons and I are talking of planting next year.  Some say we will have a long hard snow winter.  I am not so sure about that.  We have to consider, for next year, some crops that do not need as much water.  Of course, I could be wrong, only the Lord knows.

We are also looking for other jobs that can add some extra money.  I have been looking for more siding jobs.  Our son, John has been doing some construction work.  I know Jean's husband and sons have been doing what they can to put in their accounts.

Even the ladies have been getting together and making more handmade items.  Some they will be selling and some will be gifts.

Now that does mean we will be without food, but we never know what the Lord has ahead for us, so we must be prepared.  Just in case.

I want to say something about Michael.  Jean and Michael know I am saying this.  Because we both have the same birthday - October 31st, we have become good friends.  Michael came from a hard background, but you hear complaints about Foster Homes, Michael couldn't have gotten a better one. There was nothing wrong about David and Jean's.  They have taught him about the Lord, the most important to learn.  They taught him about farming.  He learned about mechanics.  He knows a few other jobs too.

Being from the outside world, he has desire to see it.  He told me that Jean and David's home is the only home he has ever known.  That is his home.  Michael has no plans of moving far away, in fact, the room he plans to rent is in the same town.  Well, he decided maybe Anna and I are a second home.

Being born Amish and David and Jean Old Order Mennonite, it is sometimes hard for us to understand someone wanting to go live the outside world.  We ask that he keeps with the Lord.  Also, that he doesn't get into drugs or liquor or cigarettes or alike.

Like David and Jean, Anna and I pray for him, like he is our own.  He has prayed with his family and us.  Also he has prayed with just Anna and I.  We think he is a good kid as I tell him.

Trust God's Wisdom,



Tom said...

Farming is never a easy occupation, last year was so wet band this year so dry. I hope that Michael finds his way through life.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Tom,
Farming has not been too good for farmers this year and last year. Hope Michael finds this way, too.


Vickie said...

I truly enjoyed learning more from a farmer Elmer. I also am glad you shared more on Michael. I am praying for him also. I realize I do not know him, but from what you all have shared over the years about him, I feel I do know him. And I care.

New York State Of Mind said...

Good Morning Vickie,
I will see that Elmer and Michael get your message.

Hugs to Mable, Henry and Murphy,
Marilyn and Pierre